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    Abstract Plain Gold Choker Abstract Plain Gold Choker
    Abstract Plain Gold Choker
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    Broad Gold Choker Broad Gold Choker
    Broad Gold Choker

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    Antique Gold Kasu Choker Antique Gold Kasu Choker
    Antique Gold Kasu Choker
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    Antique Gold Conch Choker Antique Gold Conch Choker
    Antique Gold Conch Choker
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    Antique Gold Pushp Choker Antique Gold Pushp Choker
    Antique Gold Pushp Choker
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    Antique Gold Slim Choker Antique Gold Slim Choker
    Antique Gold Slim Choker
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    Antique Gold Mayur Choker Antique Gold Mayur Choker
    Antique Gold Mayur Choker
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    Antique Grand Gold Choker Antique Grand Gold Choker
    Antique Grand Gold Choker
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    Antique Broad Gold Choker Antique Broad Gold Choker
    Antique Broad Gold Choker
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    Antique Topur Gold Choker Antique Topur Gold Choker
    Antique Topur Gold Choker
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    Antique Gold Mango Choker Antique Gold Mango Choker
    Antique Gold Mango Choker

28 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Chokers - A woman’s Solo Style Statement

One adornment and many different styles, a Choker gives woman the flexibility woman to flaunt it in multiple ways. Chokers are the neck hugging Jewellery coming in different styles and patterns. Mode and stylish a choker gives a fulfilling look. Chokers have regained popularity in the recent times; it is an item which have popped out from the pre historic times when woman used to adorn their necks with different items made in leather, metal, beads etc. This has slowly transformed in to gold Chokers. Another current day addition to the choker is a pair of matching gold earrings thus presenting our customers with gold Choker sets.  Gold Choker designs appeal a large section of woman, this is because of the sheer look and elegance they offer. Chokers are paired with a long gold haram.

Indian Gold Choker Designs

  1. Narrow Collar Choker: The narrow collar gold chokers are inspired from the western country women who use leather and other beaded adornments. They perfectly fit the neck, giving an unseen elegance.
  2. Wide Shoulder Choker: The wide Shoulder chokers are motivated from the armors of the Roman era soldiers. They have initially been used to protect the soldiers from the wrath of the sword. These armor accessories swiftly made their way underneath a goldsmith’s snip, tweaking it to be golden armor around the delicate neck of a woman.
  3. Gold- Pearls Choker: A pearls choker with golden motifs is vogue since ancient times, the Mughal era choker set design finds resonance even till date. The pearls smoothly take the curve of the neck, making the Chokers look elegant. These Chokers are usually made in 3-4 layers of pearls, making it cover half the neckline.  
  4. Bib Choker: A Bib Choker is a close match to wide Shoulder Choker with slight design variations. It is interspersed from neck till the collar bone. It is fondly called as Bib because of its sheer size.  
  5. Bosom Choker:  A Bosom choker extends itself vertically below the neckline making it apt as solo Jewellery for any outfit. A bosom Choker is ideally set in CZs or other precious and semi precious gemstones.

Different Variations of Chokers Necklace sets available @Vaibhav Jewellers

There are a number of variations in different price, weight and workmanships that you can find at Vaibhav Jewellers. Few of these variations are as below:

Plain gold choker: Plain gold Chokers are a vanilla version that are available in various price and weight ranges. The Plain gold Chokers are infused with different designs, expel the shine and auspiciousness of yellow metal and carry a tinge of tradition with them. Browse through the latest gold choker sets at Vaibhav Jewellers

Gemstone (Ruby & Emerald) Studded Choker:  Gemstones both precious and semi precious are studded into the Chokers making them look perfect for Indian outfits. The gemstone Choker sets can be matched with the vibrant colors of your outfit.

Antique Choker: Simple gold Choker designs can be transformed into Antique Chokers by running them through the Antique workmanship process. All the gold Choker designs can be made into antique chokers also. They carry a relic element with them, making them a preferred bridal Choker Necklace. They are widely bought as a part of bridal Jewellery.

Antique Kundan Choker: Another classic setting of Kundans in Antique workmanship is the antique Kundan Choker. They spell profound beauty of aging along with the shimmer of Kundans making them a statement piece. A pair of Kundan gold bangles would set you right for any ocassion

Pachi Choker: Gold Choker designs carved in Pachi workmanship are sure to steal glances. They are broad in design, occupying the entire neckline with elegance. The Pachi Choker is a perfect Bridal adornment.

CZ Choker: Designed to allure, the CZ Choker comes in various appealing designs and widths. There are a wide variety of CZ Chokers available at Vaibhav Jewellers that suit women of all age groups. We also offer them in various weight and price ranges. Hence, a CZ choker Necklace is quite affordable if you are eyeing a restricted budget.

Jadavu Choker: A Jadavu Choker is an epitome of beauty; it is big, bold and beautiful, creating a statement as you adorn it. The Jadavu workmanship is a reflection of a bygone era of the grand Rajasthan Royal heritage with the meenakari work lashing out an unseen vibrance.

Style your Choker with Every Attire

Gold Choker Necklace designs can be styled in multiple ways. Off late they have gained popularity with all major bollywood stars adorning them on their weddings. A Choker can be worn on a high neck blouse with a single pleat saree. It can equally recreate charm when adorned outside a full neck Anarkali, they can instantly quadruple the grace of a Kanjeevaram saree and can be coupled with a long black beads Mangalsutra. Another way to style your choker is with a floor touch Kanjeevaram gown that are in fad now. You can now find light weight gold choker designs with price online at Vaibhav Jewellers to aptly match them with your style.

Didn’t find a right match for your taste or liked a Choker Necklace online, bring us the design and we will custom make it in a record time.

Weight and price range of Chokers

A plain Gold choker design weight starts from 35gms and averages out to Rs. 1 Lakh. A gold choker Necklace price largely depends on weight as it is plain, along with making charges and GST. While a plain gold choker may not incur a high amount of making charges, same is not the case of an antique Choker whose starting weight is from 80gms and above. On the other hand Kundan Chokers weigh between 100-150 Gms, this is as a result of the weight of Kundans. While the workmanship and the gemstones used are the factors responsible for the price of Choker, one can also find a precious Choker in the weight range of 50-60gms. Likewise, a Polki Choker falls in the weight range of 60-70gms.

Why Vaibhav?

We as a Jeweller carry 25yrs of legacy and expertise with us, we are a 360 degree Jewellery mall having a retail presence of 55,000sqft spanning across costal Andhra and Telangana. Our 12 stores have been catering to the needs of lakhs of customers since 1994. We have many accolades to our credit for quality and innovation in the Jewellery industry. Our designs have been selected and handpicked time & again, had been selected by who and who’s of Hollywood during prestigious Academy awards too.  We are also proud to be an exclusive Jeweller for generations of customers and have been a trusted Jeweller for over a lakh of weddings.   Shop with us for latest simple gold choker Necklace, antique gold choker necklace and a range of Indian Chokers in different workmanships, weight and price ranges online. We serve customers with an array of benefits such as:

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