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Gold Mangalsutra
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Choose Gold Mangalsutra Online at Vaibhav Jewellers

Gold Mangalsutras are often considered sacred for their dominant role in Indian women's life. It is rightly said no women can ever say no to a mangalsutra be it in simple black beads or superior gold mangalsutra design- she treats them all equally pious. Such is the importance of a mangalsutra in Indian households. At Vaibhav, you are sure to find the one that sweeps your loved one by awe. 

Thinking if Vaibhav has the latest mangalsutra designs only in gold, then no you can be surprised at the vast range of diamond mangalsutra designs too. If you are looking out for a gold chain mangalsutra model then you will be thrilled to see the refreshing range, not just that we can customize it to your heart full. Gold mangalsutra designs latest collection need not always be costly as you assume. Our authentic gold mangalsutra price range starts from as low as INR10,000.

Mangalsutra new design in gold includes simple gold pendant mangalsutras wherein you can style them with different gold pendants. Other latest gold mangalsutra with price can be simply viewed on our online portal, plus you have an option to filter them as per design, price, and weight too. The designs range from fancy office wear to long traditional mangalsutras, from short neck hugging necklace type to thick double-layered conventional one. So why wait? Shop now from our latest range in a few simple clicks and we will ship your coveted pieces right to your doorstep with free domestic shipping.

Gold Mangalsutra Designs

Mangalsutras come in a rich design culmination to a simple gold chain Mangalsutra, one can find hundreds of Mangalsutra design variations as you move from region to region. Out of these the latest Mangalsutra designs that are popular are as below:

Short Mangalsutra Designs:

The short Mangalsutra designs are highly popular among millennial brides. They are short and sit aptly on the neckline offering their grace on all attires- western or contemporary or fusion. A short Mangalsutra can be paired with gold haram designs to enhance your glam quotient and add a touch of a traditional vibe. The best suitable short mangalsutra new designs is a small mangalsutra design with simple designs crafted for our housewives.

Long Mangalsutra Designs:

The long mangalsutras offer the much-needed charm with Indian attires such as sarees. They go well with traditional attire. There are different Mangalsutra models that are available in the market each better than the other. Long Mangalsutras designs can be used as a second adornment with a gold necklace set.

Gold Mangalsutra Chain:

Mangalsutras in some regions of India specifically South India comprise of thick gold chain. The Mangalsutra chain is considered so sacred that after it is purchased there is a special pooja that is performed to behold the harmony of marriage. People also seek black beads chain as a daily jewellery.

Simple Mangalsutra Design:

Simple Mangalsutras are long, plain, and are a medley of gold and black beads chains. They are very apt over traditional attires and come at a very affordable price.


Black beads are famously called Nallapusalu in Southern India. They are styled in a variety of ways these days. Nallapusalu is only optional for a woman in South India as wearing the Mangalsutra gold chain is the custom that is followed. However, one trend that is seen growing across India is the wearing of a Nallapusalu Gold Mangalsutra pendant. This style was initiated by Bollywood actresses in recent years and has been fab since then.

Black beads Mangalsutra Design:

A pure black bead chain with a minimalist pendant hanging is something you can wear practically at all times, to all occasions big and small. If that pendant is a diamond pendant, then there will be no excuses to flaunt it. A black beads mangalsutra with a captivating pendant in gold or diamond is sure to turn eyes. One can mostly find leafy vines, abstract artwork, and intricate geometric designs shaping into beautiful pendants. Sometimes the traditional mangalsutra with black beads comes with two “sutras” as they call in Telugu making them trendy as well as conventional at the same time.

Gold Mangalsutra Pendants:

You have a pure black bead chain, then you can pick a detachable 22Kgold mangalsutra pendant to add beauty and grace to it. Purchasing a single mangalsutra chain in black beads and keeping a set of beautiful pendants in combinations of gemstones, diamonds, gold or a simple solitaire is a great way to build your precious treasure. This way you can add a pendant as per the choice of clothing, occasion, or simply your mood to pamper yourself with a signature style. Alternately, if a mangalsutra image caught your eye, bring it to us. We can have it redesigned and customized as per your preference.

Latest Mangalsutra Collection Online

Please ensure you are clear on buying a mangalsutra from any retail outlet or if you wish to custom make it. If you wish to custom make it, please ensure you have sufficient time for the delivery of the product.

Understanding the style of Mangalsutra is important, one has to understand what sort of designs should be worn for example Gujarati follows the custom of black bead Mangalsutra while Andhraites have a tradition of gold mangalsutra chain often called as Pusthulu or ThaliBottu.

It is important to understand the different kinds of patterns of chains. Care should be taken while selecting the design as some designs are trendy but not user-friendly, i.e. sometimes our hair tends to get stuck, so it is often advised to try and then purchase or choose a less complex pattern if you go online.

The next important point to consider is the length of the Mangalsutra or the black beads. They ideally come in 14, 16,18,20,22 and 32 inches. While you may get 14 inches short Mangalsutra design in black beads nallapusalu, such short length will not serve the purpose of a gold Mangalsutra.

Choosing a design, style, and pattern that suits your wardrobe is very important. For example, if you are used to a western outfit, wearing a 32-inch black bead chain would be futile. Instead, a sleek and dashing Diamond Mangalsutra Chain would be striking. Usually, long black beads chain would go well with Indian dresses, sarees and they offer an unseen elegance.

A recommended gold carat is either 18K or 22k gold mangalsutra is another aspect that you may need to look at. A 22K is apt for a gold chain mangalsutras model, while you can go with 18K for a black bead Mangalsutra online.

Explore Latest Gold Mangalsutra Chains at Vaibhav Jewellers 

Are you using a simple mangalsutra chain? Then it's time you switch to something jazzy, trendy, and stylish. The very idea of simple mangalsutra chain designs doesn’t seem interesting unless you add a locket to it. It is time you give an ounce of extra shine and shimmer to your plain gold mangalsutra chain designs with our refreshing range of long and short chain mangalsutra design in gold.

If there is a new way to turn heads in awe then it surely is from the gold chain mangalsutra design's latest trends. Short, long, or just medium, at Vaibhav you can shop one that appeals to your mood and taste. 

Our broad range of Mangalsutra chains come in multiple styles, versatile designs,  price, and weight ranges. You can explore all of these online on our portal or simply reach any of our Jewellery experts who will sail you through the designs. Not just that they also help you match your existing Jewellery with the new one. Example a perfect pair of gold bangles design that suits your mangalsutra. 

Shop Latest Gold Thali Chain at Vaibhav Jewellers 

In Northern India, the black beads mangalsutra gold or silver or diamond are famous while a gold Thali chain is popular in down South. The thali chains are now coming in various combinations with black beads, with a flat locket on the side, and in a variety of golden orb models. 

The latest short mangalsutra design in gold is extensively used as office wear. There are variations in this style too You can have a simple pendant attached to it.  The pendant can either be an elaborate design or a simple pear-shaped pearl. Similarly, long mangalsutra new designs can now be used for all your traditional outings, festive celebrations, weddings, family rituals, and many other traditional occasions. You can now team the mangalsutra with gold jhumka earrings to complete the look.

When it comes to drawing a comparison between the long and short mangalsutra designs with price and weight ranges, the shorter ones are lightweight, trendy, and mode. The gold long mangalsutra designs with price can now be viewed online on our portal or insta shop to quickly choose and pay.

You can compare plain traditional mangalsutra designs in gold with weight and price along with that of the gold short mangalsutra designs with price or reach our jewellery experts to take a detailed quote. Shopping for long mangalsutra designs with the price is now easy in a few simple steps. All you need to select your favorite design, add an address for delivery, pay, and sit back to get your coveted piece right to your doorstep. 

Shop for Modern Gold Mangalsutra designs for wedding

 Gold mangalsutra or nallapusalu has been in trend since the 6th century AD and has been re-iterated by none other than Sri Adi Shankaracharya in his famous book Soundarya Lahari. This depicts the use of black beads chain with a golden pendant to ward off evil spirits and other men. The auspicious jewellery usage is not only constrained to South India but you can find it through the entire Indian subcontinent region too. It has been believed to elongate one husbands’ lifespan.

We have a vast collection of gold mangalsutras. Be it a simple conventional piece or a voguish stone studded one, we have it all. The designs are versatile. We at Vaibhav Jewellers, take great care in sorting out the best gold mangalsutra designs with price. The reason? It’s quite obvious. We do not want you to shed a single sweat from your forehead in tension about the gold mangalsutra being out of budget. While you are at it, just take a tour of our Gold Bangle section online or offline to match your selected gold mangalsutra design.

The length is the second thing to consider when shopping for mangalsutras. We have the best assortment of gold long mangalsutra designs with price, for our female clienteles who prefer a traditional getup on their wedding ceremony. Likewise, our short mangalsutra designs in gold with weight and price section, is dedicated to millennial young brides who love to don a modern and stylish look.

With us, you never have to worry about being out of trend in the foreseeable future.

Check out latest Gold Mangalsutra with price and weight

 While on our bridal shopping spree of gold jewellery, the 22k gold mangalsutra comes mostly on the priority. If truth be told, we normally go helter-skelter over the gold mangalsutra designs with price and weight as we fail to get to a common ground on both pedestals. However, fret not! We at Vaibhav Jewellers are commitment bound to bring the best 22k gold mangalsutra designs with price for you to choose from and get your peace of mind.

We assure you that we have the latest and largest inventory of long mangalsutra designs be it our online or our offline string of stores. We know how important the black beads mangalsutra is for the bride. Gold mangalsutra design jewellery has always been the most auspicious piece of jewellery to culminate the holy matrimony. What complements best other than if the groom is presented too with a beautiful near matching Gold Bracelet set?

Our specialized team in our ostentatious stores is there to help you wade through the sea of doubtfulness. We bring you ashore of decisiveness because we actually have the largest collection of the latest long mangalsutra designs in the southern part of India. We are so much proud to even say that we are the pioneers in providing you with the most unique feature of shopping through live video from our website. Now you do not even have to leave the safety of your home while indulging in your shopping spree for mangalsutra designs gold or white gold whichever suits your torso the most.

Gold Mangalsutra Models

Not sure where to buy Mangalsutra Nallapusalu necklace, then browse through our online portal. Vaibhav Jewellers brings customers with numerous designs in long and short Mangalsutras, 22K gold traditional mangalsutras, Simple Mangalsutra designs gold and a range of diamond mangalsutras with matching earrings, necklace, and bangles.

Did you like a gold mangalsutra design online, then leave the rest to us. We will design, customize and ship it, right in time for your best moments. Mangalsutras work as a great gift to your loved ones. It not only symbolizes your love but also gives an emotional touch to your gifting. You can also get a beautiful pair of gold earrings done with your Mangalsutras to make a set. Looking at how to buy mangalsutra online then check our latest collection on our online portal or WhatsApp us on +91 9177403000. You can check hundreds of gold black beads mangalsutra designs for price online, for those ceremonies where you want to look wholesome and traditional try our designer diamond mangalsutras such as the 22k Double Diamond Hook Locket Mangalsutra online. Liked a mangalsutra image online? Get us the image and get it customized in length, weight, and design.

Gold Mangalsutra for Wedding at Vaibhav Jewellers

We are proud to be an exclusive South Indian Gold Jewellery Shop for generations of customers and have been a trusted Jeweller for over a lakh of weddings. Shop with us the all-new 22k Short & long Mangalsutras designs online, at Vaibhav we offer some unique benefits to customers such as:

  • Customization services
  • EMI
  • Smart Buy Options-A guaranteed discount
  • At Vaibhav, you don’t just buy Jewellery but bring home a bond of togetherness.