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Gold Choker Necklace

Exquisite Gold Chokers to Enhance Your Fashion Game!

For any woman's jewelry collection, a gold choker is a must-have. Adding layers, wearing it alone, or mixing it with pastel shade clothes creates a dramatic look. If you're willing to boost your style ante, now is the time to get a statement choker. Vaibhav Jewellers is the place to go for those searching for inspiration while choosing their one-of-a-kind gold choker necklace! In our collection, you'll find anything from simple gold collars to ones with bold patterns.

Choker necklaces have grown in popularity among Indian ladies in recent years. As a result, our skilled designers are constantly improving their ideas to suit your demands better. Each of these neckpieces has the ability to elevate your ensemble in ways that no other accessory can. With only a few clicks, you can now buy choker necklace set for any occasion.

Browse our website to discover the most stunning neckline ornaments. Add a pair of matching gold earrings to accentuate your look. We’ve put price and specifications under each product to simplify things. Since the gold choker price in India is volatile, it is recommended that you verify the current gold rate before purchasing.

Choose the Best Choker Neckwear Designs Online at Vaibhav Jewellers

Narrow Collar Choker Designs

A gold choker may be described as a tight-fitting necklace worn around the neck. Because of their simplicity and aesthetic appeal, Vaibhav jewellers’ women’s choker necklaces in slender designs have proven to be a popular choice. Add a charming and elegant touch to frilly and colourful garments with these thin gold choker necklace designs. They are available in a variety of finishes.  The light structure of these gold choker designs is suitable for a cool summer dress. You can now browse our whole collection of choker designs set online. Women are not the only ones who can enjoy our jewellery. Men get the same level of attention from us. You’ll find everything from fashionable men bracelets to rings in our selection, as well as exquisite men gold chains and other gold accessories.

Wide Shoulder Choker Designs

When it comes to wearing a choker, the swankier the style, the wider the body! Chunky neckpieces look best on those with broad shoulders and broad busts. Dazzling Kundan choker designs are ideal for ladies who want to exude an air of royalty wherever they go. Layer these traditional pieces with matching rani haars or princess necklaces if you're a bride-to-be looking to spruce things up in style. Other than Kundan, Vaibhav Jewellers has a wide variety of bridal choker necklace designs to make your big day extra special. We offer everything from Temple to Pachi, which means that if you are a lover of antique patterns, you will relish our selection to the fullest.

Gold Pearls Choker Designs

Pearls and gold go hand in hand when it comes to neck ornamentation. Because the texture of the pearl is inherently shiny and the colours are neutral, you can wear it with practically anything. Our gold choker set designs embellished with these spectacular gemstones are sure to win your heart. Thanks to their enticing look highlighted with intricate patterns.  A pearl choker with gold pendant designs is the best option if you don’t want to go too conventional and want something more contemporary and stylish.

Bib Gold Choker Designs

Since 2020, enormous, hefty bib chokers have been a huge jewellery trend. Even though we’ve seen it in various guises, simple gold choker necklace designs are the top contenders here. They look great with desi outfits or a fusion ensemble. On the other hand, the chunky ones are ideal for adding a touch of class and sophistication to darkish ethnic attire.

Gold Mango Choker Designs

The mango gold choker necklace designs set are back in fashion, but this time it’s not the sort you’d connect with your grandmother’s jewellery collection. All of our new models are updated with some edgier features. While these choker jewellery designs set have been around for a while, you’ll notice changes in sizes, shapes, and embellishments this time. 

List of Popular Gold Choker @Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

Gold Antique Gold Choker


₹100000 To ₹1500000

Precious Bajuband Cum Choker


₹100000 To ₹1500000

Gold Antique Gold Choker


₹100000 To ₹1500000

Pachi Work Choker


₹100000 To ₹1500000

Pachi Work Gold Bajuband Cum Choker


₹100000 To ₹1500000


Explore Gold Choker Necklace with Price & Weight Range

Gold choker necklaces are among the most beautiful pieces to wear at special occasions and festivals, sometimes even daily. Lightweight gold chokers are, simply put, tight and sometimes more oversized necklaces. They can also be known as "close-fitting" and are made up of cloth and metal worn around a woman's neck. Chokers are simple, yet they are super stylish and the best addition to one's jewellery collection. Many have described the modern gold choker necklace as the most fashionable on special occasions.

We at Vaibhav Jewellers have hundreds of gold choker necklace designs with prices that are super affordable and fancy traditional gold choker designs to deem you the most beautiful at a party. To find the perfect piece even easier, we have the latest gold choker designs with weight mentioned in a table below every piece.

If you wish to wear a lighter option, you could always count on our vast collection of the most well crafted gold lockets and pair them with a dainty gold chain. Besides chokers, we also have an incredible range of gold mangalsutra in different lengths, sizes and designs.

A plain gold choker necklace price starts from as low as INR 1 Lakh, its weight starts from 35gms. A gold choker price largely depends on weight as it is plain, along with making charges and GST. While a plain gold choker may not incur a high amount of making charges, the same is not the case for an antique Choker whose starting weight is from 80gms and above.

On the other hand, Kundan Chokers weigh anywhere between 100-150gms and a precious Choker comes in the weight range of 50-60gms. Similarly, a choker set price can be higher as they come with matching earrings.

You can browse through an array of gold jewellery with the price on the Vaibhav Jewellers online portal.

Check Out Trending Gold Choker Collections

We all think the Gold Choker necklace is a fresh entrant in the Jewellery sphere, however, what is really new is not the choker itself but the modern simple gold choker necklace designs. 

Shelving the traditional gold choker designs as an adornment for weddings, family functions, and other festivities a range of simple gold choker necklace designs have found a resurgence in the recent past. The lightweight gold choker necklace design is one of them. Wondering where to find the latest gold choker designs with weight then relax while we present you with a range of compelling designs that will simply take you by awe.

Gold, diamonds, or a mix and match of beads, pearls, and precious gemstones- you can find all the latest gold choker necklace designs with a weight under one roof on our online portal.

Captivating designs, that are classified and presenting them all under one umbrella is our forte. For years we have harnessed the best of the craftsmanship in redefining gold choker necklace design to suit modern women’s taste and preferences. While we believe that Jewellery is not merely an occasional ornamentation but a daily adornment that gives one a sense of identity.

Whether it is a pair of lovely gold bangles by women or adorable anklets for children, we always strive in making you create a sense of assurance through jewellery. Gold remains to be an investment avenue for each of us given its exponential growth. Systematic investments in gold by means of favourite Jewellery is a   great way to accumulate wealth.

Shop Gold Choker Necklace Online

Gold Choker Necklace designs can be styled in multiple ways. Of late, they have gained popularity with all major Bollywood stars adorning them on their weddings. A Choker can be worn on a high neck blouse with a single pleat saree. It can equally recreate charm when adorned outside a full neck Anarkali, they can instantly quadruple the grace of a Kanjeevaram saree and can be coupled with a long black beads Mangalsutra. At Vaibhav, you can browse through several gold choker necklaces with price and weight for your convenience.

For more than one and half years, we all have been kind of suffering from agoraphobia.  For the last few months, our route of staying connected has changed to online systems. But please do not think or treat this phase as a deterrent to enjoying what you used to do the most prior to this phase. 

Come and enjoy your love for shopping a beautifully handcrafted gold choker through Vaibhav Jeweller’s stand-out feature, which is our live video shopping. So, just visit our website, if you have an interest in our largest collection of gold choker set with price for your complete convenience. We also have a virtual try-on service to help you choose the perfect design befitting your budget.

Yes, you read it right. We have the largest bouquet of gold choker designs in this part of India and online. Be it pearl choker necklace gold or choker set gold design. You would not be disappointed in any way that we promise. So just make up your mind to dazzle the floors of any family gatherings or any office parties, we have something or the other just for you. Our traditional gold choker set design or for a little modern outlook just search for a simple gold choker price. While you are at it, why not virtually try out our gold Bracelets for men.

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FAQs For Gold Choker

What is a choker necklace?

A choker is a type of necklace worn closely to the neck and usually between 14 and 16 inches in length.

What does the choker necklace symbolise?

The choker necklace is a recurrent fashion trend that first appeared in the '90s. However, historically, it has represented the "SUBMISSIVE collar" bestowed by dominants upon submissive partners as a sign of ownership.

How much does a choker necklace cost?

The gold choker necklace designs their pricing. At Vaibhav Jewellers, prices start at ₹10,000 to ₹1,000,000 and go above it.

Where to buy an exquisite gold choker necklace online?

Vaibhav Jewellers has the most spectacular gold choker designs available online if you want to draw attention to your beautiful neckline. Brand new, unaltered compositions on pure gold!