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Gold Choker Necklace

Gold Choker Necklace Set for Women

One adornment and many different styles, a Choker gives women the flexibility woman to flaunt it in multiple ways. Chokers are neck-hugging Jewellery coming in different styles and patterns. Chokers have regained popularity in recent times; it is an item that has popped out from prehistoric times when women used to adorn their necks with different items made in leather, metal, beads, etc. This has slowly transformed into gold Chokers. Another current day addition to the choker is a pair of matching gold earrings thus presenting our customers with gold Choker sets. Gold Choker designs come in different lengths too- A choker length varies between 14 to 17 inches. A 14inch choker is also called a collar choker that sits intact on the neck, while a 15to 17inch choker has a relaxed look.

Gold Choker Designs

Narrow Collar Choker Designs:

The narrow collar gold chokers are inspired by the western country women who use leather and other beaded adornments. They perfectly fit the neck, giving an unseen elegance. These neck chokers are popular in western countries initially they were leather bands that were Indianized and turned to a beautiful choker necklace.

Wide Shoulder Choker Designs:

The wide Shoulder chokers are motivated by the armors of the Roman-era soldiers. They have initially been used to protect the soldiers from the wrath of the sword. These armor accessories swiftly made their way underneath a goldsmith’s snip, tweaking it to be golden armor around the delicate neck of a woman. These choker designs have gained popularity as a bridal adornment too. Unlike other, the bridal gold choker can be used for even casual outing, family functions, and small household occasions too.

Gold Pearls Choker Designs:

A pearls choker with golden motifs is vogue since ancient times, the Mughal era choker set design finds resonance even to date. The pearls smoothly take the curve of the neck, making the Chokers look elegant. These Chokers are usually made in 3-4 layers of pearls, making it cover half the neckline. 

Bib Gold Choker Designs:

A Bib Choker is a close match to a wide Shoulder Choker with slight design variations. It is interspersed from the neck to the collar bone. It is fondly called a Bib because of its sheer size.

Bosom Gold Choker Designs:

A Bosom choker extends itself vertically below the neckline making it apt as solo Jewellery for any outfit. A bosom Choker is ideally set in CZs or other precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Explore Traditional Gold Choker Price Range

We all know that gold jewelry enhances the beauty of women. However, nothing glitters more than a beautifully crafted gold choker necklace. Be it traditional gold choker designs or a simple gold choker necklace set. This particular piece of jewellery can even glamourize the most dull-looking attire. So, if you are in a catch-22 situation regarding your wardrobe, then the best way out is to adorn a gold choker and forget all your tension and just dazzle the floor.

At Vaibhav Jewellers, we are there to pick out the best gold choker necklace designs from our repertoire. We can assure you that you will get the same designs and models of the latest gold choker designs with weight in our online or offline stores. So whichever form of purchasing you choose, peace of mind is guaranteed from our side. We maintain a nonpareil system of online inventory keeping by providing you with gold choker price pre-set on our website. Our price range starts from ₹ 1L and can go up to ₹ 15L for this specific neckpiece. Now you need not have to worry about overpaying for any choker necklace traditional gold.

For any wedded woman or someone who is going to be soon, the bridal set can never be complete without the combination of gold mangalsutra and choker necklace traditional. While you are into the shopping spree for that beautiful combination, you can also opt for a bride and groom combined gift like our matching gold lockets. It will help both the bride and the groom feel aesthetically attached when moving in their friend circle.

We at Vaibhav Jewellers know the hardships we all have been going through in this pandemic situation. That is why we have formulated a beautiful way by the module of EMI, which will become easier for you to revamp your jewellery box.

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Check out Trending Gold Choker Collection

We all think the Gold Choker necklace is a fresh entrant in the Jewellery sphere, however, what is really new is not the choker itself but the modern simple gold choker necklace designs. 

Shelving the traditional gold choker designs as an adornment for weddings, family functions, and other festivities a range of simple gold choker necklace designs have found a resurgence in the recent past. The lightweight gold choker necklace design is one of them. Wondering where to find the latest gold choker designs with weight then relax while we present you with a range of compelling designs that will simply take you by awe. Gold, diamonds, or a mix and match of beads, pearls, and precious gemstones- you can find all the latest gold choker necklace designs with a weight under one roof on our online portal.

Captivating designs, that are classified and presenting them all under one umbrella is our forte. For years we have harnessed the best of the craftsmanship in redefining gold choker necklace design to suit modern women’s taste and preferences. While we believe that Jewellery is not merely an occasional ornamentation but a daily adornment that gives one a sense of identity. Whether it is a pair of lovely gold bangles by women or adorable anklets for children, we always strive in making you create a sense of assurance through jewellery. Gold remains to be an investment avenue for each of us given its exponential growth. Systematic investments in gold by means of favorite Jewellery is a   great way to accumulate wealth. 

Shop Gold Choker Necklace Online

Gold Choker Necklace designs can be styled in multiple ways. Of late, they have gained popularity with all major Bollywood stars adorning them on their weddings. A Choker can be worn on a high neck blouse with a single pleat saree. It can equally recreate charm when adorned outside a full neck Anarkali, they can instantly quadruple the grace of a Kanjeevaram saree and can be coupled with a long black beads Mangalsutra. At Vaibhav, you can browse through several gold choker necklaces with price and weight for your convenience.

For more than one and half years, we all have been kind of suffering from agoraphobia.  For the last few months, our route of staying connected has changed to online systems. But please do not think or treat this phase as a deterrent to enjoying what you used to do the most prior to this phase. 

Come and enjoy your love for shopping a beautifully handcrafted gold choker through Vaibhav Jeweller’s stand-out feature, which is our live video shopping. So, just visit our website, if you have an interest in our largest collection of gold choker set with price for your complete convenience. We also have a virtual try-on service to help you choose the perfect design befitting your budget.

Yes, you read it right. We have the largest bouquet of gold choker designs in this part of India and online. Be it pearl choker necklace gold or choker set gold design. You would not be disappointed in any way that we promise. So just make up your mind to dazzle the floors of any family gatherings or any office parties, we have something or the other just for you. Our traditional gold choker set design or for a little modern outlook just search for a simple gold choker price. While you are at it, why not virtually try out our gold Bracelets for men.

Explore Gold Choker Weight Range

A plain gold choker necklace price starts from as low as INR 1 Lakh, its weight starts from 35gms. A gold choker price largely depends on weight as it is plain, along with making charges and GST. While a plain gold choker may not incur a high amount of making charges, the same is not the case of an antique Choker whose starting weight is from 80gms and above. On the other hand, Kundan Chokers weigh anywhere between 100-150gms and a precious Choker comes in the weight range of 50-60gms. Similarly, a choker set price can be higher as they come with matching earrings.

You can browse through an array of gold jewellery with the price on the Vaibhav Jewellers online portal.

Buying Gold Choker on EMI

Here is your chance to get home gold choker necklace EMI. Vaibhav Jewellers in association with JewelFina offers its customers an easy EMI option to pay for their favorite Jewellery. The EMI is calculated as per the existing gold rate on the day of purchase along with other interest charges as applicable

Gold Choker for Wedding by Vaibhav Jewellers

Shop online with us for the latest gold choker necklaces and a range of gold choker sets indifferent workmanship, weight, and price ranges, not just that you can now enjoy a host of benefits too. Latest designs, transparent billing, 15 day easy returns, try @home, virtual try-on, and many more features to make your shopping experience pleasant.