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Antique Gold Necklace

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Antique jewellery passed down through the generations is all considered to be significant, fascinating and precious. For example, an antique necklace is timeless, whether it has been passed on to you from your granny or mom's treasure trove. Besides the exceptional beauty and grace of an antique gold necklace, something is enchanting about it. It is a substantial investment, to boot.

 Our collection of each antique jewellery necklace features stunning antique and vintage designs from days gone by. All embellished with multicoloured gems and stones and intensified with an archaic vibe to satisfy your antiquing quest. Every neckpiece is a vintage find—designed and created by our master jewellers. If visiting a physical store isn't a viable option for you, purchase an antique gold necklace online. All our collections are now LIVE on our website, including women gold bangles. Whether you are looking for a high antique necklace online or something on the budget, something is waiting for you! 

Stylish Antique Necklaces Design

All our antique gold necklace designs are versatile, luxurious and statement-making. They are hand-picked with the thought of our buyers in mind!

Floral Design

From prom nights to cocktail parties, from birthdays to weddings, floral design necklaces are everywhere. The intricate designs of our 22K Antique Lakshmi Floral Kasu Necklace, Floral Flap Antique Gold Necklace and Versatile Floral Gold Necklace; do justice to their names. They immaculately exude the delightful aura of a beautiful and luxuriant bygone era. 

Fishnet Design

There is invariably an element of surprise with the range in which our antique gold jewellery designs come by. The fishnet trend holds quite a contemporary chic feeling to it. Depicting a fishnet, our antique necklace design is enchased with glinting gold beads and pearls, a stunning silhouette so luxurious. 

Rope Chain Design

A rope chain consists of many tiny links bound together to form a rope-like pattern. This antique gold necklace design is exceptionally harmonious and proportional. In the eye of the admirer, it is pleasing in any thickness. Depending on the length of the chain, you can decide how to wear it. Short necklaces that stay as close to the collarbone are 40 to 45 cm long. Similarly, antique long necklace designs longer than 85 cm come to or under the navel. 

Pearl and Mango Design

Antique mango necklace carries with itself a sense of serene and aplomb. With exquisite mango-shaped designs, traditional jewellery has never looked more desirable. Take a cue from our Intricate Pearls and Mango Necklace. This old-world, alluring gold ornament is strung with classic mango-shaped designs on the outside and dainty tiny white pearls and gold beads on the inside, adding a modern touch. Antique Gold Divine Mangomala Necklace, 22K Antique Mango Kanti Necklace, 22K Mango Gold Guttapusalu Necklace are a few more names from this segment. 

Wheat Grain Design

The wheat grain pattern in antique gold necklace designs is prevalent amongst buyers. The links create a pretty, braided look that resembles a wheat stalk. Pick up your preferred length for these simple antique gold necklace designs and pair them with stunning women gold earrings.  

An antique gold necklace is an investment in your jewellery wardrobe that lasts a lifetime.

Antique Necklace Collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

At Vaibhav Jewellers, the choices of antique gold necklaces are endless, such as antique Kundan Jewellery, Polki ornaments, antique ruby necklace, antique temple necklace and antique emerald necklace. Our antique collection necklace aims to add a modern touch without ravaging the traditional artistry. Our master jewellers are flexible. They experiment with their age-old skill to bring out geometric patterns, asymmetric casts, and abstract contrasts to match the style of modern women.

We have women gold necklaces for everyone, in both bold and simple designs.

Double Layered Necklace

Are you looking for an antique necklace that is unique and contemporary? The double-layered necklace is your answer. Usually, two different or similar-looking necklaces are designed together to add a new dimension to the traditional pattern. Double layered necklaces come as a single article and as a complete design. Be it a western outfit or ethnic wear; there is something for every style.

Krishna Antique Gold Necklace

Lord Krishna Gold Necklace is a significant highlight of our chic antique collection. Our artisans combine excellent designs and edgy ideas to create such a work of art. A gorgeous rope pattern necklace with a Jhumka women gold pendant with a lord Krishna motif is a wearer's delight.

Laxmi Antique Gold necklace

Our jewellery design team created over 40 antique gold Laxmi necklaces reminiscent of vintage heirloom jewellery crafted in an age gone by. This collection features Goddess Laxmi motifs elegantly embedded throughout the designs of every neckpiece. Have a look at our Laxmi antique gold lockets if you want to keep things minimal yet attention-grabbing. 

Antique Emerald Gold Necklace

The combination of the warmth of gold, chirpiness of emerald set in an antique necklace is astonishing. A perfect piece for someone who doesn't want to let go of tradition or fashion! We have a few elegant neckpieces embedded with emeralds across the intricate designs crafted on gold. Even emerald antique necklaces embedded with colourful gems and stones are also there.

Antique Kundan Necklace

Kundan jewellery is one of the traditional Indian jewellery. It consists of gems set with the gold foil between the stone and its mount connected to the jewellery. We have some statement antique Kundan necklaces available in various designer cuts and shapes to glam up your appearance.

Antique Temple Bridal Necklace

Temple necklaces are a vital part of every South Indian bride's trousseau. We have an extensive range of temple bridal necklaces, which are refined handcrafted pieces. Our necklaces are inspired by temple deities, temple tops and sacred figurines. They include Lord Ganesh, and Goddess Lakshmi themed ornaments. Plus, antique necklaces are designed using kokku (crane), swan, peacock, lotus flower, leaves, tree, and Makara (crocodile) motifs. Studded to perfection, the diminutive detailing brought by the fusion of traditional and modern architecture is startling!

Antique Guttapusalu Gold Necklace

Guttapusalu designs find their roots in the Coromandel Coast, recognised for its pearl fisheries. Antique Guttapusalu Gold Necklace is a staple in every South Indian bride's jewellery collection. It features tiny pearls hanging at the bottom of the neckpiece. Set in 22k, we possess an exclusive collection of Guttapusalu gold necklaces like flower-patterned pearl drop gold necklace, multicolour pearl Polki necklace, domed necklace, customary necklace, Dasavatharam necklace and so forth.

Polki Antique Gold Necklace

Polki, or the uncut diamond, came to India with the Mughals. It is one of the most traditional forms of jewellery designs. We showcase a vast range of Polki antique diamonds necklaces with breath-taking designs and patterns, i.e. Graceful Polki Antique Gold Necklace Set and Exuberant Polki Gold Necklace. Handcrafted by our skilled artisans, they are a treat to the beholder. 

Check Out Antique Necklace by Price and Weight

Adding an antique gold necklace is an easy way to amp up your entire face. However, before making the purchase, it is wise to do your homework. Learn about an antique gold necklace with price and weight. Many factors determine antique gold jewellery necklace designs with price—the purity of the metal, the design, the craftsmanship, labour cost involved, etcetera.  

We have nearly 300 pieces of the antique gold necklace price listed on our website for you to sort out. Our antique gold necklace designs with price start from ₹68,000 and get expensive with the intricacy of the design and weight of the product.

Price Range from 1 Lac to 11 Lac

The antique gold jewellery designs with a price ranges between 1 to 11 lac encompass all kinds of ornaments to suit every pocket. Let's flip through the necklace section. Well, to name a few, 22K Antique Gold Necklace, Lakshmi Antique Gold Necklace, Radiant Black Thread Gold Necklace, and Intricate Gopuram Gold Necklace. On the higher side, an antique gold necklace with a price can go up to ₹1,100,000. Peacock Gold Choker Necklace Set, Artistic Gold Necklace, Harmonious Pearl-Cluster Gold Necklace, Antique Kundan Necklace and the like fall under the high jewellery category. 

Weight Range from 5 gram to more than 90 Gram

Weight is a significant constituent in any gold jewellery. To make things easy, we have apportioned the jewellery as per their weight. We have you sorted, be it women gold bracelets, earrings, rings, chains, or a women gold haram. We have lightweight pieces and real chunky ones. If you are searching for a light antique necklace, 22K Antique Necklace is a good option.

Benefits of Shopping Antique Necklace at Vaibhav Jewellers

We have discussed how you can shop online today at Vaibhav Jewellers and when. Now, let us take a moment to discuss, "Why to shop online with Vaibhav Jewellers?" 

Over the pandemic, we had used countless ways to make your shopping experience satisfactory. This article will discuss Antique gold Necklaces and why you should purchase them online with us.

Shop Online

Due to the pandemic, we can understand that people are a little, let's say, sceptical to go outside physically to purchase jewellery, and we fully understand that! Going outside during these times bring significant health risks due to the infamous COVID-19. Thus, we have worked on the perfect website for the ideal time so you can have excellent health. 

Free 15 day return policy.

Even if we seem flawless on paper, we know that our customers can be disappointed with a product from our stores. If you have bought an Antique necklace online and are not satisfied, or the product is damaged, you can return it for free within 15 days after purchase!

State of art Live video shopping.

Need help with an antique necklace set online shopping? You can do it online using ‘Live video shopping’! Antique necklace online shopping becomes more accessible and faster by video calling a professional to show you our collection.

EMI Facility

Let's discuss purchasing. You can use a credit or debit card to make the purchase. However, if you are running short on money, you can split the pricing for every month. All you need to do is Shop on EMI and pay a sum of money upfront.