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Latest Silver Pooja Articles Online

Silver pooja items and divinity go hand in hand in every Indian household, traditionally silver metal is extensively used for pooja purposes- the trend has hence continued. With the rituals added more and more traditional silver pooja items that find their relevance in the current day too. Gone are the days when one used to visit stores to buy. You can now shop silver pooja items online in a few simple clicks hassle-free. The transparency is such that you can not only view the item but browse through a vast design range of silver pooja items with weight and price.

Different types of Silver Pooja Items

Silver pooja items vary in usage, size, weight, and design. No two items are alike despite their usage being the same; such is the vast design range that is available in silver pooja sets. Silver idols for the pooja room are one such common item that is widely used across every Indian household. They also make the best gift for newlyweds too. Few other common items are silver bowls for pooja, silver lamps for pooja, silver plate for pooja, and a lot of big and small items in our daily pooja rituals. One can say that a pooja room is incomplete without them in many ways.

Silver Pooja set

You can now buy silver pooja sets with us online, they come in various combinations like a silver diya set, pooja thali, a pair of diyas, agarbathi stand, and different other items. You can reach our Jewellery experts to get the information on pure silver pooja set with price, weight ranges, availability, and delivery, etc. The silver pooja items set are frequently bought for gifting purposes to gift either newly married couples or for house warming ceremonies.

Silver Plate Designs

Silver plate for pooja purposes can be of many different kinds. From simple plain Thali to banana leaves designs, popular Vistharaku or the Jerk Teak leaf design or floral designed plates- A pure silver plate for pooja can be any of these. Alternately you can also custom make a silver pooja plate design of your choice with us. The pooja plates not only serve the purpose of pooja but can also be used occasionally for serving, can be used as prasadam, etc.

Silver Idols for Pooja

Silver idols for the pooja room come in different sizes, weight ranges, and models. To be precise there is a vast collection one can choose from petite models to miniature, from medium-sized to large sizes. Silver god idols for pooja room are not only for buying for self-use but are a great way to gift others too. For example, a silver Ganesh idol for pooja can be given as a return gift for weddings, small family occasions, house warming ceremonies, etc. At Vaibhav, you can find several varieties of Silver god idols for the pooja room.

Silver Bowl for Pooja Room

Silver bowls for pooja are ideally used to keep Haldi, kumkum, Chandan, and other pooja supplements. An ideal silver pooja set comes with three bowls, along with an aarti thali, agarbati stand, and diyas. Bowls are one of the important silver pooja items, other than Haldi and kumkum they are also used for holding flowers, prasadam, fruits, and other important items of the rituals. At Vaibhav, you can find a range of silver pooja items in varying price, weight, and design ranges.

Silver Lamp for Pooja

Silver lamps for pooja can be of different varieties given the weight and price range. You can now browse through our vast silver lamps for pooja online, you can either choose to select designs online or reach our Jewellery experts to request additional designs of silver lamps for pooja with price, weight, and design. Silver lamps truly represent the essence of the pooja room, giving way to reach divinity most piously. Silver lamps are hence the most important item in the pooja room.

Silver Pooja Articles Price & Weight

The silver pooja set can be either purchased individually or as a set as per your choice. Silver pooja items are unique, versatile, and are a statement in itself- such is our vast collection. Pure silver pooja set with price can now be viewed and bought online. The price of silver pooja items start from as low as INR 3000, the price is inclusive of all charges.

Buy Silver Pooja Articles Online

Shopping Silver pooja items online is now simple and easy, just in a few clicks. The advantages of shopping online are immense- the comfort of shopping from home, free domestic delivery, transparent billing, vast design range, and a wide variety of options to choose from. There are refreshing designs available online in varying weight ranges. An example of you can now search silver lamps for pooja online in different sizes, weights, designs, and prices too. Not just lamps you can find a variety of silver articles.

Silver Pooja Articles Collections

Silver pooja thali can contain a number of big and small items depending on the rituals. You can now choose silver pooja items online in a few simple clicks. An example of unique items is silver flowers for the pooja, different kinds of diyas, flower stands, bowls, etc. You can find pure silver pooja thali set online in India, you can select from a vast range and get it delivered to an address of your choice.

Silver Pooja Articles for your Pooja room only @ Vaibhav Jewellers

At Vaibhav, you can shop every type of silver pooja articles- from silver idols for pooja room to silver incense stands, from silver pooja sets to silver diyas, from silver bowls for pooja to silver pooja thalis - the range and choice are simply vast. You can also order bulk silver pooja items online as a return gift in marriages- all this with the assurance of free domestic shipping, purity, quality, and BIS hallmark. You can also book a video call slot to view the designs and detailing closely.

We carry a legacy of 25years in the Jewellery industry and this clearly reflects in our designs and service quality. You can also book a private viewing session with us for bulk wedding purchases, silver return gifts, etc at the store or simply sit together at the comfort of your house for a state-of-the-art HD video call to view your favorite Jewellery microscopically. Our highly learned Jewellery experts are always at the forefront in offering the best customer experience.