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Latest Gold Rings For Men Online

It is an open secret that men have very limited choices with Jewellery or for that case, each one of us is left with very limited and only a handful of options to choose from. One lasting choice that we all have to gift and to make that signature mark is through men’s fine Jewellery. Out of the restricted choices that they have, a gold ring for men is an ideal way to pamper them.

Shop Different Gold Men Rings at Vaibhav Jewellers

Normally, we have seen that men don’t prefer gaudy jewellery. Even if they wear some ornaments, that has to be very specific to their style statement. 

At Vaibhav Jewellers, we have amassed hand-picked Gold men ring designs with utmost care. We did this to provide you with the best of both worlds, simplicity with a dab of sophistication. Gent's gold ring, in the olden days, was used to be bland in style. This notion has changed in recent years with the onset of different fabulous designs in men's gold band rings. 

However, for those who still prefer non-blingy adornment, we have a simple gold ring for the men segment. It has been an age-old notion to exchange gold rings to culminate an engagement ritual. So, for those grooms, we have engagement men’s ring designs in gold. 

We at Vaibhav Jewellers, uphold your trust in us for all these years. To strengthen that bond, we have brought to you one of the best 22k gold rings for men at an unbelievable price. Yes, we are proud to present to you gold rings for men at budget. 

We all are going through tough times because of this pandemic where even if we wanted some lavish arrangements but we are still compromising in some. With us, it always is a hassle-free experience because all our stores have pre-stamped gold men ring price to eliminate any form of ambiguity. Make it a perfect wedding gift by adding a stunning gold mangalsutra to your favorite gold ring design for males in the upcoming wedding season.

Types of Gold Ring for Men Designs

Plain gold ring:

A plain gold ring is a simplistic men's ring design that is an affordable and savvy option to gift men and to adorn as well. Coming in smaller weight ranges, these rings are pocket-friendly and serve as a great gifting choice. They are the right choice to match with a minimalistically designed men's bracelet or plain gold Kada.

Rings with Stone Settings:

Having talked about different types of gemstone settings, a gemstone studded men's ring is worn by many to fight the polarities of life and to bring in good luck. We at Vaibhav Jewellers offer a free gemological review where you can now find out the gemstone that suits your zodiac sign, they would also suggest your birthstones here on request.

Multi-Gemstone rings:

These are the famous Navratnas which are famously designed for only men by some Jewellers; however, we offer a range of Navratna rings for both men and woman. The typical men's ring style is a square-cut ring, studded with nine gemstones called as Navratnas.

Two-Tone Rings:

The two-tone rings are famous as men's engagement rings. They are plain and sophisticated with a dash of yellow and white tones that make these selections of rings very understated yet remarkable.

Platinum rings:

Platinum bands are special category men's rings are out of the league. They are very simple, rich and aesthetic by the look and feel. We treat the platinum bands are also as a lasting promise of your bond with special ones. Apt as engagement rings and wedding rings platinum rings are a fad in today’s times. These are undoubtedly the best rings for men that one can choose.

Religious Rings:

These rings hold deity in a golden entanglement. Unlike woman's rings, the men's religious rings are strong coming in higher weight and price ranges. Few examples of typical religious rings found at Vaibhav Jewellers are - Lord Balaji ring, Sai Baba ring, The Om ring, Trishul ring, Hanuman ring, the very famous Govind Rajulu ring etc.

Couple Rings:

This category of rings is fast catching among the millennial crowd. They are ideal as anniversary gifts, engagement rings and as gifts on milestone celebrations. The couple bands come in a set each complementing the other, the Men's band rings are definitely sturdy when compared to their female counterparts; they can either be the latest diamond ring design or a plain gold band.

Select different Men's Gold Ring by Weight

With men getting extremely adventurous about fashion, now there is a huge challenge for the Jewellers.  Similar to women, even some men have an obsession with finger rings.  So, we at Vaibhav Jewellers offer premium quality men's gold rings to complement their formal as well as a casual look. 

Few options are:

2 Gram gold ring for Men's: Our 2-gram gold ring for the men's section brims with an array of gents anguthi to impress the masses with your unique vogue.

3 Gram gold ring for Men's: Lightweight gold ring models for men have always been a craze in office goers. Pick out the ultimate gift from a 3-gram gold ring for the men's collection and set your loved ones aside by presenting them with a lightweight yet trendy ring.

4 Gram gold ring for Men's: Gents anguthi designs are best sorted out if the weight that you choose is right. And our 4-gram gold ring for the men's category gives you the biggest arena in the gents gold ring section. It has always been the most sought-after weight category for all. 

5 Gram gold ring for Men's: This 5-gram gold ring for the men's category has the best specifications that one can want from a ring. We have gem-studded options for the more swanky-loving individuals. Likewise, the two-tone simple gents gold ring design is for people who love to maintain lowkey. 

While you are spending time in our stores or our website for gold ring models for gents, we solemnly urge you to visit the gold pendants section too. Here you can get a matching pendant set for your bae too.

Men's Gold Ring Collections at Vaibhav

At Vaibhav Jewellers we have a varied collection of men's ring designs in gold, platinum, and in dual-tone too.

Solitaire Gold Ring:

Certified solitaire men's rings are a beauty to own. They offer a style statement, unlike women's rings, these rings are masculine in their very appearance. Rigid and rough, they come in varying sizes and weights. But definitely much heavier than their female counterparts.

Navratna Gold Ring:

Navratna rings were once supposed to be men's exclusive rings, however, at Vaibhav Jewellers you can pair the men's Navaratna ring with a women Navratna ring collection.

Simple Gold Bands:

Gold is often a mode of self-expression. The simple in design, the elegant and the Jewellery. This statement holds true irrespective of men and women Jewellery. For those who love simplicity, these men's gold wedding rings have a lot to offer.

Gents Gold Ring Price Range

The price of Men's gold rings largely depends on size than design, as men's rings are always simple in design. One can easily say that they are not design-centric, unlike woman's rings. You cannot find an entire section of cocktail rings as you find under the women category. Though adornment is largely a women's thing, at Vaibhav Jewellers we take equal care in bringing the best for our male clientele too. Having said this, men's rings start from 4-5 grams and go up to 10gms. The starting price range would be anywhere between INR 8000- 15000.

Buying Gold Ring for Men on EMI

Buying gold and diamond Jewellery on EMI just got simple. Vaibhav Jewellers offers all its customers easy installments on their Jewellery purchases with us. The EMIs are applicable to all studded gold and diamond Jewellery. Wedding Jewellery, Heavy items such as gold Haram designs coming in higher price ranges can now be easily converted to EMI with us. For more information reach our customer care @ +91 9174003000.

Why Choose Men's Gold Ring at Vaibhav Jewellers?

At Vaibhav you will be spoilt with choice, shop from a varied collection of Jewellery such as gold bracelets for men, women & kids, the latest gold earrings, harams, silver Jewellery, and diamonds. Take a look at all the latest Kadas, men's bracelets, and an array of men's gold chains online.

To make your gifting easy, we at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to our customers such as:

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You can also reach our customer care for customization, Jewellery cleaning services, sizing-related queries, old gold exchange, prevailing gold price, and all other shopping-related information.