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Diamond Bangles

Dazzling Diamond Bangles: A Must-have Item for your Jewellery box!

Diamond bangles are versatile pieces of jewellery that you can wear on various occasions. If you're looking for an item that will never go out of style, go no further than Vaibav Jewellers' diamond bangles. Minimalist but opulent, these new creations come in different colours of gold, including yellow, white, and rose gold. 

Choose Kangan designs that exemplify the timeless style, and don't worry about over-accessorizing. From a casual look to a more formal one, these lovely baubles go well with practically anything. You can also wear your diamond bangles with other jewellery, such as a diamond-studded gold necklace, earrings, or rings. 

Visit our store if you're considering getting a set for a loved one or yourself. You can also buy bangles online by exploring our website's collection. Our compilation provides a large assortment with various tariffs for diamond bangles cost to suit most budgets. 

Our friendly and educated team is there to assist you in selecting a gorgeous piece of fine-quality jewellery to fit any style. 

Get Modern Diamond Bangles Designs at Vaibhav Jewellers 

The designer diamond bangles from Vaibhav Jewellers will make you swoon. Our jewellery collection is a must-have for any woman's jewellery box, with styles ranging from delicate to playful and fashionable. There are also a variety of personalisation choices available. 

Our designing team collaborates with you to produce a piece of art that perfectly matches your idea. Adding your personal touch to a diamond pattern can be as simple as etching or as complex as embossing, depending on your preferences. 

Daily Wear Diamond Bangle Designs 

Gone are those days when diamonds were reserved for special occasions. Now celebrate every day with simple daily wear bangles from Vaibhav Jewellers. Designed with urban living in mind, these lovely trinkets are made to last. 

The day-to-day wear selection can shine bright and keep basic yet full of exquisite design effortlessly. Every day is a chance to unleash your inner fashionistas with these modern classics. The sleek finish and cutting-edge patterns make these bangles versatile pieces. Whether you team them with cotton sarees or party dresses, these sparkling baubles highlight your beauty without making things overwhelming.  

Office Wear Diamond Bangle designs 

Your creative sense of style will be on full display with our office-wear diamond bangles for women as you transform from drab to diva in no time. Choose a design crafted on yellow, white, or rose gold to brighten your day. 

Sometimes looking good also helps in relieving stress at work. No harm in trying! Make your all-formal attire sparkle with a diamond-studded bangle like Swirls and Floret or black diamond beaded bangles from our collection. You may jazz up your daily attire a little more by wearing one of the little diamond pendants on a chain around your neck. 

Party Wear Diamond Bangle Designs 

Even though getting dressed for a party may seem effortless, staying on top of the current fashions is essential if you want to stand out. There is nothing wrong with ditching the traditional ways and going with bangles at a party in a western dress. 

Party-wear diamond bangles from Vaibhav Jewellers come in a wide range of designs, including floral, cross-cut, accentuated, and more. You can wear them almost with anything from gowns to LBDs. Some partygoers shy away from donning bangles because they don’t want to look overdressed. 

But who asked you to wear them in dozen when with one stunning statement diamond bangle, you can turn heads? If your party has an Indo-western theme, go for an antique pattern of uncut diamond bangles. Likewise, when you are slipping into a solid colour dress, give your look a solid pop of colour by wearing a Navratna bangle. 

These multicoloured gem-studded adornments are also gaining popularity as the latest bridal bangles among millennial brides, for those who love to wear a bold statement, layer thin bejewelled bangles with a single diamond bracelet and be the talk of the party. 

Single line Diamond Bangle Designs 

Single-line diamond bangles are the ones where diamonds are interspersed along the length of the bangle.

Uncut Diamond Bangle Designs 

Uncut diamond bangles or Polki bangles are broad in design. They are not apt for daily wear, they are festive wear or occasional wear or wedding/Bridal wear. 

It's never too late to start collecting diamonds. It will help if you start with some essential pieces like diamond bangles, rings, necklaces, etc. These are versatile ornaments which means you can wear them anywhere: to work, to university, to social gatherings, and even to a party. 

Shop Elegant Diamond Bangles Set to be more Beautiful 

The diamond bangles we've designed have a strong, contemporary, sculptural look that's groundbreaking in its simplicity. We both upgraded modest designs to exquisite jewellery quality and pulled diamonds down out of the fancy affair reserved for the wealthy. 

In addition to making these precious stones accessible, our lightweight, practical gold bangle with diamond designs is versatile enough to meet any wearer's needs. 

Diamond Bangles Set Online 

You'll love bangles set by Vaibhav Jewellers if you're a fan of contemporary compositions with a sparkling touch. Intricate and interesting patterns in 18k and 22k gold can be combined with practically any of your outfits.  

Diamonds are an excellent alternative to gold coin gifts for any special occasion. They bring just the right amount of radiance to the recipient's wrist and face, making a lasting impression on her heart. Whatever the occasion - Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Sister's Day, a birthday or an anniversary - our unique designs are guaranteed to amaze your recipient. 

Since we are now available online, you can explore our collection, compare prices, and pick up your ideal piece with a few clicks from the comfort of your home. For any additional assistance, our jewellery experts are there to guide you. 

More Collections on Diamond Gold Bangles from Vaibhav Jewellers 

Stunning diamond bangles are in vogue. Women today adore these exquisite accessories since they can use them practically with any look. Going by the trend, we have compiled an extensive range of diamond bangles.  

 Diamond Bangles based on Prices 

When shopping for a piece of diamond jewellery, we first look for the price. Thus, for your convenience, we've arranged our diamond bangles with price sequentially. When comparing them, you can check prices from low to high or vice versa. 

There are at least 80 models that cost less than ₹1,000,000 in our inventory. Depending on the intricacy of stonework and the weight of an ornament, the price might rise significantly. We offer bangles ranging in weight up to 5 grams, which may reach 90 grams or more depending on the pattern. 

We have everything from single bangles to wrist ornaments with cluster settings to a gorgeous rose gold bangle. The best part is that they complement all skin colours and outfits effortlessly. 

List of Popular Diamond Bangles @ Vaibhav Jewellers 

Product NameWeight RangePrice Range
Triple Swirl Diamond Bangles 5 grams Upto 40 grams69000 To 1400000
Navratna Diamond Bangles 5 grams Upto 40 grams 69000 To 1400000
Diamond Fancy Bangles 5 grams Upto 40 grams 69000 To 1400000
Double Line Gold And Diamond Bangle5 grams Upto 40 grams 69000 To 1400000








Diamond Bangles based on Sizes 

The modern time demands modern designs. That's why our designers created bangles in different sizes and shapes to fit into the fashion state of urban women. Designer diamond bangles from Vaibhav Jewellers come in 2.4 to 2.8 sizes. 

In addition, we offer diamond Kangans with an adjustable screw to accommodate wrists of nearly any size. If you are not sure about your diamond-cut bangles size, reach out to our jewellery experts. As a team, we are here to lend a helping hand and assist you in achieving your best. 

Buy Diamond Bangles for Wedding from Vaibhav 

Outstanding designs coupled with dedicated customer service are what makes us stand apart. We take pride in the wealth of Jewellery knowledge we have gathered over a span of 25years. Now, buying diamond necklace Jewellery online indifferent workmanship, weight, and price ranges are made simple. Take a look at all the latest diamond designer bangle sets, we at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

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At Vaibhav be rest assured you don’t just buy Jewellery but take home an heirloom piece

FAQs For Diamond Bangles

  1. What are Diamond Bangles?

Diamond Bangles are often inflexible but loose-fitting diamond-encrusted bracelets worn by ladies in the Indian subcontinent.

  1. What is the ideal price to buy Diamond Bangles?

It is subjective. The theory depends on one's budget and requirements. 

  1. What is the suitable weight and quality to buy Diamond Bangles Online?

The weight ranges of 5-10 gms, 10-20 gms, and 20-30 gms are available at Vaibhav Jewellers. Depending on the needs of the purchaser, it might exceed 90 grams. Always verify the BIS Hallmark to confirm the authenticity of your bangles in terms of quality.

  1. How to select bracelets and bangles diamond jewellery?

Think about where you'll be wearing them, the event, and who you'll be with when selecting bracelets and bangles diamond jewellery. If you are still unsure, reach out to our jewellery experts. 

  1. What is the cost of a diamond bangle?

Depending on the design, the price varies. We have more than 70 pieces within ₹1, 000,000. The costs go above ₹1, 000,000 if the design demands more intricate work.

  1. How do you measure diamond bangle size online?

Use any online bangle sizing charts to determine the diameter of your diamond bangle. You'll need a tape measure or a thread and a scale to gauge the size of your hand. You will find your hand's widest point by bringing your thumb and little finger together to measure this area.