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Gold bangles have been a part of Indian heritage for centuries. Modern designers have given more refined twists to these wrist pieces, making them more stylish. These days, even for kids, bangles are a fashion statement. They love to wear different types of kids’ bangles gold for dressing up— from simple to fancy ones. However, we must keep in mind that jewellery pieces like gold bangles for kids should be light and safe for their sensitive skin. We at Vaibhav Jewelleries have created our collection of gold bangles for baby girls and kids' gold bangles—appropriate for all kinds of occasions. 

For regular wear, we highly recommend lightweight plain gold bangles for baby girl. Why? It is because kids tend to lose or break things easily. Do not let them wear valuable gold baby bangles to the park or school or play around the neighbourhood. Expensive baby bangles in gold should be monitored carefully. Save them for special occasions.  

Kids today know what they want. They are fashionably evolved. So, we focus on creating playful yet chic designs of gold bangles for kids that will suit their moods and personalities.  Check gold bracelets for kids to get a fair idea. Set in 18k and 22k metal purity, we have some cool pieces in there, including Tara Collection 18K Gold Bracelet, the black beaded gold bracelet and the like.

Made from BIS certified high-quality gold, our kid's jewellery segment has everything for your tinies and teens. We help you create their jewellery box with the right kind of bric-a-brac. 

Here are the types of baby gold bangles:

Adjustable gold bangles for babies

Baby gold Bangle designs are made in adjustable patterns considering the faster growth and can be easily used in all their toddler months. Considering the gender you can also go with simple gold kada for baby boys as many of the boys use the bangles only in the first few months of their birth, unlike girls. 

Gold kada for kids

Baby gold Kadas are another interesting option that you can gift. The baby gold kadas are gender-neutral and can be bought both for boys and girls. Gold kadas have a plain design with blunted ends to open and close easily. They come open-ended for you to secure them tight as per the wrist size of the baby. Unlike gold bangles, these are not size-dependent. 

Here is how baby bangle designs are different from regular bangles

When it comes to babies, we paint the image either blue or pink, likewise in Jewellery baby gold bangle designs are carved with fun elements such as cartoon musings, making them petite for appeal, simple and blunt designs that are not edgy least it may hurt our little one. Attractive black bead bangles, miniature floral designs, geometric shapes, bright enamel colours are few of the baby bangle gold designs available at Vaibhav. 

Newborn gold bangles price & Weight Range

Children gold bangles are often made in the weight range of 5-30gms, we ensure to keep them as light as possible to avoid heaviness on delicate baby hands, along which you can also browse through a lot of baby gold bangles with a price. A pair of small gold bangles for babies starts from INR 35,000 and go over and above 1lakh rupees and above depending on the weight and design features. You can now view from a large collection of baby bangles gold designs both online and in-store at Vaibhav Jewellers.

The Tara Collection 

Our baby range products are featured under the “Tara”- An exclusive kids collection. A lot of care is put into design attributes in this collection, considering the tender arms they are adorned on. Now, find a range of super cute gold bracelets for kids, bangles, latest gold ring designs, maang tikkas on our online portal or visit any of our stores across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. We also accept made to order requests for baby bowls, plates and a host of other everyday baby essentials.

List of Popular Kids Bangles @Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

22K Gold Baby Bangles 12VG5676


₹ 48000 To ₹140000

22K Gold Baby Bangles 12VG5628


₹ 22000 To ₹130000

22K Gold Baby Bangles 12VG5584


₹ 22000 To ₹130000

22K Gold Baby Bangles 12VG5663


₹ 22000 To ₹130000

22K Gold Baby Bangles 12VG5622


₹ 22000 To ₹130000


Latest Baby Gold bangles Online

Gold Bangles for Kids are usually presented or bought as a token of blessings or as an early investment that could stay for the kid and since it is gold it is also bought with an idea of appreciating the wealth. There are several varieties of Kids bangles, however, the common one variety of baby gold bangle is the plain adjustable bangles which are convenient, easy to wear and smooth on the babies. You can find very subtle variations of these bangles online, Jewellers also mindfully design these bangles with very minimal design or no design to ensure kids do not feel any discomfort while adorning them.

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We have been redefining precious moments since 25years with our gold, silver and diamond Jewellery. Marking all auspicious occasions we have the credit of adorning over one lakh brides so far. Trust and reputation are our trademarks, we have been showcasing the best South Indian Jewellery, contemporary designs as well as couture Jewels across two states. We are now online and reaching customers across the globe.

Buy Online at Vaibhav jewellers

Over the past few years, buying baby bangles gold on finance has become remarkably popular. The reason is apparent. Shop in EMI offers the option to divide the cost of your purchase over several months. 

Buy at EMI

Buying gold bangles for a baby girl on finance comes with several repayment periods that generally vary from 6 to 12 months. Choosing a more extended repayment period can allow you to afford more expensive gold bangles for kids. However, the longer your repayment term, the higher the interest rate will usually be. 

Now buying a pair of gorgeous gold bangles for a baby girl online is much easier than before. We have put baby bangles gold designs with price tags on our display to make things user-friendly. The price list varies from product to product. The weight and metal purity usually determine the cost. For example, a newborn baby gold bangles price will be different from the kids' bangles.

It is not always feasible to spend a massive amount upfront on gold bangles for a baby girl. EMI schemes give you the flexibility to own your favourite piece of jewellery with ease. While you are selecting baby gold bangles online, make sure that you can afford your monthly repayments. Pick up baby gold bangles with a price that won't leave a hole in your pocket, even with an EMI plan. We update the cost of our jewellery as per the gold rate every day.

FAQs For Kids Gold Bangles

Where to buy the best kids' gold bangles online in India?

Buy Children's Gold Bangles Online from Vaibhav Jewellers. All our products are affordably priced.

How much do gold bangles for kids cost?

You can buy gold bangles for your Lil ones under two price tariffs from Vaibhav Jewellers: ₹10,000 to ₹100,000 and above ₹100,000.

In how many sizes are the kids' gold bangles available?

1.12, 1.14. 2.0 are the most common sizes for the kids' gold bangles.

Which Karat is gold best for kid's bangles?

22kt is the best quality in terms of purity that does not react to your kid's sensitive skin.