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Antique Gold Necklace

Antique Necklace for Women: What's Trending!

All of the antique jewellery passed down through the years is treasured because of its historical significance, unique design, and high value. The antique jewellery you inherited from your grandmother or mother is an excellent example of something that will never go out of style. Beyond its apparent elegance, something about an antique necklace design is fascinating. Plus, it's a rather hefty investment.

Each antique necklace set in our selection showcases a beautiful design from a bygone era. All decked out in colourful gems and stones. You can also get a diamond rings amplified with an antique feel to satiate your hankering for the past. Each of our antique necklace designs is an antique treasure fashioned by our expert jewellers. Now you can check our extensive assortment on our website and make a purchase. We are only a few clicks away!

Explore the Glimmering Realm of Gold Antique Necklace

Whether you're looking for a Kundan, Polki, Pachi, or Temple antique gold necklace, Vaibhav Jewellers has an abundance of options. Our necklace from this collection is a nod to the present without detracting from the original craftsmanship.

Our experienced jewellers can adjust to your needs. They play around with their time-honoured craft, bringing out geometric designs, asymmetric casts, and abstract contrasts to satisfy the tastes of modern ladies.

Everything is perfectly crafted, from a long haram to a fitted antique choker necklace. The prices are fixed considering all pocket sizes to make things even more delightful. Besides an antique gold necklace set, we have a wide variety of gold necklaces for women, from statement pieces to understated basics for jewellery enthusiasts. Check them out today!

Browse Delighted Gold Necklace Antique Designs Online for Women

Almost all the antique ornaments are crafted by hand and have bold designs. On the other hand, pieces remade in the modern era have a more romantic air about them. As one of the frontrunners in the jewellery market, we always try to give our buyers the best in every possible way. Our neck adornments segment has everything from simple gold chains, bead gold chains, box gold chains, cable gold chains, curb gold chains, and rope gold chains to swanky chokers and harams. Now you might be interested in knowing what we have in stock for the type of antique gold necklace you're interested in. 

Here is the answer to it.

Floral Antique Necklace Design

Necklaces with flower designs are ubiquitous, appearing at proms, cocktail parties, birthdays, and weddings. Our 22K Antique Lakshmi Floral Kasu Necklace, 18K Floral Flap Necklace, and 14K Versatile Floral Gold Necklace live up to their names with beautiful motifs. They perfectly radiate the charming air of a more lovely and luxurious earlier era. Other than floral patterns, we also have coins, antique gold hasli design, leaves, Lakshmi Devi, and a peacock antique gold necklace for you.

Fishnet Antique Necklace Design

Our antique gold jewellery designs come from various sources, so there's always an element of surprise when you shop with us. There is something quite trendy and modern about the fishnet trend. Our antique necklace style is reminiscent of a fishnet and is adorned with glittering gold beads and pearls.

Rope Chain Antique Necklace Design

A rope chain comprises numerous individual chains linked together to create a continuous rope-like look. The proportions and balance of this antique design are flawless. It's beautiful, no matter how thick or thin it is. This necklace can be worn in various ways, depending on the length of the chain. 40–45 cm is the standard length for short rope chain necklaces that rest close to the collarbone. Likewise, antique long necklace designs at least 85 centimetres typically fall to or below the navel.

Pearl and Mango Antique Necklace Design

Inspire yourself with our elaborate pearl and mango antique necklace designs. These beautiful ornaments feature traditional mango-shaped motifs on the surface and delicate white pearls and gold beads on the interior. Some other items in this category include the Antique Gold Divine Mangomala Necklace, the 22K Antique Mango Kanti Necklace, and the 22K Mango Gold Guttapusalu Necklace.

Wheat Grain Antique Necklace Design

Our shoppers tend to favour wheat grain patterns in antique gold necklace designs. The braided effect created by the links is reminiscent of a wheat stalk and is rather lovely. Choose a necklace from this collection of simple antique gold necklace designs in the length you choose to wear with your favourite set of beautiful gold earrings for ladies. 

Our designs are bespoke. Whether you want antique short necklace designs in gold or a long one, we will create them for you. The best thing for minimalistic fashion lovers is lightweight antique gold necklace designs. Buying from us online is as enjoyable as your in-store purchase. Since we have listed all antique gold jewellery necklace designs with price, weight, purity and other specifications, you don't need to bother about a single thing. If you want to experience how it works, try us today!

Latest Antique Gold Necklace Designs at Best Price from Vaibhav Jewellers

As eras progressed and fashions shifted, talented jewellers could produce ever-evolving creations. Some took architectural cues from the natural world, while others looked to existing structures for guidance. Our antique gold necklace range is comprehensive, and each has its own unique design aesthetic. We have categorised them as antique gold necklaces with price and weight for easy understanding.

Gold Antique Necklace with Price

The price can vary greatly depending on the antique necklace's weight, purity and design complexity. Our antique gold jewellery necklace designs with price range starting from ₹50,000 - ₹1,00,000. It goes beyond ₹1,00,000 for heavy pieces.

Gold Antique Necklace with Purity & Weight

You'll find a wide selection of women's gold antique necklaces with varying weights to pick your favourite. Our stores and website always have the most recent styles. Use the search box while you are shopping online. For example, use phrases like 'antique gold Lakshmi Necklace with weight' to get a weight-based result in a similar pattern. 

Many of our lighter, more affordably priced gold chains weigh between 5 and 10 grams. Adding decorative patterns causes the weight to rise between 10 and 20, 20 and 30, 30 and 50 grams. It can go up to and beyond 90 grams. These lovely trinkets are available in 18K and 22K of gold purity. Add drama to your ensemble by pairing your swanky necklace with a matching gold maang tikka and earrings.

If you want to add a timeless piece of jewellery to your collection, consider purchasing an antique gold necklace.

Benefits of Shopping Antique Necklace at Vaibhav Jewellers

We have discussed how you can shop online today at Vaibhav Jewellers and when. Now, let us take a moment to discuss, "Why to shop online with Vaibhav Jewellers?". Over the pandemic, we had used countless ways to make your shopping experience satisfactory. This article will discuss Antique gold Necklaces and why you should purchase them online with us.

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Even if we seem flawless on paper, we know that our customers can be disappointed with a product from our stores. If you have bought an Antique necklace online and are not satisfied, or the product is damaged, you can return it for free within 15 days after purchase!

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Need help with an antique necklace set online shopping? You can do it online using ‘Live video shopping’! Antique necklace online shopping becomes more accessible and faster by video calling a professional to show you our collection.

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1) What is an antique gold necklace?

Antique gold necklaces are necklaces crafted for occasions like weddings. They utilize old designs from the eras of the royals or patterns more than a century old. They usually have a bold design with a beautiful red, gold, and green colour scheme. 

2) What is the ideal price to buy an antique gold necklace? 

A price range below ₹1,000,000 is the best if you are looking for good quality long necklaces. We have pieces above that price point too. 

3) What is the suitable weight and quality to buy an antique gold necklace? 

Vaibhav Jewellers has weight ranges of 5-10 gms, 10-20 gms, 20-30 gms, 30-50 gms, 50-70 gms, and 90+ gms for an antique gold necklace. However, weight is based on personal preference of design, as not everyone can handle heavy-weight jewellery. BIS-certified antique necklaces in 18k and 22k purity are a must-try as they are the best in the market.

4) How many sizes are the antique gold necklaces available online? 

Antique gold necklaces are available in long, medium, and short lengths.

5) What is the best antique gold necklace to buy? 

The best antique gold necklaces in style right now include craftsmanship like Temple, Pachi, Kundan, and so on.