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Gold Bracelets

Gold Bracelets - That Are Currently at the Top of the Charts

A beautiful gold bracelet hanging from an otherwise bare wrist or a big stack of bracelets of different styles bordering on the elbow are acceptable ways to wear one. Their status as an essential fashion item among metropolitan ladies dates back decades. While many of us reevaluate everything, many prefer to focus on the things that bring us the most joy. The days of high heels and embellished necklines are long gone. Comfortable dresses, flats, and jewellery that can be worn from day to night have taken their place. Gold bracelets for women are the go-to accessory for this minimalist urban look. But from overly ornamented heavier pieces, people are switching to Lightweight alternatives. Ladies bracelet in gold like this symbolizes a more refined and refined approach to accessorising in a world when flashier jewellery might feel like a waste of effort. Pendant bracelets, mangalsutra bracelets, tiny stone studded bracelets, and simple chain bracelets are a few models devoted to today's minimalist fashion that you will find in Vaibhav Jewellers' stock. 

Our designs, which incorporate trendy and elegant motifs, even on their own, have more than enough impact. However, don't be afraid to layer them for a more striking appearance. The same rule applies to the gold bangles for women. Wear them as per your mood and steal the limelight. As we are functional online now, you can remotely check everything from designs and sizes to gold bracelets' prices on our website and make a purchase. We ship both nationally and internationally through our reliable logistic partners. So, your wrist adornment will reach the desired location on time. 

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Buy Gold Bracelets for Women Online at Vaibhav Jewellers 

A bracelet in gold is the most versatile piece of jewellery and comes in various styles and colours. These baubles can adorn the wearer's wrist with a lot of enchantment thanks to these lovely jewellery pieces. Even more extravagant gold bracelets for women are available in our collection, but those cannot be worn all the time, regardless of personal choice. Thus, we offer more practical solutions for those who maintain an active lifestyle. The latest gold bracelet design by Vaibhav Jewellers is both stylish and sturdy. The choices are endless, from cuff to CZ stone studded, from mangalsutra patterns to Kada. Although many bracelet designs are available for everyday wear, the gold chain bracelet is a current fad. It is because of its simplicity, robust design, and unique but stunning aura. The thickness of your chain is a matter of individual preference. Be it thick or thin gold bracelets; we have all kinds. These lovely trinkets look well with both formal attire and semi-casual attire. If the shine of gold exudes sacredness, the allure of diamond bracelets will endure through all ages and eras. It's a combination of opulence and elegance for the user that makes them unique. Various colours and cuts are available for these wrist adornments. Not just that, for the bangle lovers, we have crafted an excellent range of women's diamond bangles

Bracelets are adaptable and have no rules for what to wear or not with them!  There are various reasons to wear one, and you can decide which ones to keep with so many possibilities. 

Browse Latest & Stunning Designer Gold Bracelets for Women 

Women of all ages can wear a bracelet in gold design because of its universal appeal. Many females prefer wearing bracelets by matching them with a luxury watch or wearing gold bangles. Some people wear it to work, while others save it for special events. So, Vaibhav Jewellers has gold bracelet designs for women for every mood of yours. 

Plain Gold Ladies Bracelets Designs 

Simple gold bracelet designs for ladies are an excellent choice if you want something trendy yet not overly flashy. Make your bracelet the star of the show by wearing an outfit contrasting its striking gold colour. A chic appearance can sometimes be maintained more efficiently and effectively with jewellery than clothing, especially if you are a professional woman with limited alternatives for stylish wear. Choose from any of these daily wear simple gold bracelet designs for ladies, and you'll be set. Pair your wrist adornment with women's gold rings for an added dose of TGIF workplace tone. 

Beaded Gold Bracelets Designs 

Beaded ladies' bracelet gold designs are another fantastic option to adorn your wrist in no time. Beads just work well for all events when created with various gold hues. A ladies' bracelet design by Vaibhav Jewellers will look stunning with any attire, including a saree, a lehenga, or even a beautiful gown.  

Gold Bracelets Butterfly Designs 

Nowadays, the butterfly bracelet is a hot fashion accessory, with women going gaga over the tiny, delicate design. What better way to show her how much you care than to gift her a piece of art depicting a butterfly, one of the world's most influential and beautiful creatures? With its ultra-chic design, the Vaibhav Jewellers 14K Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ladies Bracelet (486DA80) is ideal for everyday usage. A sturdy item means you can utilise it for more extended periods in the future. It also makes a memorable present for any event. CZ stone embellishments on butterflies are enough to cause a flutter in the tummy. Wear matching gold earrings complementing it to up your fashion game with a dab of flirtatious vibe. 

Gold Kada Bracelet Designs 

In Northern India, these wrist wears are pretty popular. In their simplicity and elegance, women's Kadas sparkle. Ideally, these are lighter than their male counterparts. In the centre of Kada's layout, there is a line that makes it appear like a bulging plateau on either side of the design. The sharp centerline gives the Kada as a whole a glimmer. Wear such traditional bracelets designed in gold on a semiformal outfit to bring out their best. 

Rose Gold Women's Gold Bracelet Designs 

Rose gold lends an antique feel to minimalist bracelets, customarily reserved for heavier designs. It's a fresh take on yellow gold that's catching on with trendy women throughout the world. There is a distinct red-pinkish tint that comes from copper being mixed in with the gold. Bracelet in rose gold is now a hot trend among professional women. Still, it quickly transitions to informal excursions, dates, and evenings. Even for individuals with a penchant for the rococo style, there are many antique bracelets designed in a rosy hue. 

Gold Bracelets for Ladies Complimenting Every Moment of their Lives! 

If you're one of those who think gold bracelets are only appropriate for ceremonial events and so avoid wearing them to the office, you're mistaken. Yes, that's correct! Bracelets can be worn with business attire, but only if adequately styled. You need to pick the ideal ones that match your professional appearance. 

Office Wear Gold Bracelets for Ladies 

Adding a few modest and subtle accessories like tiny gold lockets, plain bangles, and stud earrings is all it takes to get a polished professional appearance. There, women avoid wearing anything too flashy. Many of us have a stockpile of bracelets we like to wear at some point in our lives. However, not all of these trinkets are appropriate for a business meeting. Wearing a gem-studded cuff would look great for a night out or a special event.  However, they aren't the best option for regular use. Wearing a few charm bracelets or a slender gold hand bracelet with a few stones would look great at the office. They're small and won't get in the way of your job, whether you're typing away at your laptop or attending a meeting with your boss. For newlywed professionals, hand mangalsutra gold bracelets are a good bet as they subtly convey things.

 Tennis Bracelets Designs for Women 

Many of us are not fans of gold bracelets, but they shun diamonds because of their added sparkle. However, we suggest a middle way. Try a diamond tennis bracelet. It is a sophisticated way to adorn your wrist with a little glimmer without being over the top. You can wear it over a business suit as well as on an LBD. Tennis star Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a US Open match in 1987. She requested to hold the game until the diamond bracelet was found. The widely publicised quest for the famous tennis star's diamond bracelet earned it the title "Tennis Diamond Bracelet." Isn't it incredible? Women's diamond tennis bracelets, also known as inline or eternity bracelets, are delicate and classic jewellery pieces. A thin line of diamonds runs the length of the ring, giving it a dainty look. Diamonds in the shape of twisting serpents give it a sleek and attractive appearance. 

Exquisite Women's Bracelets at best Prices from Vaibhav Jewellers 

With an extensive range of gold bracelets for women, Vaibhav Jewellers is proud to provide an original design that embodies style based on antiquity. The weight, size, purity, and price of each of our models are listed so that you can select the one that's just right for you. 

Gold Bracelets with Price 

An exquisite range of designed gold bracelets for women has been put on display by Vaibhav Jewellers. The weight and price of our gold bracelets are shown so that you can select the right one for you. It is possible to get a gold bracelet ranging in weight from 2-5 grams, 5-10 grams to 50 grams at costs between ₹10,000- ₹20,000 to ₹500,000 and above. The cost is subject to market change, so check a gold bracelet for women with price and compare it to today's gold rate before making a purchase. 

Women's Hand Chains Based on Sizes & Purity 

Apart from categorising gold bracelet designs with weight and price, we have classified them as per their sizes and metal purity for you to enjoy an effortless shopping experience. The pricing varies as per the Karat value. For instance, a 14k gold bracelet with the price is always lesser than a similar design 22k gold bracelet. The next thing to remember is that the more elaborate the pattern, the heavier the price. Antique women's bracelets gold 22k featuring compositions like Temple or Kundan will cost you more than a simple design. If you want to add a subtle sparkle to your wrists, go for a single diamond bracelet and compliment it with diamond earrings to make a refined statement. 

Here are the popular women's bracelets at Vaibhav Jewellers 

Product Name

Weight Range

Price Range

Diamond Studded Leather Bracelet

2gms to 50gms

₹13,000 to ₹5,00,000

Casting Gold Ladies Bracelet

2gms to 50gms

₹13,000 to ₹5,00,000

Antique Gold Temple Bracelet

2gms to 50gms

₹13,000 to ₹5,00,000

Signity Gold Ladies Bracelet

2gms to 50gms

₹13,000 to ₹5,00,000

Gold Leather Versace Bracelet

2gms to 50gms

₹13,000 to ₹5,00,000












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How much does a gold bracelet cost?

A gold bracelet costs anything between ₹10,000- ₹20,000 to ₹500,000 and above at Vaibhav Jewellers. The cost is subject to market change, so check a gold bracelet for women with price and compare it to today's gold rate before making a purchase. 

What is the minimum weight of a gold bracelet?

 A gold bracelet weight in our collection is as low as 2-5. It can range from 5-10 grams to 10-20 and go up to 50 grams per the gold purity, weight and design complexity. 

What wrist should a woman wear a bracelet on?

The right hand is the most popular choice for females. Again, who will stop you from wearing it with your watch on your left wrist? 

How should a bracelet fit a woman?

You've found the correct size if you can easily put two fingers into it. Too-tight wristbands make wrists look larger. Too loose, it will move around on your arm, hindering your work.