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Diamond Mangalsutra

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Mangalsutras have forever been attached to many emotions, it has always held a special place in a women’s heart. When this mangalsutra is coupled with the most precious gemstones-Diamonds, the joy has no bounds. Diamond mangalsutra have been on the top of the list for Indian women.

What makes Diamond Mangalsutras special?

For every woman, diamond mangalsutras are a treasure; they stand above every other Jewellery set. Mangalsutra represents a bond between the married couples that carries several emotions. They are treated very sacredly in Indian society and a lot of sentiments are attached to them. The emotion of a diamond mangalsutra coupled with the eternal radiance of a diamond is a perfect adornment. Women extensively look for diamond mangalsutra designs, of which the diamond pendant mangalsutra is the most sought after. Here are the most popular diamond mangalsutra designs.

Different Types of Diamond Mangalsutra Designs online

Every diamond mangalsutra design is unique in its way, in terms of design, weight, length and price. Depending upon the size and mangalsutra design, latest diamond mangalsutras designs are classified into the following categories:

Trellis Diamond Mangalsutra:

A trellis model diamond mangalsutra depicts floral vines as the primary design element. The diamond lockets are designed based on this. They stand horizontally in a beautiful gear as a pendant. These come in both long and short mangalsutra designs.

Tassel Diamond Mangalsutra:

A tassel mangalsutra is one where a central diamond pendant occupies the attention through which black bead tassels hang down, they are modern, trendy and add that extra awe to your looks. They go well with fusion and contemporary attires; a tassel mangalsutra comes in both short and long lengths.

Starlit Diamond Mangalsutra:

A starlit mangalsutra is where a horizontal array of trailing diamonds are placed in the form of a pendant. They give a grand and royal look when worn on sarees. They ideally come in the long mangalsutra design pattern. This type of mangalsutra designs is most ideal for gifting your loved ones on a personal milestone event or anniversaries.

Single Solitaire Mangalsutra:

Modern, vogue and an eye turner, the single solitaire mangalsutras ooze beauty and grace. With its minimalistic design and subtlety, single solitaire mangalsutras have been popular among the millennial brides. A solitaire or a single diamond mangalsutra is best when designed in a shorter length.

Short Diamond Mangalsutra:

The short diamond mangalsutra designs are designed in shorter lengths, they are ideal for office wear, give a professional vibe and the designs are also subtle and not populated like traditional mangalsutras. The gold used in these mangalsutras is also limited making them very affordable.

Double Layered Diamond Mangalsutra:

The double-layered mangalsutras are elegant and graceful. The double layer makes them very ideal on traditional attires. They can match easily with or without an additional Jewellery item. They give a fulfilling presence on the neck, double-layered mangalsutras is heavier because of their length. The long mangalsutra also makes them costlier than their shorter counterparts.

How to Choose Mangalsutra online?

Understanding the style of mangalsutra is important, one has to understand what sort of mangalsutra should be worn for example Rajasthanis follow the custom of black bead mangalsutra while Tamilians have a tradition of gold mangalsutra often called as Pusthulu or Thali Bottu.

It is important to understand the different kind patterns of mangalsutras, which one to choose from them. i.e. sometimes our hair tends to get stuck because of the twisted mangalsutra pattern, so it is often advised to purchase a less complex pattern if you go online.

The next important point to consider is the length of the mangalsutra chain or the black beads. They ideally come in 14, 16,18,20,22 and 32 inches. While you may get a 14 inches short mangalsutra design in black beads, such short length will not serve the purpose for a gold mangalsutra. Most of the times woman tend to choose anywhere between 16 inches to 32 inches.

Choosing a design, style and pattern that suits your wardrobe is very important. Example if you are used to western outfit, buying a 32-inch long mangalsutra is not advisable. Instead, a sleek and dashing diamond fancy mangalsutra would be striking.

Most of the times diamond pendants offer uniqueness to the mangalsutra. You may want to seriously consider a pendant mangalsutra, consider exploring Vaibhav Jewellers Mangalsutras designs.

A recommended gold carat either 22k or 18K is another aspect which you may need to look at. A 22K is apt for a gold mangalsutras model, while you can go with and 18K for a diamond mangalsutra.

It is highly suggested that one should not ignore the design elements of the mangalsutra such as the clasp, length, metal(gold, platinum or a mix of both), quality of gold and diamonds, black beads size, placing etc

Here is how you can style your Diamond Mangalsutra

Short Diamond mangalsutras can be best adorned with office wear while the long diamond mangalsutras can be couples with the latest diamond necklace to adorn at weddings, in festivals and other milestone celebrations to get a regal look.

Short or long Diamond Mangalsutras would stand out when coupled with lightweight diamond earrings. If it is wedding time and you want to seize the moment then go gorgeous, couple your diamond mangalsutra with a tempting stone studded gold Vaddanam model.

Vaibhav Jewellery Diamond certification

All diamond mangalsutra purchased at Vaibhav Jewellers are accompanied with certification from SGL (Solitaire gemological laboratories). The grade, clarity, and Carats are written on the certificate. This makes us very authentic and trustable, wondering where to buy diamond mangalsutra? then Vaibhav Jewellers is the right stop.

Diamond mangalsutra price and weight ranges

A diamond mangalsutra price largely depends on factors like

Pendant type
Use of metalDiamond grade (Cut, Clarity and Carat)

The weight of a simple mangalsutra design typically starts from 3gms to over 50gms depending upon the usage of metal either yellow gold or white gold or platinum. On our online portal, you can view diamond mangalsutra designs with price, the ideal price range of diamond mangalsutras start from anywhere between INR 10,000 to over a lakh of rupees. A diamond mangalsutra often comes in 18K gold as the setting of diamonds would be stronger in 18K gold than 22K. Hence, the metal rate is also calculated in proportion with the gold purity. You can also find several lightweight mangalsutras in 18K purity.

Diamond Mangalsutra Set Online

Diamond mangalsutra sets are another variant wherein the diamond nallapusalu designs are accompanied with a set of beautiful earrings or a complementing bangle. Diamond Pendant mangalsutras are also the ones that come with a set of earrings or rings to make a beautiful set.

strong>Diamond Mangalsutra for Wedding only @ Vaibhav Jewellers

At Vaibhav, you can find an assorted range of designer diamond mangalsutras from daily wear to occasional wear, from party wear to office wear and practically in all lengths- short diamond mangalsutra, medium and long diamond mangalsutra designs. We at Vaibhav showcase a diverse collection such as mangalsutras with simple floral patterned lockets, single pearl drop mangalsutras, heart-shaped lockets, geometric shapes; blissful peacocks, butterflies beautifully carved into sensuous diamond pendant mangalsutras. If you are that minimalist person then you can request to see some simple diamond mangalsutras designs. For those of you who prefer to wear it for office, try the small diamond mangalsutra with a solitaire.

Customization your Diamond Mangalsutra with Vaibhav Jewellers

You can now customize your diamond mangalsutras with us, liked something online? Bring us the design, we will have it custom made for you. Alternately you can get in touch with our customer care to request designs. Example you can now search matching Jewellery from gold bangles catalogue or from our vast digital earring designs present online to suit your mangalsutra work.

Purchasing your Diamond Mangalsutra Jewellery on EMI

Ever thought of buying your precious diamond mangalsutra jewellery on EMI? Vaibhav Jewellers in association with JewelFina offer EMI on the purchase of studded gold and diamond Jewellery. Please contact our customer care for more details such as the charges and available Flexi tenures

Buying Diamond Mangalsutra Online

Buying diamond mangalsutra online can be seen sceptical but at Vaibhav jewellers, we promise to keep your experience pleasant, you can stay rest assured that the gold diamond mangalsutra or any other Jewellery of your choice will be delivered right on time to your address. You find a huge variety of diamond mangalsutra pendant designs too that can be worn daily or on your formal outings.

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