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Make a Unique Statement with a Ruby Necklace in Gold!


Ruby jewellery has always drawn attention for the right reasons, and its appeal continues to enchant people today. Since ancient times, these gemstones have been used in ornament production, resulting in stunning pieces like a ruby necklace in gold. 

An antique ruby gold necklace will always be in style. However, in the meantime, artisans continue to experiment with new materials and techniques to create designs that appeal to today's millennials and Gen Zers. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we've done the groundwork for you regarding future ruby necklace trends because we know you're a huge fan. 

We've put up a stunning line of neck adornments that will be around for a long time. For example, choose a ruby choker necklace as a piece of jewellery that commands attention. This model, usually 14 to 16 inches long, expresses endless beauty, refinement, and sophistication while maintaining a low profile.
Don't be afraid to show off your inner fashionista. Consider all of your options at Vaibhav Jewellers. Before buying one of these ruby chain necklace designs in gold, evaluate them all and then make a decision. We are available for both in-store and online purchase facilities. 

Buy the Latest Ruby Gold Necklace Online 

Trendsetters have shown that the correct ruby necklace designs in gold can adorn you with ethereal beauty. No matter what shade of this precious gemstone you choose, whether dark red or light pink, it will work with any outfit and skin tone. So, whether you're dressed in a saree or a gown, we have various options for ruby necklaces and new models for you to choose from. 

Ruby Necklace Gold Chain for Saree 

Wearing the proper jewellery with a saree appears to be a difficult chore for many. You can wear a heavy ruby necklace for a saree if you're going to a wedding or any grand event. A lightweight ruby chain necklace set is the best option for wearing a saree to a casual event or the office. 

Ruby has a powerful essence and an attraction that you can quickly incorporate into your flare and desi demeanour. The red and gold combo looks good with contrast-coloured sarees. A lovely ruby beads necklace, for example, looks great with a purple or blue saree. 

These jewels also look great with sarees that have rich crystal work on the borders. There are several teaming choices if your neckline is low (sweetheart, round neck). You can wear a striking diamond choker and layer it with a long ruby pendant necklace. 

Ruby Necklace Gold for Gowns 

When selecting a ruby necklace to match your gown, you should take your time. What you're looking for is jewellery that enhances your western style rather than overshadows it. We advise against wearing a medium or long necklace with a strapless neckline and suggest a choker or shorter-length piece. 

Other than ruby, a diamond necklace is the best choice here. When you slip into a turtleneck gown, consider skipping a necklace entirely or teaming it up with long, simple gold chains. Similarly, if your dress has an open V-neck or plunging neckline, consider pairing it with a stunning drop necklace embellished with bright red rubies. 

Note: Whatever design you choose, you might witness a fluctuation in the ruby necklace gold price from time to time, which is subject to the market pricing and making charges. So, do your homework before making a purchase. 

Check out Elegant Ruby Necklace Designs for Special Occasions 

The wearer's personality and style are reflected in the jewellery they wear. Every item of jewellery we own is a story in itself, showcasing our land's rich culture and history. The beauty of rubies is that they can be used in numerous jewellery designs. Necklaces are the frontrunners here. One of the most frequently asked concerns regarding ruby necklaces is how to incorporate them into a wedding or engagement outfit. Here are our thoughts. 

- Ruby Gold Necklace for Wedding 

When choosing your wedding gold ruby necklace designs, think about how they will look with your wedding dress. You don't want your jewellery to compete with or overshadow your clothing, but you also don't want it to look out of place. Consider the neckline of your dress when making your jewellery selections so that they go well with your outfit. The ruby necklace you choose for your big day should "fill in the gaps" of skin exposed by your dress, never encroaching on it but instead adding just the right amount of glimmer to highlight it. 

Ceremonies like weddings are all about glitter and glamour, concocted by bold patterns and textures. However, these days, many brides choose comfort over style. Hence, we have created a wide range of lightweight, simple ruby necklace designs to complement their bridal trousseau. We even have beautiful gold thali chains to team up with your lightweight gold ruby necklace by adding a touch of tradition. Check out lightweight ruby necklace designs with prices to pick up the best one for your D-day. 

- Ruby Gold Necklace for Engagement 

Engagements these days are no less lavish than weddings. People pay equal attention to their getups, including jewellery. However, the ruby necklace designs in gold we create for engagements are less swanky than those for weddings. You can wear striking ruby chain necklaces with long or short rope gold chains depending on your preference. 

Necklaces with a teardrop ruby pendant at your neck can draw attention to your neck and shoulders, while neck adornments with more oversized pendants on lengthy chains around your sternum can help bring your ensemble together. Before purchasing, look at the ruby necklace with price and weight. 

List of Popular Ruby Necklaces @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

Precious Pearl Emerald Mala


₹60000 To ₹1800000

Gold Chetam Necklace


₹60000 To ₹1800000

22KT Ruby Gold Necklace


₹60000 To ₹1800000

22K Ruby Gold Necklace 110VG5200


₹60000 To ₹1800000

22K Polki Gold Necklace 117VG410


₹60000 To ₹1800000


Explore Modern Gold Ruby Necklace Set at Vaibhav Jewellers 

When shopping for ruby gold necklaces, you have to make sure you choose the right one. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we go to great lengths to ensure that our ruby necklace gold inventory is constantly updated. Our pricing for ruby necklace sets is updated regularly in our stores and on our website based on the current gold rate and value. 

Gold Ruby Necklace Set with Price and Weight 

You can purchase a scintillating ruby necklace for as little as ₹60,000 to as much as ₹1,00,000 in our stock. Amazing isn’t it? However, bear in mind that the pricing is subject to market gold and gemstone rates. You can find the gold rate on our website and sort through these prices quickly to find something that suits your budget. As for weight, ruby necklace designs in 10 grams to 20 gms, and 20-30 gms necklaces go up to 50-70 gms. However, weight is a personal preference as heavy jewellery doesn't fit everyone. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we have made sure that your shopping for a beautiful gold ruby necklace to go with your outfits is made more accessible. 

Why choose Vaibhav Jewellers? 

The ruby necklace gold designs offered by Vaibhav Jewellers are the outcome of meticulous labour by our expert artisans to meet your preferences. If you go with the customised ornaments, you'll also have the option of making your own designs. 

Just a few reasons why you should choose us: 

  • EMI Building

Don't give up hope if the price of any ruby emerald necklace that you like is out of your price range! We provide a method of payment known as EMI that enables you to stretch the entire cost into several smaller installments. 

  • Try at home

You no longer need to leave the convenience of your own home to try on and decide whether or not to purchase your favorite gold choker. The brand-new virtual try-on option makes shopping for a distinctive and beautiful variety of jewellery much more effortless. You now have access to an infinite number of design options for jewellery at your fingertips. 

  • Live Video Shopping

Through live video shopping, you can peruse and purchase your preferred ornaments remotely. Evaluate the newest designs with their weight and price, create a wish list, engage in a question and answer session, and make your choice through a live video chat at your convenience. 

  • Excellent Exchange Policy

You can make trades for the rest of your life using gold, diamonds,  precious stones, studded jewellery, and gold coins with BIS certification. When you are finished, we will package your jewellery and have it ready for you to pick up in our showroom. We will even ship it to the location of your choice.


1) What is a ruby gold necklace?

 A ruby gold necklace is a gold neck adornment decorated with stunning rubies.

2) What is the ideal price to buy a gold ruby necklace? 

A ruby gold necklace is available for less than ₹1,000,000. It can go above that price range if the piece features a more intricate design.

3) What is the suitable weight and quality for buying a ruby gold necklace? 

For ruby pearl necklaces, you can pick up anything between 10-20 grams, 20-30 grams, 30-50 grams, 50-70 grams, etc. The weight can reach as high as 90 grams or above, depending on the precise work. The BIS hallmarking on each of them is an indication of genuine quality.

4) How many sizes of gold ruby necklaces are made? 

Three sizes are available for the ruby gold necklaces: short, medium, and long.

5) What colour of gold is best for a ruby necklace? 

For a ruby gold necklace, there's no one-size-fits-all rule concerning the colour of the gold. Any shade of this valuable metal, such as yellow, rose, or white, will look best on a ruby.