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Buy Gold Thali Chain Online for South Indian Women

For a South Indian bride, a thali is the most precious piece of jewellery. It is the sacred gold thread that gives her the identity of a married woman. Thus, how important a gold thali chain is in a Telugu bride’s jewellery collection goes without saying.  If you want to buy a gold thali chain online, then do look at Vaibhav Jeweller’s collection of this revered neckwear. One gets an array of design options.

A thali chain in gold mostly dons traditional designs to brace the sentiment associated with it. However, that doesn’t restrict the creativity of our craftsmen and designers to go creative. For example, the Vaibhav Jewellers 18K Gold Studded Diamond Mopu Chain Pendant or the Vaibhav Jewellers 18K Gold Studded Pendant Mopu Chain take a modish take on the traditional neckwear. Such a thali gold chain is a perfect pick for any married woman or a bride-to-be. 

Apart from its cultural and religious significance, a thali has many other features associated with it. It is said that when the thali stays directly in contact with the woman’s body, it helps keep her BP in control. It is also a charm to ward off the evil eye. As you set out to buy a gold thali chain online, take a look at our gold bangles. The traditional designs for the latter are magnificent. Complete a simple jewellery collection just by adding gold earrings, too, and you are good to go.

Check out the Latest and Trending Thali Gold Chain Designs

With the changing taste of precious jewellery patrons, the jewellers and craftsmen are constantly moving to add newness to the designs. A thali chain is a typical traditional neck adornment for married women in southern India. It is going through a subtle transformation. Every now and then latest thali chain designs in gold are seen, and they look stunning. To observe such changes, check out the latest and trending thali gold chain designs at Vaibhav. 

Simple Thali Gold Chain

Vaibhav Jewellers has an array of gold thali chain designs for ladies. From bold and elaborate work to simple gold thali chain designs, it has it all. The latter primarily deals with the thali chain’s new design in gold. Buy a pair of traditional gold earrings such as an oversized jhumka, and you are good to go. 

Rapper Style Thali Gold Chain

Thali chain design in gold gives the designer a fair amount of freedom to explore their creativity. No wonder the gold bridal ornament market is abuzz with many new model gold thali chain designs. Even the rapper style thali gold chain is witnessing a fresh update in its design. 

Snake Style Thali Gold Chain

There are short thali chain designs in gold, a favourite among women who prefer it subtle. One of the ideal picks for new model gold thali chain designs can be snake style thali chains. This style allows the designer to play with creativity and create chic neck adornments. 

South Indian Thali Gold Chain

Thali chain is a must for any south Indian wedding. The Tamil gold thali chain designs are also known as thali or Thirumangalyam. Many women like the Mugappu thali chain gold design

Wedding gold thali chain designs

A Telugu wedding is impossible without a thali chain. Understanding our patrons’ taste, we have an impressive collection of wedding gold thali chain designs. Many brides also prefer to own gold mugappu designs for thali chains. 

Trending Thali Gold Chain Collections

Thali gold chain never goes out of fashion. Apart from the good old traditional designs, this integral part of a married woman’s jewellery treasure trove has also been adopting trendy looks. At Vaibhav Jewellers, the shopper gets to choose from its collection of a wide range of new model gold thali chain designs.

What are Mopu Thali Chains

Mopu thali chains are a must-have neck adornment for a Telugu bride and married woman. These sacred thread-like neckpieces come in a variety of gold thali chain models at Vaibhav Jewellers. Have a look at our segment that deals with the thali chain new model in gold

Plain Gold Mopu Thali Chain

A plain gold mopu thali chain is an ideal choice for those who like to stick to the basics. Look at Vaibhav Jeweller’s collection of thali chains in gold models

Pendant Mopu Thali Chains

Add to your trinket charm’s quotient by adorning your neck with a pendant mopu thali chain. Vaibhav Jewellers have crafted an array of gold thali chain models for women. One can choose an elaborate worked gold locket. For those who like to keep it simple, go with a minimalistic gold pendant

Studded Pendant Mopu Thali Chains

To take your ornament preference a notch up, studded pendant mopu thali chains are perfect. One can use it as a gold necklace. We have some of the artistically done thali chain gold models giving the buyer comprehensive options to select from.

Studded Diamond Mopu Thali Chain

Add dazzle to your bridal look by adorning a studded diamond mopu thali chain. Browse through the new model thali chain in the gold segment. There are a few pieces that can be a part of your diamond jewellery collection. Diamonds are used subtly in a few thali chain models in gold, and they exude a classy aura. 

Check Out Thali Gold Chain by Price & Weight

Buying precious jewellery becomes easy when details such as its quality, weight and cost are mentioned clearly. Vaibhav Jewellers has earned repute in this regard for its transparency. If you are searching for a thali chain with the wedding season, check out our thali gold chain by price and weight. 

18k gold Thali chain price

Those scouting for something at a lesser price look at our 18k gold thali chain designs with price. Settle for the Vaibhav Jewellers 18K Gold Studded Mopu Chain Pendant. It offers a chic and minimalistic look to the wearer and can be worn as a single neckpiece.

22k Gold Thali Chains price

Vaibhav lets its buyers make a prudent decision by displaying gold thali chain with a price. Thus, one can decide what to buy according to their budget. Select from our collection dealing with 916 gold thali chain designs with price

24k Gold Thali Chains price

Purity of gold matters. However, it might be news for many that 24k gold isn’t an ideal choice as the yellow metal becomes a delicate base. We would advise opting for a 22k gold thali chain instead. They can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. 

16gram Thali Gold Chain

At Vaibhav Jewellers, one has a wide range of 16-gram gold thali chain designs with price. These pieces are not too over-the-top yet have a personality of their own. 

24gram Thali Gold Chain

There is an impressive collection of 24gram gold thali chain designs with price details. They are an artistic display of the finest work by our craftsmen.  

40 gram Thali Gold Chain

For those who prefer heavier and chunkier neckpieces, Vaibhav’s 40-gram gold thali chain designs with a price worth browsing. Pair it with our gold bracelets for women, and you are sorted. 

Shop Beautiful Gold Thali Chain at Vaibhav Jewellers

Gold thali chain is forever for a south Indian bride. It holds a lot of significance for a married couple. Often shoppers are very particular about a few elements while shopping a gold thali chain to ensure it is auspicious and is crafted with due diligence. One is assured of the quality and purity of the thali gold chain at Vaibhav Jewellers. 

Apart from quality, the variety of designs available at Vaibhav is quite impressive. Keeping the traditional touch intact, artfully tweaking is done for a thali chain in gold.  And these ones exude a distinct charm. A few of them have tiny diamonds entwined in them, adding an extra dose of dazzle.  

What sets Vaibhav Jewellers apart from others is its commitment to maintaining transparency. Every gold thali chain is displayed with a detailed description of its weight and price per the gold rate. The karat is also clearly noted. It builds the trust factor among the consumers, and they feel safe.  

Vaibhav Jewellers has an easy EMI facility for those who find the price a little heavy on the pocket as a single transaction. It lets one the flexibility and ease. Thus, now you can get your gold chain on EMI instead of missing it out because of budget constraints.