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Gold Suidhaga Earrings Online
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 Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings Online

Sui Dhaga gold earrings are the latest edition in the Jewelry trends. You can browse through a range of Sui Dhaga gold earrings designs that are simple, stylish, and stunning. Though simple, the Sui Dhaga gold earring's new designs rightly fit both office and traditional attires. The Sui Dhaga earrings minimalist features, design, lightweight aspects are what make them a go-to style for many millennial women.  Unlike the gold stud earrings, the Sui Dhaga model comes in a lesser weight range despite design variations making them very affordable. They also make the best gift for your loved ones. 

Sui Dhaga earrings have been a recent addition to the earrings category, this has been a general perception. However, it has only made a comeback from the grand old days of the royal era. Sui Dhaga earrings have been on the top of the trending earrings list for quite some time now. Convenient, attractive, and very mode- the Sui Dhaga earring design has been defined to be effortless.

Gold Sui Dhaga Earring Designs

There are numerous variations in Sui Dhaga gold earring designs, some have a floral burst while some are plain, at Vaibhav, you can find Sui Dhaga gold earrings latest designs- pearl dangles or heart-shaped to name a few. The Sui Dhaga gold earrings new design can be shopped online or in-store with us. 

Modern Sui Dhaga gold earrings designs take a number of forms off which florals are the most common ones. One cannot help but agree that Sui Dhaga Earrings designs are versatile, magical, and powerfully simple, this makes them stand out from gold Chnadbali earrings which are heavy, broad, design centric. Not just Chandbalis but a Sui Dhaga earrings gold design is unique and comes with nothing close to gold hanging earrings too. 

When you choose to buy this lightweight beauty, you will be surprised at the price tag the simple gold Sui Dhaga earrings come at. Their affordability is another aspect that makes them an ultimate choice for gifting too. Sui Dhaga gold earrings latest design also includes gemstone variations, that can be matched with your favorite attire and favorite color too. Sui Dhaga earring gold design with price can no be explored online at Vaibhav Jewellers. You will be simply awed at the design range and price.

Simple Gold Sui Dhaga Earring Designs  

Simple Sui Dhaga earrings are made in plain gold, lightweight, and very chic they ooze out beauty. Simple gold Sui Dhaga earrings are very affordable and come in lower weight ranges. Simple Sui Dhaga gold earrings also come in various purity, gold tones, and price ranges making them a sought-after choice for millennial women. Unlike other earrings, they are not complex in design or workmanship. This makes them a very simple adornment.

Fancy Sui Dhaga Earring

At Vaibhav, you can also find fancy Sui Dhaga gold earring designs. Given the popularity, you can find a wide range of fancy Sui Dhaga earrings with us both online and in-store. The fancy Sui Dhanga earrings include subtle variations from the usual one, not in the model but design exceptions with a pearl or a golden orb dangle, a mix of beads, hearts, or any other abstract designs. The Fancy Sui Dhaga earrings designs are also categorized under the bohemian style. 

List of Popular Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings @ Vaibhav Jewellers 

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

14K Gold Floral Suidhaga Earrings 485DA423


7500 To 17500

14K Gold Floral Suidhaga Earrings 485DA410


7500 To 17500

14K Gold Floral Suidhaga Earrings 485DA426


7500 To 17500

14K Gold Floral Suidhaga Earrings 485DA420


7500 To 17500

14K Yellow Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings 485DA383


7500 To 17500

 Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings Price and Weight

The simplicity and subtle design of the Sui Dhaga gold earrings make them a very cost-effective option. You can in fact think of gifting them too to your loved ones. You can browse through a wider range of Sui Dhaga earring gold designs with price. Sui Dhaga gold earring designs with price and weight can be viewed and purchased online. They start from INR 9,000 for a 1.65gms piece. Gold Sui Dhaga earrings with price can also be custom made.

A simple search for “Sui Dhaga earrings design gold”  will leave you with plenty of designs that are truly refreshing to shop from. Sui Dhaga earrings latest design can now be browsed for at Vaibhav Jewellers. Like the gold Jhumka earring, a simple Sui Dhaga earrings design remains the same, all that changes are the different studs that they come in. This stud can be floral-inspired, a geometric shape, a diamond by itself, or a simple golden orb. Your search for Sui Dhaga earrings design in gold will leave you with umpteen styles that you can choose from. While some Sui Dhaga’s are short some are longer. But, all of them come in ultra lightweights making them pocket-friendly. 

Gold Sui Dhaga Model and Catalogue

Something bright and beautiful caught your eye online, you can bring us the Sui Dhaga gold earrings design images and place your order to be customized as per your taste and preference. Sui Dhaga earrings image would be all we need to start customizing it for you. Numerous Sui Dhaga gold earrings images can now be browsed online too that can be easily personalized.

Sui Dhage wale earrings are the popular search term that most women use while looking up the most chic earrings of the current times. Sui Dora is another popular name for them. Whatever they call Sui dora earrings gold are here to stay for a long time in fashion alluring millennial women with their simplicity. Unlike gold drop earrings which vary in weight, design, and length, the Sui Dhaga earrings are well anchored in terms of weight or height. 

Gold Sui Dhaga Collection by Vaibhav Jewellers 

Simple floral imprints to peacock designs, from nature, inspired models to graceful designs- At Vaibhav, you can shop every type of Sui Dhaga earring designs online such as the lightweight model or the heavy gemstone studded or pearl dangled Sui Dhaga earrings. We also find limited edition pieces in stone and diamond-studding Sui Dhaga earrings in gold with the assurance of free domestic shipping, purity, quality, and BIS hallmark. You can also book a video call slot to view the Sui Dhaga gold earrings new designs.

Didn’t like any earring Sui Dhaga designs then no worries we have you covered, you can now order in a few simple steps. Log on to www.vaibhavjewellers.com, place your request for custom made earrings gold Sui Dhaga, our Jewellery experts will reach you to understand the design, they will provide you with an estimation of the selected Sui Dhaga earrings with weight and price. You can then pay and place an order to get it delivered to your doorstep. At Vaibhav, you will be welcomed with a broad array of earrings – gold hoop earrings, gold dangle earrings in different workmanship such as temple, antique, Pachi etc. 

We carry a legacy of 25years in the Jewellery industry and this clearly reflects in our designs and service quality. You can also book a private viewing session with us for bridal purchases at the store or simply sit together at the comfort of your house for a state-of-the-art HD video call to view your favorite Jewellery microscopically.  Our highly learned Jewellery experts are always at the forefront in enriching offering the best customer experience.


Frequently Asked Question

1. What are Sui Dhaga gold earrings?

Sui Dhaga earrings are lightweight long ear ornaments that hang like a fountain of gold. These earrings are suitable for persons with several piercings.

2. What is the ideal price to buy Sui Dhaga gold earrings?

From 0- ₹100,000 and higher, Vaibhav Jewellers has Sui Dhaga earrings in both 14k and 18k gold purity.

3. What is the suitable weight and quality to buy Sui Dhaga gold earrings?

Sui Dhaga earrings with a BIS quality mark are available in our inventory ranging in weight from 0 to 5 grams.

4. In How many sizes Sui Dhaga gold earrings are made?

There is only a specific size available for the Sui Dhaga earring that is small and sits perfectly on your earlobe. For bespoke designs, you can go for slightly larger pieces.

5. How much are Sui Dhaga earrings?

At Vaibhav Jewellers, you can purchase a lovely set of Sui Dhaga stud earrings in 14k and 18k gold for 0- ₹100,000 and above.

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