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Mangalsutras have forever been attached to many emotions, it has always held a special place in a women’s heart. When this mangalsutra is coupled with the most precious gemstones-Diamonds, the joy has no bounds. For every woman, mangalsutras are a treasure; they stand above every other Jewellery set. Mangalsutra represent a bond between the married couples that carries several emotions. They are treated very sacred in the Indian society and a lot of sentiments are attached to them. Mangalsutras are one such ornament which is adorned by every section of women in the society.

Types of Diamond Mangalsutra

Every diamond mangalsutra is unique in its own way, in terms of design, weight, length and price. Depending up on the size and mangalsutra design, latest mangalsutras are classified into the following categories:

Trellis Diamond Mangalsutra: A trellis model diamond mangalsutra depicts floral vines as the primary design element. The diamond lockets are designed based on this. They stand horizontally in a beautiful gear as a pendant. These are come in both long and short mangalsutra designs.

Tassel Diamond Mangalsutra: A tassel mangalsutra is one where a central diamond pendant occupies the attention through which black bead tassels hang down, they are modern, trendy and add that extra awe to your looks. They go well with fusion and contemporary attires; a tassel mangalsutra comes in both short and long lengths.

Star lit Diamond Mangalsutra: A star lit mangalsutra is where a horizontal array of trailing diamonds are placed in the form of a pendant. They give a grand and royal look when worn on sarees. They ideally come in long mangalsutra design pattern. This type of mangalsutra designs is most ideal for gifting your loved ones on a personal milestone event or anniversaries.

Single Solitaire Mangalsutra: Modern, vogue and an eye turner, the single solitaire mangalsutras ooze beauty and grace. With its minimalistic design and subtlety, single solitaire mangalsutras have been popular among the millennial brides. A solitaire mangalsutra is the best when designed in shorter length.

Short Diamond Mangalsutra: These mangalsutra models are designed in shorter lengths, they are ideal for office wear, give a professional vibe and the designs are also subtle and not populated like traditional mangalsutras. The gold used in these mangalsutras is also limited making them very affordable.

Double Layered Diamond Mangalsutra: The double layered mangalsutras are elegant and graceful. The double layer makes them very ideal on traditional attires. They can match easily with or without an additional Jewellery item. They give a fulfilling presence on the neck, double layered mangalsutras consist higher grams of gold because of their length. This makes them costlier than their shorter counterparts.

Tips to Buy Mangalsutra

Diamond mangalsutra price and weight ranges

A diamond mangalsutras price largely depends on factors like

The weight of a simple mangalsutra design typically start from 3gms to over 50gms depending upon the usage of metal either yellow gold or white gold or platinum. White gold mangalsutras are trending these days as they are subtle and ideal for office wear. Diamond Mangalsutras are usually plain with a rich designer pendant. The price range of mangalsutras start from anywhere between 10,000 and go over a lakh of rupees.  Another important point to note that the weight of black beads is never priced as a part of billing; it is only the gold that is weighed and paid for. In a way to all those newbie Jewellery enthusiasts black beads come free of cost. 

Diamond certification

All diamond mangalsutra purchased at Vaibhav Jewellers are accompanied with certification from SGL (Solitaire gemological laboratories).  The grade, clarity and Carats are clearly written on the certificate. This makes them very authentic and trustable.

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

We as a Jeweller carry 25yrs of legacy and expertise with us, we are a 360 degree Jewellery mall having a retail presence of 55,000sqft spanning across costal Andhra and Telangana. Our 11 stores have been catering to the needs of lakhs of customers since 1994. We have many accolades to our credit for quality and innovation in the Jewellery industry. Our designs have been handpicked time & again, had been selected by who and who’s of Hollywood during prestigious Academy awards too.  We are also proud to be an exclusive Jeweller for generations of customers and have been a trusted Jeweller for over a lakh of weddings. All diamond Jewellery is accompanied with certification specifying the grade, color and clarity of the diamonds. Shop with us the all new diamond mangalsutras in different designs, weight and price ranges online at Vaibhav Jewellers to avail an array of benefits such as: