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Daily Wear Chains

Rock it with a Dapper Daily Wear Gold Chain!

Every woman needs a few pieces of "everyday jewellery" that can be worn daily and go with different outfits. You can find a daily wear chain online with multiple meanings in the Vaibhav Jewellers collection. The intention is to accentuate your looks no matter where you are.

The karat level is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a women's gold chain. Indeed, when selecting something for everyday use, you'll want to choose an item that is both simple and something you genuinely love, as this will best serve to express your personal style. Plus, it should e sturdy enough to withstand the daily grind. Keeping all these points in mind, our pro team has created an incredible age- and profession-neutral range. From students to entrepreneurs, anyone can wear them without a second thought. 

Given the wide variety of options, narrowing your preferences to a single style can be challenging. And yet, you can rest assured that no matter your approach, we ensure that your daily wear lightweight gold chain will always look perfect on you.

Explore Simple Yet Elegant Daily Wear Gold Chain Collections at Vaibhav Jewellers

Is it possible to wear too much jewellery daily, 24/7? If you ask us, the answer is a resounding no; far too wide varieties of necklaces are available to serve as everyday baubles. If you're in the mood to update your jewellery box with some latest daily wear gold chain designs, we've rounded up some of the best options for you to peruse. 

Browse through them all and feel free to add any stops of interest you find along the way to your shopping cart. 

Daily Wear Gold Fancy Chain designs

Fancy chain design for regular wear might raise many eyebrows. However, it's not a myth. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we have taken an innovative approach to making things appealing through our fancy daily wear gold chain designs for ladies. The neckpieces are fashionable, but the cost is reasonable. The idea is to suit all pocket sizes and match all style statements. A woman's self-esteem can only benefit from wearing such stunning gold chain designs for daily wear, so don't save it for special events. Invest in one fancy piece of jewellery that you can wear proudly and make you shine like a star.

Daily Wear Gold Simple Chain Designs

A daily use simple gold chain design is the best in the workplace. The baubles are versatile enough to complement any ensemble and eye-catching enough to make a statement even with minimal configuration. Whether daily wear short chain designs or long ones, we have designed them all to complement more structured and solid-coloured ensembles. These pieces are perfect for your routine wardrobe.

Daily Wear Gold Rope Chain Designs

For everyday use, a gold rope chain is the best option. This style is stunning, both with and without a pendant. You can say it is one of the top contenders for female daily wear beautiful designer gold chain design. Gold rope chains are often layered with other necklaces and bracelets because they look great together and can withstand a lot of wear and tear while still looking stunning on their own.

Daily Wear Gold Thali Chain Models

Next on the list is daily wear trendy mugappu designs for thali chains. This Mangalsutra is perfect for the married or the soon-to-be-wed who wants something simple and comfortable to wear every day after the wedding. Since this is such a popular style, we stock identical diamond and gemstone thali chain versions.

In a nutshell, our classifications differ from the typical simple daily wear gold chain designs available in the market. Unbelievable? Why don't you try us?

Exquisite Long Daily Wear a Gold Chain

Our elegant long daily wear chain designs are a must-have in the current elongate neck adornment. In other words, they demonstrate how well-crafted simple gold chains can enhance your everyday look without much effort.

These pieces are usually longer than the regular pieces and, ideally, rest on your bust. Pair a long chain with a short pendant chain for a quick makeover from an office-goer to a party diva. If you are married, try wearing any daily wear trendy mugappu designs for thali chains in short length from our collection.

Daily Wear Gold Chain Designs for Office

Modern women like simple, elegant, and durable jewellery that they can wear both casually and to the office. There is no longer a preference for hefty designs because they don't function as workplace jewellery and don't match professional attire. So, instead of storing your jewelry in a bank locker, you can wear this fantastic selection of women's daily wear chain designs by Vaibhav Jewellers. 

You won't feel out of place if you choose one of our many workplace necklace variants. Wearing one of these necklaces would look great with your work attire and any of your more contemporary clothing. Your co-workers at your office will surely follow your lead and wear jewelry!

Check Out Daily Wear Gold Chain With Price

18k gold Daily Wear Chain price

18K gold has 18 parts pure gold mixed with six parts other metals. Expressed as a percentage, it is 75% pure gold. 18K gold possesses a gorgeous appearance, so it is ubiquitous and widely available in the world of daily wear chains. An 18K daily wear gold chains design with a price may vary from piece to piece depending on the weight, width, and complexity of the making process of the neckwear.

22k Gold Daily Wear Chains price

22K gold comprises 91.7% gold, and it is usually used in making conventional jewellery. We have 70+ designs of gold chains for women set in 22k metal purity. Likewise, we have a few stunning fancy gold chains for men within the ₹33,000 to ₹86,000 price range. You can also flip through our exquisite catalog of gold harams. They not only look astonishing but also highlight your outfits more appropriately.

24k Gold Daily Wear Chains price

The 100% pure gold daily wear chains is 24k, and it is also the most expensive one. However, due to its soft and pliable nature, it is not ideal for jewellery making.

With so many options around, now you decide which one you would like to go for.

List of Popular Dailywear Chains at Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

Simple Daily Wear Gold Chain

5gms - 50gms

₹40,000 To ₹2,25,000

Fancy Daily Wear Chain

5gms - 50gms

₹40,000 To ₹2,25,000

Plain Daily Wear Chain

5gms - 50gms

₹40,000 To ₹2,25,000

Gold Hand Made Daily Wear Chain

5gms - 50gms

₹40,000 To ₹2,25,000

Machine Made Gold Daily Wear Chain

5gms - 50gms

₹40,000 To ₹2,25,000


Choose from Daily Wear Gold Chain Designs with Weight!

5 grams Daily Wear Gold Chain

When we talk about daily use gold chain design with price and weight, 5 grams daily wear gold chain is the epitome of lightweight jewelry. Easy-to-wear and always beautiful, these designs are awe-inspiring. To jazz up your look, pick up a beautiful wrist piece from our collection of gold bracelets.

10 grams Daily Wear Gold Chain

10 grams is probably the best deal on a daily wear gold chain with a price that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. Pair them with a delicate or stylish pendant based on the chain's design and length.

15 grams Daily Wear Gold Chain

The 15-gram daily wear gold chains are one of the most in-demand styles available in the market. Their minimalistic but unusual designs make them a quirky addition to your jewelry box. Opt for a Plain Gold Handmade Chain and pair it with your business-casual outfit to create a dynamic look. There's not much difference between a 15 gram and a 16 gm gold daily wear chain design with price. So, you can pick anything that suits your fancy.

Why Choose Vaibhav Jewellers?

Brands such as Vaibhav Jewellers are customer-focused. Every business choice we make is made with your happiness in mind. Unique client happiness is our objective, from the tiniest details of jewellery creation to aid you after the transaction.

Many of you are reluctant to purchase in-store because of the pandemic. It's all right! And we recognize that it's hard to know how a daily wear chain will appear unless you put it on and see for yourself. Virtual Try-on and Video Shopping are two new services that allow you to visit our entire collection in virtual form. These features are now available on smartphones and other devices with a camera. While the former will enable you to style yourself remotely, the latter helps you pick up the right one with the help of a jewellery expert.

We have a wide variety of daily wear chains for ladies to choose from, whether you're searching for a basic chain for work or weekend getaways. You can wear them in various ways: stacked with other necklaces, worn alone, or as a layering piece. 

If you find the cost of any daily wear chain beyond budget, fret not! You can now pay for your gold chain in installments. We've got some great EMI plans that will make things a lot easier for you

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1. What are daily wear gold chains?

The sort of gold chain we wear every day is the daily wear gold chain. They're versatile and light. These daily wear patterns are pocket-friendly, so you may buy one or more as needed.

2. What is the ideal price to buy daily wear gold chains?

The theory is contingent on one's budget and needs. We have items priced between ₹10,000 to ₹100,000 and ₹100,000 to ₹200,000. Expenses exceed ₹200,000 if the design requires detailed work.

3. What is the suitable weight and quality to buy daily wear gold chains?

Vaibhav Jewellers sells gold chains ranging from 10-20 grams to 20-30 grams to 30-50 grams for daily use. Purchaser’s requirements might push the product over that weight range. To ensure the quality and authenticity of your chain, look for the BIS Hallmark.

4. In How many sizes of daily wear gold chains are made?

Daily wear gold chains are made both in short and long lengths. In the case of customization, the size is altered to a specific length as per the buyer's demand.

5. Which type of gold chain is good for daily use?

If you're looking for an everyday gold chain that won't break the bank, a 10 grams gold chain is definitely the best option.

6. Is it good to wear a gold chain daily?

Yes, you can if it is a sturdy piece because there are no significant health hazards to wearing a gold chain every day.

7. Where can I buy a daily wear gold chain near me?

Vaibhav Jewellers can be your one-stop destination for buying an authentic daily wear gold chain. Our designs are unique, and quality is certified with budget-worthy pricing.