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    Dazzling Rose Gold Necklace Dazzling Rose Gold Necklace
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    Lakshmi Ruby Gold Necklace Lakshmi Ruby Gold Necklace
    Lakshmi Ruby Gold Necklace
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    Vikriti Beaded Necklace Vikriti Beaded Necklace
    Vikriti Beaded Necklace
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    Lord Krishna Gold Necklace Lord Krishna Gold Necklace
    Lord Krishna Gold Necklace
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    Royal Egyptian Gold Choker Royal Egyptian Gold Choker
    Royal Egyptian Gold Choker

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    Majestic Royal Gold Necklace Majestic Royal Gold Necklace
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    Peacock Gold Choker Necklace Set Peacock Gold Choker Necklace Set
    Peacock Gold Choker Necklace Set

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    Emerald Necklace Set Emerald Necklace Set
    Emerald Necklace Set
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    Rope-Chain Gold Necklace Rope-Chain Gold Necklace
    Rope-Chain Gold Necklace
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    Kasu Mala Gold Necklace Kasu Mala Gold Necklace
    Kasu Mala Gold Necklace

441 items

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Set Descending Direction

Precious Legacy Gold Necklaces – A Must Buy

Gold Necklace sets are the most sought after Jewellery items that everyone loves to own. They stand out from one another, are distinctive, affordable, come in various price and weight ranges. They are also ideal for gifting your loved ones. Here are few of the types of gold necklaces for you to look for.

Types of Gold Necklaces

Presenting you with a world of gold necklace models, suitable for every occasion. Browse through our latest gold necklace designs and stay trendy.

Gold Necklace: 

Simple small gold necklace designs in gold have a lot to offer to the attire, they can be worn as a second adornment, can be worn for smaller occasions too. Gold necklaces always come in varying weights making them apt for every event. They come in different styles, designs and practically in all weights. Lightweight Gold necklace are gaining momentum in all social and cultural events for the ease of wearing and the price factor they are tagged at.

Antique Necklace:

Want to bring relics to life, then its time you own an antique necklace. Browse from our range of antique necklaces and bring home the beauty of aging. Made with oxidized coating antique necklaces match with every small occasion.

Polki Necklace:

Bring home the glitter of polkis, designed to allure Polki necklace add a dash of glamour to your attire. They are subtle, stylish and vogue, polki necklace go well with fusion attire as well on contemporary wear. The raw elegance of uncut diamonds unearthed and transformed to a Polki necklace by our karigars are now available on our online portal.

Navratna Necklace:

The grace of nine stones is perfectly culminated to craft beautiful Navratna necklaces. Find the perfect design match or make one of these precious Navratna necklaces and bring home the luck.  Handpicked from select karigars, Navratna necklaces are a new vogue, add them to your treasure chest now.

Temple Necklace:

You can now bring the ancient sculptures to your jewellery box with our temple necklaces. Jewellery editions which you can’t afford to miss are now available online with us. Shop from the comfort of your home for heavy gold necklaces in temple workmanship and bring home the pleasure of a handmade item. Temple necklaces are chiseled to perfection by the most experienced karigars for months together; hence every piece is made as an epitome of art. You can most commonly see a Lakshmi necklace in this workmanship.

Ruby Emerald Necklace:

Every woman would have at least one ruby necklace or emerald necklace or a combination of ruby-emerald necklace in her Jewellery chest for the sheer fact that they can be worn on every attire and match well with other Jewellery items equally. Ravishing rubies and enthralling emerald come together to form a quintessential ruby emerald necklace that is laced in floral, paisley’s and other similar traditional patterns.

Blue Sapphire Necklace:

Blue sapphires are considered one of the most powerful stone among the navratnas which when suited ushers good luck and bestows the adorner with prosperity. A blue sapphire necklace cladded in diamonds would be enthralling combination. At Vaibhav, browse through an exclusive collection of blue sapphire necklaces and bring home your lucky charm.

Pachi Necklace: 

Pachi necklaces are the end result of labor intensive and time consuming workmanship of our esteemed karigars. They are traditionally called pachchikam workmanship, where first a silver encasing is made on which gold is casted or stones are studded. Pachi necklaces go well with every attire. One can also conveniently match a pachi necklace with other Jewellery items.

Gold Necklaces Weight and Price Range

Gold Necklaces apart from other Jewellery items have the flexibility of designing in various weight and price ranges. A gold necklace ideal weight starts from one Tula or 11gms approx and can range above 100gms depending up on the workmanship, design, use of gemstones etc. Example: A plain and simple short gold Necklace can be designed in the weight range of 15 to 20gms while a Temple long gold Necklace cannot be because of the workmanship. Similarly, an Antique gold necklace designed in the weight range of 50gms would cost less when compare to an uncut diamond Necklace within the same weight range. This is because of the uncut diamonds that are used in the making of the necklace.

We can find plenty of gold Necklaces with price when we browse online, the price we see there is a cumulative price of making charges, metal price, stone charges(if any) and GST. There are numerous gold necklace set designs that are available and it is difficult to predict their price as it depends on the above discussed factors, however an ideal price range of a gold Necklace set would start from Rs. 45,000 and can range above 5 Lakhs.

Shop Gold Necklaces Online

Gold necklaces go well with every age group, starting from new born to aged woman. Unlike items like Vanki or Maang Tikka which come with age restrictions, gold Necklaces can be worn by woman of every age group. You can now shop your favorite gold necklaces in few simple steps. Log on to our online portal, choose your style, select and click on “Buy Now”. Fill in the address particulars, payment details and you will be all set to receive your coveted piece at your doorstep.

Gold Necklace Designs/Styles Collection

One can find umpteen designs in gold necklaces. Creativity has no bounds when it comes to designing gold necklaces. Every retail Jeweller will have gold necklace design catalogue handy in their stores for ready design reference. Customers can also place an order by looking at them. These catalogues will not only have gold necklace designs with price but also all the information on the type of workmanship, weight range, stones used etc where in the customer can get a fair idea of the product.

When it comes to actual designs, traditional gold necklaces are populated with petite pearls famously called as Guttapusalu, Lakshmi coins called as Kasulaperu, Paisleys, peacocks, Elephants, Religious idols like the Ganesha, Ashta Lakshmi, Radha Krishna, dancing damsels, inlay architecture famously called as the Pietra Dura, Mughal art perched with floral vines, leaves, flower buds, blossom patterns etc. Vaibhav is also home to designer necklaces, precious stone necklaces, Italian necklace designs and many more.

Customize it your way

Wondering where to buy gold necklace set of your choice - Vaibhav Jewellers now brings you the customization of gold necklace sets as per your taste and preferences. Like something online?? Get us the gold necklace design image and we will recreate the same for you. Not only recreating, we would customize that for you in terms of:


Buy Gold Necklace on EMI

Here is a chance for you to buy gold necklace on EMI. Vaibhav Jewellers in association with JewelFina offers its customers with EMI option on studded gold & diamond Jewellery. You can now reach our customer care to know more details or visit our online portal for details. 

Vaibhav Advantage

 Shop with us for all new gold Necklace designs in different workmanships, weight and price ranges online, we at Vaibhav offer an array of benefits to customers such as: