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Gold Rings for Women

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Gold Ring  - Incorporating Symbolism and Cultural Influences

Being a quintessential part of women’s jewellery, rings made in gold are a part of most jewellery boxes. Rings, especially gold rings, not only amplify the overall look and style quotient but also hold a hugely significant impact on Indian traditions. The accessory is one of the most common ones among Indian women as they are also symbolic of tradition, prosperity, auspiciousness, and status. Gold ring options are plenty as jewellery designers understand the meaning and value they capture.

The deep-rooted cultural significance drives purchasing different gold ring design options for multiple women. They are also exchanged during weddings as a vow of the everlasting love and commitment of the couple. Rings in gold are available in different designs and styles that encompass variations in modern and traditional women’s tastes. Choosing a gold ring for women is now easy with designs like simple plain bands, heavy gold-plated work, temple styles, gemstone-studded ring options, etc.

Not only for special occasions but choosing a plain gold ring to pair with daily outfits is also something that has taken over the fashion trends. A simple yet sure-shot way to enhance the daily look is possible with versatile yet stylish gold rings available with us today. Check the purity of any gold finger ring for women to ensure the authenticity of the purchase. Customize gold jewellery by pairing gold rings with a gold necklace to complete the set. Minimalistic options can be worn daily while the heavier versions of the set can be paired together on certain special occasions.

Choose from a Variety of Gold Ring Designs for Women

Get the best gold ring design options with a variety that will leave every onlooker mesmerized – this is the hallmark of our collection. Fresh, new, and exclusive pieces that suit different needs and cater to the tastes of today’s women are what we have to offer. Choose from designs that are heavy or lightweight, intricate or minimalistic, traditional or contemporary - to match the occasion.

Gold ring design for female collection are varied and splendid.

  • Colored enamel – Find thin and thick gold ring bands embedded with colored enamel that can bring out the quirky side in any woman.
  • Motifs – Gold ring designs for women decorated with floral and other motifs are some of the most popular options for ages.
  • Stone studded – Check out this variety of gold ring design with price and weight for traditional occasions and bring out the best

Select the best pieces from our beautifully wide assortment

Unlike the olden days where gold rings were of standard formats, today we have numerous designs and categories based on the occasion, personal taste, festivals, family events and a lot of other get together. The choice of a finger-ring, the finger where one adorns it, etc speak a lot about our persona. Here are some of the categories of different rings.

Gold Stone Rings Designs

Stone rings are primarily worn to beat the polarities of life. Gold rings with stones are recommended by a gemologist instead of one’s date of birth and star of birth. The most common of these are the ruby stone ring and the emerald rings. If you are confused about which of these stone ring suits you the best, logon on to Vaibhav Jewellers online, you can now take away a free gemological consultation at absolutely no additional cost.

Cocktail Ring Designs

These rings are sheer party wear and offer an ounce of a quirky element to our dressing. They are very uniquely designed and stand out of the league. Explore the oceanic cube diamond ring, Trigon Diamond ring, and other similar cocktail rings on our online portal.

Wedding Gold Ring Designs

Oversized wedding rings are the new norm in marriages and other family celebrations. Wedding gold rings are big, come in very contemporary designs so that you can wear them to a cocktail party too. The compelling size of the ring is sure to steal all the attention and charm plus they blend well with the heavy sparkly wedding lehangas and sarees too. You can now explore gold couple ring designs online at Vaibhav Jewellers.

Double Finger Rings Designs

The latest ladies gold ring design fad among the millennial women, they are designed so eloquently and trendy that one look at them would tempt you to own them. Shop the “Infinity Tangent Ring” which is a classic double finger ring.

Religious Rings Designs

Bringing out your religious affiliations on to your fingers, these rings are made in the backdrop of gods and goddesses. Typically they consist of a cross, Sai Baba, Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi Devi, or other similar religious emblems.

Lucky Charm Rings Designs

The lucky charm rings are considered to bring in good luck and fortune. The famous ones are the Navratna rings, Elephant hair rings, and gemstone rings. These lucky charms depend on the birth star and the Zodiac signs and at Vaibhav you can also get a free gemological review of the matching birthstones that suit your Zodiac sign.

Couple Ring Designs

The concept of engagement rings has changed in the recent past, apart from the couple bands, couple mix, and match rings, a typical engagement couple rings in gold are from the olden days i.e. the Vanki model or an inverted “V” shaped rings with a petite hallow gold ball hanging to it. The contemporary couple ring design is way different, there are several couple rings online that truly symbolizes the bond.

Alphabet Rings Designs

The Alphabet rings are very popular amongst teenagers who like to flaunt their favourite alphabets which are mostly the first alphabet of their name.

Stackable Rings Designs

Ring designs for women have undergone a sea of change. A classic example of this is the stackable ring. Make a statement by stacking up, here is the tip. Place all the plain variations of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold rings to make a jaw-dropping combination. Stackable rings can now be bought online with us.

Modern Gold Ring Available at Vaibhav Jewellers

If you're looking for the most fabulous gold ring for yourself, there are several facts you should be aware of. Shopping for a gold ring for women requires extra attention. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we put the utmost importance on the craftsmanship and design of our rings. We've also taken care of the price of the gold rings. So, you need not have to worry about a thing.

From ready-to-wear to custom-made products, we've got you covered. Assume you wish to engrave your initials on the rings and other distinctive parts. We will handle everything. Shop for gold rings for ladies at Vaibhav Jeweller and select from a variety of styles in white, yellow, or rose gold ring.

Simple Gold Ring

At Vaibhav Jewellers, you can choose from an array of simple gold rings.  They are ideal for gifting because they are affordable. Simple gold ring designs are easy to match with almost all of your outfits. Numerous gold ring designs are available in a range of weights, patterns, sizes, and forms. Wear your simple ring with gold earrings and be the talk of the party.

Rose Gold Ring

Rose gold rings for women have an ethereal, calming, and sparkling quality that is hard to describe. They are well-known in Western nations, and they are quickly gaining popularity in India as well. Rose gold ring is a popular choice among millennials who appreciate minimalistic design components and straightforward aesthetics. It is known for its gentle nature and brilliance.

Dual Tone Gold Ring

Thanks to the contrast between white and yellow gold, dual-tone rings are a jewellery lover's dream come true. They come in both men's and women's ring styles. The abstract patterns of these two-tone rings make them stand out from the crowd. A set of gold bangles will match well with your ring and make you the highlight of any celebration.

White Gold Ring

The white gold rings are yet another popular option to choose from. They are becoming increasingly popular as gold wedding bands. They are a close match for platinum rings, and diamonds are an excellent choice as a mate for white gold rings. In most cases, a white gold ring is studded with diamonds, making it both sophisticated and gorgeous. 

Couple Gold Ring

Couple gold ring as a subgenre has witnessed significant expansion. Couple rings are perfect for newlyweds or anyone commemorating an important life event. You can find some of the most incredible new couple rings gold at Vaibhav Jewellers. Our gold rings can be designed with platinum, gold, and white gold. Make your wedding appearance even more stunning by wearing a gold mangalsutra with your engagement ring. 

With the jewellery market's fast expansion, everything is feasible nowadays. We are confident that our products are of the highest quality and promptly meet our customers' needs.

Check Out the Latest Designer Gold Ring at Vaibhav Jewellers

Gold ring design at Vaibhav Jewellers is something that will awe you and your loved ones. The vast range is sure to lure you, if you are a working woman try our bespoke white gold ring designs that allure you with their matte finish and low key brilliance. 

For someone who is in search of a perfect gift for their teenage daughter or niece then the gold ring designs for girls are sure to sweep you off. Coming in different purities, sizes, minimalist designs, and varying weight ranges they are all you can ask for affordable, beautiful, attractive, and to top it all coming at a great price.

For the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be’s do not miss to preview the couple ring designs in gold, you are sure to fall head over heels for the simplicity of these rings. Concept-based engagement ring gold designs are also available, for those of you who wish to customize a design with an eternal bond concept, adding a new meaning altogether to your rings.  The resulting new gold ring design will not just be meaningful but unique, versatile, and very personal.

Vaibhav Jewellers vast range also lets you explore not just the usual ring designs in gold for females but gold ring designs for a male too. Apart from that our trained Jewellery experts can also help you to mix and match your existing Jewellery. For example, if you have a choker design they can help you find the perfect pair of earrings and ring for the same.

Gold rings are very ideal for gifting as they can be selected from a wide range. Simple gold ring designs are often pocket friendly, appealing as gold is a precious metal and there is no better way to show your affection. There are lakhs of gold ring designs from where one can choose to buy. Gold rings are also apt for gifting as one would find a wide variety of rings in all sizes, price ranges, and weight ranges making the most promising gift for your loved ones.

Explore Gold Rings for Women with Price Range

Have you ever noticed yourself those shining, chic, charming gold rings worn by ladies at receptions, functions, and weddings? Such stunning jewellery is more than enough to turn heads! 

Gold ring price may vary, depending on the weight of the gold used. Regardless of your budget, we will give you the most elegant gold ring to rock the show. Check out our different categories of gold rings with price. 

List of Popular Gold Rings @ Vaibhav Jewellers  

Product Name

Weight Range

Price Range

22k Love Light Couple Gold Rings

2gms to 20gms

5000 To 130000

22K Smooth & Silky Gold Ring

2gms to 20gms

5000 To 130000

Mr & Mrs Couple Rings

2gms to 20gms

5000 To 130000

14k Gold Ladies Ring

2gms to 20gms

5000 To 130000

22k Gleaming Infinity Gold Ring

2gms to 20gms

5000 To 130000


Below 10,000

Vaibhav Jewellers 14k Gold Ladies Ring series is a smart buy for people looking for a gold ring price below Rs 6000. Since precious stones turn costly, we have used shiny and coloured gemstones to make these gold rings for girls reasonably affordable. 

Price Range from 10,000 to 20,000

This is the right option if you look for gold rings for women with a price that doesn't leave a hole in your pocket. Although worn on any finger, these studded or embossed rings can serve as an affordable ring that will survive the sands of time.

Price Range from 20,000 to 50,000

Break news of your engagement to the world in a family get-together or grand engagement party event with a pair of stunning gold rings for a couple. We have some gold couple rings for engagement with prices ranging between Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000. The Team up Couple Rings, Raja- Rani Couple Rings, The Olive Connection Couple Ring, and The Eternal Connection Gold Rings are a few names from the list.

Price Range from 50,000 to 70,000

The couple rings gold design with a price ranging between Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000 has a few impressive pieces to flaunt your stylish individuality on your D-day. To jazz up your look, wear a pair of exotic gold bangles.

Price Range from 70,000 & above

22k Solitaire Love Gold Bands by Vaibhav Jewellers are designed for solitaire lovers. Significantly different from the other couple's rings, these rings have become a fashion staple for prospective couples.

Explore Gold Rings for Women with Weight Range 

A perfect gold ring instantly adds to the style and makes one stand out from the crowd. Gold rings for women are in no way of a lesser class than jewellery made of precious stones. We have our gold rings categorized as per their weight.

0 to 2 grams

A 2-gram gold ring price is always reasonable. You can buy these fashionable rings for next to nothing. 14k Cubic Zirconia Floral Ring, 14k Cubic Zirconia Butterfly ring, 22k Swirly Stream Gold Ring are a few eye-catching models in this collection. Flip through our 2-gram gold ring price for girls section to pick up your gold ring.

2 to 5 grams

Slender and sleek cannot be defined well than this. A 5-gram gold ring price in India may vary from time to time, depending on the fluctuation of the gold rate. We have over 100+ pieces within this weight range. 22K Gleaming Infinity Gold Ring, 22k Pyramid Gold Band, and 22k Casting Gold Ring for Men 5-gram gold ring price category, worth a mention.

5 to 10 grams

The heavier the weight, the bigger the price! These gold rings take ordinary accessories to the next level, with stylish studded architectural structures and unique intricate designs. The Tangent Couple Rings, 22K Antique Couple Ring, and 22K Starry Affair CZ gold Ring; are some unusual pieces from this specific weight level.

10 to 20 grams

These are the true head-turners. The style and design are distinctive enough to pull all the attention at any celebration. Designed specifically for couples, these high jewellery pieces are perfect for ceremonies like engagements, weddings, or anniversaries. These exotic gold rings promise a timeless tie. The Buckle Beauty Gold Bands, Evergreen Couple Band, 22K Solitaire Love Gold Bands are displayed below the 10 to 20 grams weight range.

Customize your Gold Rings Online

Liked a gold ring design online, get us the picture. We will draw an exact estimation of the gold ring price, weight, and design details to give you a fair price for your treasure. There are several beautiful rings for women that you can browse online at Vaibhav Jewellers too. You can also customize any of these products as per your choice. You can request your gold finger ring to be made in white, rose or yellow gold with a preferred stone setting and different diamond clarity too. The choice is unlimited, reach us now to find out more about customizations.

Buy Gold Ring at Vaibhav Jewellers

Any piece from our gold ring for women is handcrafted for perfection by professional jewellers at Vaibhav Jewellers. We ensure that regardless of who you want a gold ring for, the ring will be the best for your needs, whether an engagement or for a gift. Here are more advantages you get by shopping with Vaibhav Jewellers.

Live Video Shopping

Shopping for gold engagement rings for women is tricky as you may need the perfect ring, yet pictures don't show you how it would look physically. To see the real deal without needing to go outside, use our live video shopping feature. When you opt-in, you are connected to an employee who can compare sizes of our gold wedding rings for women for you.

EMI Facility

If you need a ring urgently yet can't afford it on one go, our EMI Facility can be a go-to for you. By accepting some terms and conditions, we will divide the price of the ring into monthly payments.

Exchange Policy

Our Exchange Policy makes sure you get your money's worth without spending an extra dime. If you have old jewellery you don't find yourself needing anymore, replace it with newer jewellery. We accept all brands of jewellery.

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What is the ideal price to buy gold rings?

At Vaibhav Jewellers, you can get a gorgeous gold ring by spending only a few thousand. Our range is categorised in two price points: 0 to ₹100,000 and over ₹100,000.

What is the suitable weight and quality for buying gold rings?

From 0 to 2 grams, 2 to 5 grams, 5 to 10 grams, and 10 to 20 grams are the best options available at Vaibhav Jewellers for weight for gold rings. Check the BIS-certified hallmark for the quality of your ring.

In how many sizes are gold rings made?

For women, we have gold rings of about 8 to 15 as their fingers tend to be smaller in diameter. For men, bigger sizes of 18 to 24 are available.

What is the cost of a 3-gram gold ring?

The price range for a 3-gram gold ring starts from ₹17,000 (approx).

What is the price of a 5-gram gold ring?

The price range for a 5-gram gold ring may start from ₹35,000 (approx).

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