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Shop Here for Best South Indian Jewellery

Indians love for gold Jewellery is an open secret, thhey consider this is the best way to not just to accessorize but to build wealth too. South Indian Jewellery has a name for itself for the design, workmanship and for the traditional vibes theyusher.In India gold is often symbolized as larger than life aspect- we often feel its presence in a very compelling way in weddings, in family rituals, in house warming ceremonies, in temples, in festivals and every other celebration.

In Indian context gold jewellery is not seen merely as an investment avenue, it holds a great auspicious significance. Gold is given as a token of Shagun in majority of the Indian celebrations. Coming from an Indian household each one of us have different memories associated with our gold Jewellery whether big or small. Over the years Indians diversified their adornment choices from gold to diamond, platinum and silver too.

Different Kinds of Indian traditional Jewellery

Jewellery has always been the prime in any Indianwedding; women also consider buying them for wealth building too. One may not be able to consolidate the types of South Indian Jewellery but can surely outline them, namely gold bangles, bracelets, chains rings, chokers, pendants, necklaces, harams, Vanki, Vaddanam and many more small and petite accessories such as Champasawaralu, nose rings, toe rings etc.

Vaibhav Jewellers Online Shopping

Online Jewellery shopping is now just a few clicks away, view all the latest jewellery designs on our online portal. You can now find a range of jewellery designs n different workmanship, price and weight ranges. Liked something online you can also custom make gold Jewellery online. We offer shoppers with a mesmerizing range of authentic Indian Jewellery designs such as guttapusalu, chandraharalu, gullaperu, palakasaralu, kasulaperu and many such traditional versions. You can get them customized in the desired weight, length and design. While you shop online, get easy access to our premium shopping features such as the virtual try-on and Live video shopping facility.

What is so special about South Indian Jewellery?

Well, we all tend to differentiate gold Jewellery as mere ring, bangle or best gold necklace but when we dig deep, we realize that ethnic South Indian Jewellery is the sum of workmanship i.e. antique jewellery and the temple jewellery workmanship. Many of us tend to sideline the beauty that each of these workmanship layers on our gold jewellery. Example: did we know that every item made in temple jewellery is handmade, where a karigar labours for a minimum of 7-10 days to create a single piece.

Gold & Diamond Jewellery Sets

We have an entire collection of gold and diamond Jewellery sets online, for you to choose from. From latest diamond pendant sets to the Tanmaniyas, from those bridal necklace sets to simple everyday bangle wear we simply recreate your Jewellery needs to suit every occasion. Our long haram sets online come in not merely a single piece but as a multi-use, interchangeable adornment allowing you to reuse them as short necklaces, pendants or as a sleek Vaddanam. If you are looking at an affordable office wear gold set with a simple pendant and earrings then go ahead to see our pendants page online. If you have a pendant and are searching for a perfect match then reach our Jewellery experts, seek their assistance in getting a trendy match for your piece of treasure.

Vaibhav's Different kinds of Gold Jewellery Products

Daily-wear Jewellery

Daily wear Jewellery where plain gold without any stone studding is preferred for daily use. Plain gold bangles, simple earrings, plain gold band rings, simple mangalsutra designs are a few examples. Other Jewellery types include the festive wear- the brighter ones with Rubies, Emeralds and coral stone studding can be opted for festive looks.

Bridal Jewellery

Another type of Jewellery which is prime most for each and every woman is the Bridal gold Jewellery. If you are a bride to be who is on the lookout for bridal wear then online gold shopping would be a saver, you can now preview a wide range of gold necklace sets with prices and gold chain for men from top Jewellers in India, compare and choose one that suits your style and taste at the comfort of your home.

Occasion wear Jewellery

You can also seek the help of Jewellery experts with us and get your bridal Jewellery styled as per the ritual. We have some very pretty lightweight Jewellery sets that can be opted for Haldi or Mehandi functions to heavy South Indian bridal Jewellery sets that would go well with the main marriage ceremony.

Antique Jewellery

Antique Jewellery is one category of workmanship which is most preferred these days. A woman especially millennials, are attracted to antique jewellery designs for their dull sheen and relic look which comes as a result of the oxidation process they go through. Antique gold jewellery sets find their prominence in weddings, festivals and major household occasions such as gruhapravesham etc.

Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery is another classic workmanship that is worth spending your money on. Each piece is curated, handmade and chiselled to perfection. The temple gold jewellery designs the best suit as bridal wear, for other major occasions such as house warming ceremonies, as traditional festive wear, to your temple visits and for all those occasions where you want to look at your best.

Shop Elegant Jewellery for Every Occasion of Your Life

Jewellery is an essential part of any dress code for every event. When appropriately accessorised, the appropriate jewellery can do wonders for your appearance. It will be the crowning glory of your ensemble, bringing it to a level of flawless sophistication you never knew you were capable of reaching before now.

Your jewellery is a perfect representation of your unique style. As such, we at Vaibhav Jewellers stock a wide variety of gold jewellery in several categories, including designer pieces, antique pieces, temple pieces, semi-precious stone pieces, and the latest and most cutting-edge pieces. Besides gold, we have diamond, platinum and silver collection too. Let's look at the many kinds of jewellery you can wear for any occasion.

Daily Wear Jewellery

A nice assortment of jewellery you can wear daily does a lot for your identity. Today, jewellery isn't reserved for formal events; you can incorporate fashionable new designs into your everyday clothing for a touch of extra sparkle. Wearing these lovely pieces with your best clothes is a surefire way to radiate confidence and urban cool as you strut chicly to work each day. Our unique assortment of casual jewellery is designed to meet the demands of the city without sacrificing the wearer's comfort. From south Indian gold earrings designs for daily use to bangles, this specific line can shine bright, keep its simplicity, and exude class and elegance. Put your best fashion foot forward daily in these updated classics that will make you feel like a million bucks. The unique design and cutting will highlight your best features, whether you're wearing a traditional cotton sari or a chic party dress. Make a smooth transition from the workweek to the weekend while flaunting your unique style.

Bridal Wear Jewellery

Wedding jewellery is a necessary component of the Indian bride's trousseau. She looks stunning in her wedding attire, and her jewellery has more than simply decorative importance. Even though combining multiple traditions is becoming more common, there is still a wide variety of contrasts between the bridal fashions of north and south India. Especially, gold jewellery set for wedding exhibit a dizzying array of differences.

The mention of a South Indian wedding automatically conjures images of vibrant sarees, traditional music, and lavish South Indian bridal jewellery. A wide variety of rituals necessitate the brides to accessorise differently, so we have created an exquisite collection of bridal gold jewellery sets in South Indian styles. Brides here typically wear lots of heavily ornamented jewellery set for a wedding, such as Laksmi haar, Mango Malai, vanki, haram necklaces, jadalu, maang tikka, gold vaddanam etc. In our gold wedding jewellery designs catalogue, you will also find popular craftsmanship like Temple, Pachi, Polki, and Kundan, which are popular in South Indian wedding bridal jewellery set. The best part is that you can check South Indian bridal jewellery sets with price, weight and other specifications with just a few clicks before making a purchase.

Party Wear Jewellery

Accessorise with our latest party wear jewellery sets on the suitable event to look your best. If you're going out for a party, choose your jewellery after you've picked out your dress. Wondering why? It is so that the necklaces and earrings don't compete with the neckline's cut or the sleeves' length. It's appropriate to accessorise a dinner dress with one oversized piece of jewellery. Add polish to your ensemble by accessorising with a bracelet and ring that match. However, if the dinner party, you can get away with lighter trinkets like a simple chain with a beautiful gold locket. Even on a date, it's important to accessorise appropriately with jewellery that complements your outfit and haircut. On low-key dates, white gold jewellery is the way to go.

Wedding Wear Jewellery

A marriage ceremony is a highly ceremonial event. When attending a wedding, it is imperative to remember that the day is about the bride and groom. Bold or dangling jewellery is better left on the bride. If you're invited to a wedding, accessorise with simple party-wear jewellery that doesn't steal the show. This season many dazzling arrays of gold and gemstone jewellery are in vogue. Take Navaratna jewelley as an example. Set with nine precious gems on gold, they complement almost all ethnic and Indo-Western styles. Gold diamond jewellery is another option to add sparkle to your ensemble. A CZ necklace is a beautiful yet affordable addition if diamonds are too pricey.

Gold & Diamond Online Jewellery Shopping

Online gold jewellery shopping comes with a lot of advantages; we get to look at thousands of latest gold Jewellery designs with price and weight, making charges and other product details.

Apart from that, seeing scores of designs also gives us an insight on what is trending, what suits best for a given occasion, what are the price and weight ranges of gold jewellery sets etc.

Styling Your Jewellery at Vaibhav

Gold Jewellery or even new diamond Jewellery for that case gives us the flexibility to experiment, mix and match and helps us be our own style guru. You can now create out of box styles example - broad temple jewellery kada can be adorned on indo western wear or a long floor touch dress.

Similarly, a stunning gold choker would give a grand look on off-shoulder kanjeevaram dresses that are a fad now. Another power-packed combination for a floor touch gown or a flowing lehenga is a Kundan gold necklace set with earrings. Our range of Antique silver Jewellery also offers a refreshing option to style on your traditional handloom sarees/dresses.

Vaibhav Jewellers Gold & Diamond Jewellery Shopping

At our online portal along with gold Jewellery designs, you can also view the latest diamond Jewellery. This includes ear studs, trendy mangalsutras, diamond engagement rings, bangles, and diamond sets such as pendants plus matching earrings, a necklace with contrasting earrings etc. At Vaibhav, you can reach out to our Jewellery expert i.e. you can chat with our Jewellery team for any weight-related, design-related or any Jewellery shopping online related queries.

Jewellery online shopping at Vaibhav is transparent with a detailed product information page, giving you the net and gross weight, weight of stone and stone information too. You can also find the current gold price on our page. You can also reach our Jewellery expert at any moment if you need assistance in finding your choice of Jewellery. 

Vaibhav Jewellers Certified Online Jewellery Store

Our online store is an aggregator store helping customers to shop online from the comfort of their home. All the products and services available at our stores can also be availed when you buy Jewellery online- like lifetime exchange, free 15-day return, Being one of the best Jewellers in India we promise our customers 100% authentic and BIS hallmarked Jewellery only both online or in-store. We are home to the finest south Indian Jewellery designs with elite workmanship expertise. Various workmanship includes: Antique, Pachi, Meenakari, temple etc, Your online Jewellery shopping also comes with expert opinion at any time you need. We also give our customers a free gemological consultation if you wish to buy precious stone Jewellery.

Vaibhav Jewellers Collections

We offer a range of gold jewellery, silver, diamond and platinum jewellery. It includes a wide range of Indian Jewellery in different weight, price ranges.

Our broad array of collection includes men's and kids Jewellery too. We are a home to Indian Mens Jewellery ranging from gold chains, bracelets to Punjabi Kadas, couple bands etc. Vaibhav Jewellers also has an array of Mens accessories such as gold watches which are very apt for gifting. At Vaibhav, you will also be welcomed with a mesmerizing range of petite and cute kids Jewellery which includes adjustable gold kadas, baby maang tikka, accessories like gold glass, spoon and gold plate. You can preorder with name, DOB and cute milestone messages.

You can choose a range of affordable daily wear jewellery to high-end jewellery. You can find a whole lot of effortless gold bangles, a wide array of CZs & stone studded gold earrings, antique silver jewellery, silver items for all your household needs. Other varieties of Jewellery include Pachi, Kundans and the very trendy Swarovski collections.

Our premiere range of diamond Jewellery is a must browse collection where you will be welcomed with a range of diamond mangalsutra, bangles, cocktail rings, couple bands and a range of stone-studded diamond jewellery that would allure you. All our diamond Jewellery comes with a certificate stating the clarity and the colour of diamonds.

Vaibhav Jewellers also offers its customers with a number of Jewellery based services like cleaning, gemological consultation, customization and Jewellery personalization. Select online exclusive pieces can now be delivered to any of our 12 stores near you.

Jewellery on EMI

We understand that buying Jewellery comes with spending a lot of your savings, we facilitate our customers with an easy payment option, you can now convert your gold purchase on EMI. Enjoy benefits of buying Jewellery like never before with our equated monthly instalment payment options.

Shopping @ Vaibhav

Shopping at Vaibhav is like bringing home a bit of desi culture and a lot of tradition with a modern twist. At Vaibhav you get a glimpse of traditional designs with a touch of modernity. We boast of building relationships, by design with each of our customers. At Vaibhav, authenticity, quality and purity are something which you can rely on with closed eyes. Be it design populated bridal jewellery designs or Antique Jewellery you can now view all the intricacies, simultaneously try it with features like live video shopping and virtual TRY ON options. We have reinvented the way you buy jewellery online.

With Vaibhav, you don’t just shop Jewellery, but take home a legacy.

Why Shop at Vaibhav Jewellers

As we've covered, Vaibhav Jewellers has a wide variety of beautiful jewellery for different occasions. This section will explain why shopping jewellery from us is one of the best options for your next purchase.

Online Shopping

Post-pandemic, we realise that many people are still hesitant to make physical purchases, including jewellery, in the open. In light of this, we have brought you the option to browse through our catalogue on our website, check the product details and make a purchase, all from the comfort of your home.

Free 15-day return policy

If you purchase gold jewellery online and feel unsatisfied or the item you received is damaged, you can return it for free within 15 days (from the date of purchase)!

State-of-the-art Live video shopping.

Shopping for gold jewellery set online and need some guidance? Live video shopping on the internet makes it possible. To make purchasing gold jewellery online more convenient and quick, we now provide video calls with a trained sales associate to showcase our selection.

Easy EMI Schemes

It's time to stop looking. All right, let's talk about making a purchase. Using a bank card or charge card is acceptable for this transaction. However, if the budget is tight, the monthly cost might be divided between two or more people. You make a down payment and monthly payments to complete your purchase through Shop on EMI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is south Indian jewellery?

Jewellery from the southern section of India, or South Indian jewellery, is a style that originated there. Its elaborate patterns, emblematic of the region's cultural diversity, have made it famous. Everything from its ancient traditions to traditional dance and music to majestic temples adds to these pieces' vibrancy of the South of India.

What are the different types of south Indian jewellery?

The various varieties of south Indian jewellery include mango mala, Lakshmi haar, kasu mala, vanki, vaddanam, jadanagam, nethichutti, suryapirai and chandrapirai, oddiyanam, jhimki, and so forth.

How is south Indian jewellery different from ordinary jewellery?

South Indian jewellery is known for its elaborate, time-honoured designs that stand apart from ordinary jewellery.

What are the different types of jewellery designs?

Designs of Indian jewellery include Antique Jewellery, Temple Jewellery, Bead Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery, Lac Jewellery, Ivory Jewellery, Jadau Jewellery, Filigree Jewellery, Handmade Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, Polki Jewellery, Minakari Jewellery, Navratna Jewellery etc.

What are the different types of office wear jewellery?

Plain or stone-studded studs, pearl necklaces, gold chains, delicate danglers, simple bangles, tennis bracelets, and many other lightweight jewellery items work nicely with office wear outfits and office environs.

What are the advantages of jewellery shopping online?

Online shopping for jewellery is safe and convenient. Without salespeople, you can explore and compare prices online. If unsure, you can also check the jewellery's weight, design, and quality. You can find what you want online, click "Buy It Now," and we will handle the rest.

How do you choose a piece of wedding jewellery?

When choosing wedding jewellery, you must avoid purchasing something you won't enjoy wearing after the big day. Use tried-and-true jewellery styles that will never go out of trend.

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