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Breath-taking designs of ruby gold necklaces that can sweep you off your feet!

The history of the ruby necklace is unique; it has been worn by royalty, is highly prized all over the world, and is the ultimate emblem of love and passion. The ruby is a wonderfully magical jewel, whether you believe in its mystical abilities or adore the hypnotic, deep-red colour. Over time, the designs have undergone drastic changes, and now scintillating ruby necklace sets are back on shelves again to take the fashion world by storm. 

The trendiest accessory for modern urban women is a ruby necklace gold. These magnificent necklaces are made of solid gold and encrusted with rubies, adding chicness to the design. Whether you are looking for a swanky or a simple piece, all your jewellery needs will be met by Vaibhav Jewellers. Specifically for our website, we have created a purchasing process that is both thrilling and interesting for our customers. We have taken the somewhat unconventional approach for a maker of high-end jewellery by deciding that customers can also buy our products without visiting one of our stores. So now your gorgeous ruby gold necklace for women is only a few clicks away. We offer EMI and customisation options too. What else do we have? Check them out for yourself!

Check Out Latest Ruby Gold Necklace Online

As red carpet walkers have shown, a well-chosen ruby necklace gold design can make you look like a celestial goddess. This season, look for neck adornments studded with this crimson jewel. It is a masterpiece guaranteed to leave onlookers speechless. Ruby necklace 22k gold from Vaibhav Jewellers is lovely because it incorporates a range of colours that complement a wide range of outfits and skin tones. Earlier, ruby was only limited to an antique gold necklace, but now you will see myriad options. 

This gemstone is available in all models, from chokers to harams, from vintage to modern. While a magnificent antique ruby gold necklace gives its wearer an air of dignified sophistication, a sleek, jaw-dropping, luminous necklace is guaranteed to steal the show and be the evening's most talked-about accessory. Worried about the price tag? We have kept it reasonable and added different tariffs to it. If you are looking for a simple ruby pendant or a ruby beads necklace, shop online; we are your one-stop destination. 

Buy Exclusive Gold Ruby Necklace Sets for Ladies

When discussing gemstone jewellery, ruby-studded pieces like a necklace come next to diamond necklace designs. You can choose from our extensive range of gold ruby necklace sets to complete a western or ethnic ensemble. Now the question is: what's special on our shelves? Well, the answer is here. We offer an extensive exclusive collection of ruby necklace sets. Let's get started with our bold necklace styles. These are for those who appreciate maximalist fashion and aren't afraid to show it. You'll always look your best in their company.

You can wear them with anything from ethnic attire to a casual ensemble, such as a printed flowery dress, a black top, and linen slacks, or even an evening outfit consisting of your favourite slip dress and a pashmina wrapped around your shoulders. No matter how you wear these latest ruby necklace sets, the spotlight will be drawn towards you. If you are looking for a subtle ruby necklace online – we have a complete range for you! For a cool summer style, we suggest pairing a white button-down with a patterned, flowy skirt or an LBD for a romantic date night.

Shop Online for Gold Ruby Choker Necklace Designs

Ruby jewellery such as ruby gold necklaces has long been a conversation starter for all the right reasons. We are proud to provide a beautiful collection of timeless neckwear. Consider donning a ruby choker necklace to exude an air of elegance and class. Similarly, the long gold necklace designs are for a dramatic, bold look.

Our jewellery designers always come up with fresh and innovative ways to use these stones in our creations, which is true across all our product lines. As mentioned above, the designs are endless, from a close-fitted ruby gold choker to an elongated one. However, there is something new. These days, you can also find ruby in numerous shapes, hues, and metal settings. We know you're a die-hard fan of ruby necklaces. So, we've done the legwork here at Vaibhav Jewellers to keep you abreast of upcoming trends. Our entire collection is accessible both online and offline. You can also have a Live-Video Session or Virtual try-on to get an idea about the product you are buying. All while giving you an instant style boost, our ruby gold necklaces can help you express yourself. The best way to find out how they do it is to try them out right away.

Select an Elegant Ruby Necklace Designs Based On Colours

If you're searching for a ruby gold necklace, get the one that's just right. Vaibhav Jewellers takes extraordinary measures to ensure our stock is constantly updated. Choose an elegant gold necklace with red stone from various colour options.

Ruby Gold Necklace in Red Colour

The presence of chromium in a ruby gives the gem its characteristic bright red colour and the dazzling, glittering radiance characteristic of a precious gemstone. Our red ruby necklace in gold is a stunning accessory that would look amazing with any festive getup. We guarantee you will have the royal experience of a lifetime wearing it around your beautiful neck! The best part is that the gorgeous ruby colour necklace works with all skin tones.

Ruby Gold Necklace in Green Colour

Our ruby emerald necklace, aka green ruby necklace, is a stunning piece of jewellery that will add a touch of colour to any traditional outfit. Pairing this emerald ruby necklace with a simple, elegant lehenga or gown would be perfect for rocking any event.

Ruby Gold Necklace in Pink Colour

Ruby jewellery is well-liked because the stones come in a wide range of red tones; from light pink to nearly black. All shades of this jewel emanate the eternal aura and essential beauty of nature and the wearer. The lighter shade of ruby in jewellery, such as a pink ruby necklace, indicates a woman's bubbly and youthful side. Always remember that reds with deeper tones are exceptionally rare and expensive.

Ruby necklaces, with their striking colour, can be rather large and worn in combination with other stones, like a pearl gold necklace, without looking gaudy. Wearing a traditional ruby necklace gold draws attention to itself and the wearer as they move. For example, a beautiful gold temple necklace embellished with rubies will promptly capture and hold anyone's attention. More and more women are wearing necklaces with rubies these days. The reason is apparent. Be it long or short gold necklace designs, the attractive red stone is a fantastic substitute, given the exorbitant cost of a natural red diamond.

List of Popular Ruby Necklaces Set in Gold With Price at Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

Traditional Ruby Gold Necklace

40 to 80 gms

₹1,80,000 To ₹8,00,000

Pachi Ruby Gold Necklace Set

40 to 80 gms

₹1,80,000 To ₹8,00,000

Emerald Ruby Gold Necklace

40 to 80 gms

₹1,80,000 To ₹8,00,000

Coronation Ruby Gold Necklace

40 to 80 gms

₹1,80,000 To ₹8,00,000

Gemstone Ruby Gold Necklace

40 to 80 gms

₹1,80,000 To ₹8,00,000


Gold Ruby Necklace Set with Price and Weight 

You can purchase a scintillating ruby necklace for as little as ₹60,000 to as much as ₹1,00,000 in our stock. Amazing isn’t it? However, bear in mind that the pricing is subject to market gold and gemstone rates. You can find the gold rate on our website and sort through these prices quickly to find something that suits your budget. As for weight, ruby necklace designs in 10 grams to 20 gms, and 20-30 gms necklaces go up to 50-70 gms. However, weight is a personal preference as heavy jewellery doesn't fit everyone. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we have made sure that your shopping for a beautiful gold ruby necklace to go with your outfits is made more accessible. 

Why choose Vaibhav Jewellers? 

The ruby necklace gold designs offered by Vaibhav Jewellers are the outcome of meticulous labour by our expert artisans to meet your preferences. If you go with the customised ornaments, you'll also have the option of making your own designs. 

Just a few reasons why you should choose us: 

EMI Building

Don't give up hope if the price of any ruby emerald necklace that you like is out of your price range! We provide a method of payment known as EMI that enables you to stretch the entire cost into several smaller installments. 

Try at home

You no longer need to leave the convenience of your own home to try on and decide whether or not to purchase your favorite gold choker. The brand-new virtual try-on option makes shopping for a distinctive and beautiful variety of jewellery much more effortless. You now have access to an infinite number of design options for jewellery at your fingertips. 

Live Video Shopping

Through live video shopping, you can peruse and purchase your preferred ornaments remotely. Evaluate the newest designs with their weight and price, create a wish list, engage in a question and answer session, and make your choice through a live video chat at your convenience.

Excellent Exchange Policy

You can make trades for the rest of your life using golddiamonds,  precious stones, studded jewellery, and gold coins with BIS certification. When you are finished, we will package your jewellery and have it ready for you to pick up in our showroom. We will even ship it to the location of your choice.


1) What is a ruby gold necklace?

 A ruby gold necklace is a gold neck adornment decorated with stunning rubies.

2) What is the ideal price to buy a gold ruby necklace? 

A ruby gold necklace is available for less than ₹1,000,000. It can go above that price range if the piece features a more intricate design.

3) What is the suitable weight and quality for buying a ruby gold necklace? 

For ruby pearl necklaces, you can pick up anything between 10-20 grams, 20-30 grams, 30-50 grams, 50-70 grams, etc. The weight can reach as high as 90 grams or above, depending on the precise work. The BIS hallmarking on each of them is an indication of genuine quality.

4) How many sizes of gold ruby necklaces are made? 

Three sizes are available for the ruby gold necklaces: short, medium, and long.

5) What colour of gold is best for a ruby necklace? 

For a ruby gold necklace, there's no one-size-fits-all rule concerning the colour of the gold. Any shade of this valuable metal, such as yellow, rose, or white, will look best on a ruby.