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Gold Jhumkas Earrings Online
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Gold Jhumka (Buttalu) Earrings Online

Gold Jhumkas has fascinated Indian women since times unknown; the concept was initially borrowed from the dome shape of the Indian architecture or the sanctum sanctorum of temples. The Jhumka earrings in gold have always been a complementing style on traditional wear and every other Indian wear too. With time several gold Jhumka designs came up. Each gold Jhumka design is different from one another, each having a charm of its own. You can also search for gold Jhumka online to view different styles and stone combinations. Before buying a pair of Jhumka one can browse for “gold Jhumka online” to get insights on weight ranges, price, and sizes. 

All the above Jhumka designs can be explored online under the Jhumka earrings section, you can also filter from the gold earrings too. The gold Jhumka design varies with price and weight.  Unlike the gold stud earrings, the gold Jhumkas are usually available in higher weight ranges. You can also request to customize them with a choice of your design. Reach our Jewellery experts to share your design, and weight specifications, once you receive an estimation, you can place an order and receive your coveted piece just in time for your celebrations.

Gold Jhumka Earrings Designs

With the changing times, gold earrings Jhumka designs too changed. Gold Jhumka's design in terms of shape remained the same, what really transformed were the various editions, use of gemstones, patterns, dangles, imparting of multi-use designs, etc adding a splash of freshness. Antique Jhumka designs in gold have started to come up. Gold earrings Jhumka designs also include the temple, Polki, and Kundan-inspired patterns. 

Gold Jhumka earrings are an age-old fashion that finds relevance even in today's treasure chest. Jhumka earrings in gold can also be categorized as fancy Jhumka earrings gold and traditional gold earrings Jhumka design. You can browse through gold Jhumka design pictures with price online at Vaibhav. The gold Jhumka price can also be viewed alongside. Similarly, you can view gold chandbali earrings and gold hanging earrings by using the filters.

Bridal Jhumka Earrings

At Vaibhav, you can find an array of bridal antique Jhumka designs in gold. The bridal Jewellery is often design populated, and heavy. Considering the grand occasion heavy bridal Jhumka gold is made. The bridal gold Jhumka designs can be customized.

Traditional Jhumka Earrings

Traditional Jhumka designs in gold are a common sight to see. At Vaibhav, the traditional Jhumka designs in gold are fused with a touch of modernity allowing to wear them for every small occasion. Additional Traditional gold earrings Jhumka designs can also be requested through our Jewellery experts. Given the designs, the traditional gold Jhumkas come at a higher price and weight range. 

Antique Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas made with an oxidized coating give a relic look, they are often termed Antique gold Jhumkas. You can find several antique Jhumka designs in gold with us at varying prices and weight ranges giving you the flexibility to choose better. Traditional antique Jhumka designs in gold give a stunning look on silk sarees, Kanjeevarams, Anarkalis, and every other Indian wear.

Small Gold Jhumka Earrings

The small gold Jhumka designs can be used as daily wear. They are lightweight, affordable, and effortless to wear. Small Jhumka gold earrings also come in a variety of designs, gemstones, or pure gold too. The small gold Jhumka designs can be worn by girls, teenagers, and women of all age groups.

Big Gold Jhumka Earrings

Big Jhumkas in gold is heavy in terms of weight and height too; they give fluidity and volume on an overall basis. Gold big Jhumka designs are crafted in such a way that they can be used as standalone pieces without any other accessories such as a necklace or a chain etc. gold big Jhumka designs go well on Lehengas, Gagras, heavy Anarkalis, and fusion wear.

Gold Jhumka Earrings Price and Weight

At Vaibhav, you can view gold Jhumka designs with weight and price. A detailed product breaks up with making charges, stone/diamond price and gold can be seen. Gold Jhumka's price varies with craftsmanship, weight, and kind of stones (if any). You can find beautiful designs of gold Jhumkas with price, you can reach our Jewellery experts to know more details on the workmanship, any other related product information and to know any existing offers and discounts. Gold Jhumka price starts from INR 13,000 for a simple gold Jhumka in 2.24gms.

Bridal gold Jhumka designs in comparison to regular gold Jhumka earrings are more design populated, heavy, and come in a lot of variations too. It is true that nothing can bet the grace of a South Indian gold Jhumka design but another earring model that can lend equal glamour are the gold Sui Dhaga earrings. Now, browse through the latest Jhumka design or another type of earrings online with ease. Not just that you can also try our virtual try-on feature to style it.

Gold Jhumka Earrings Models Catalogue

You can now request our Jewellery experts for additional gold Jhumka designs as per your taste and preference. The latest gold Jhumka designs can now be mailed giving you all the product information. All the gold Jhumka images contain the approx weight and price; they can also be customized or made to order as per the availability. 

View an array of Jhumka designs from the catalog or if you have a model of Jhumka earrings, you can request to get the gold Jhumka design replicated by placing an order. Our karigars would deliver them in a record time with a precision design as per your taste and preference.  You can also order gold drop earrings or any other kind of earrings of your choice.

Gold Jhumka Earring Collection by Vaibhav Jewellers

Latest gold Jhumkas online are now available on our portal, from Simple floral designs to gemstones Jhumkas, from Antique craftsmanship to temple classics- At Vaibhav,  you can shop every type of gold Jhumkas designs online with the assurance of free domestic shipping, purity, quality and BIS hallmark. Not just Jhumka earrings in gold but we have an alluring range of gold hoop earrings and gold dangle earrings for every age group. From kids to teenagers, from working women to elderly women- the assortment of earrings at Vaibhav is endless.

At Vaibhav you can shop from a range of gold, diamond, and silver Jewellery- marriages or milestones of life, gifting a newborn, or celebrating a festival, choose Vaibhav for the wide range of distinguished designs, and wholesome customer service.

With our latest Live video shopping feature, you can stay rest assured to shop online yet get the touch and feel of the designs closely. Our Jewellery experts will take you through a selection of items for you to preview. See them intricately to get a glimpse of detail.

We carry a legacy of 25years in the Jewellery industry and this reflects in our designs and service quality. Our highly learned Jewellery experts are always at the forefront in enriching offering the best customer experience.

Frequently Asked Question

What is gold jhumka?

Gold Jhumka is a traditional style earring model with an inverted dome-shaped motif attached to an ear stud. There are a variety of designs the dome is recreated in, it is one of the most traditional earring adornments used by Indian women. Gold Jhumkas come in a variety of combinations; they are complimented on Kanjeevaram sarees, Indian dresses, Lehengas, and a host of other traditional Indian wear.

Which are the best south indian bridal gold jhumka designs?

South Indian bridal Jhumkas are heavy and design populated, they are either plain with floral motifs or studded in precious Rubies and emeralds with a pearl dangle. They often come in higher weight ranges; some come in double Jhumka models while some in triple. The bridal Jhumkas also come in detachable models separating Jhumka with the stud, the Jhumka can also be replaceable with a matching Jhumka. Bridal Jhumkas come in several models, for example, the temple Jhumka comes in a cage style with a golden orb dangle, some of the models come studded in CZs, while some others come in ruby and emerald pota dangles.

What is the ideal price to buy gold jhumka?

Small Jhumka models start from as low as INR 10,000 and go above 1lakh depending on the weight, stone usage, design, metal rate, and purity.

Best suitable weight and carat to buy gold jhumka?

Gold Jhumkas ideally come in 22KT and 18KT purity; while some like 22KT for its purity some others find 18KT a catch for its price. So, you can strike a balance based on your taste and preference. A gold Jhumka can be bought from weights higher than 5gms.

What is the difference between gold jhumka and gold chandbali earrings?

The major difference lies in design, while a Jhumka is in a dome shape, Chandbalis are in the form of a crescent moon. Both are highly traditional and reflect Indian culture. Both are equally sought after by women of all age groups. Given their popularity both Jhumkas and Chandbalis are preferred bridal wear too.