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Diamond Bangles

Latest Diamond Bangle Designs Online

Vaibhav Jewellers is all about taking the art and craft of jewellery making to perfection, and it is done in a lovely, exquisite, glittering way. Created by skilled artisans, our diamond bangles exude the spirit of an age gone by.

Typically bridal diamond bangles possess heavy designs. Our collection has everything from charming uncut diamond bangles to fancy diamond Kangan to give a royal look to your wedding attire. If you want to add more drama to your appearance, pair them with gold bangles.

Daily wear diamond bangles include more affordable and sturdy designs. Pick a pair of simplistic diamond bangles designs to wear a sophisticated work look or stack multiple diamond bangles to make a style statement. 

Our latest diamond bangles design will make you stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique style. These elegant designer diamond bangles are a total wardrobe staple. If bangles are not your style, have a look at gold bracelets for women available in various types and designs. 

Is there a right age to adorn Diamond bangles?

Diamond bangles are age-neutral, however keeping in mind the cost and value attached to diamond bangles, these are best used after a certain age to handle them safely and securely.

Millennial women love to adorn diamond bangles for their minimalist design and subtle elegance, practically on every outfit. Another combination with diamond bangles are the different short and long diamond mangalsutra models available online.

Adored Diamond Bangles- A onetime buy

Like the gold Vankis for women, diamond bangles also are mostly a one-time buy and a treasure for a lifetime for many Indian women, however, the difference is that with diamond bangles you can’t stop with one- such is the charm. You can practically wear them on everything and everywhere right from office formals to wedding, from household functions to cocktail parties, from evening dinners to everyday wear.

Diamond bangles designs

We at Vaibhav Jewellers help you sweep through our Diamond Bangle design catalogue from where you can choose your coveted piece and get it custom made. Apart from the customization, the usual diamond bangle designs that you find with us are as below:

Daily use Diamond Bangle:

Simple diamond bangles with no fussy design can be used as daily wear. The wear and tear of these bangles are not bound to be disturbed because of their plain designs.

Gold Diamond Bangle:

Predominantly gold with very few diamonds is what makes this gold diamond bangle. They come in populated designs and fewer diamonds.

Single line Diamond Bangle:

Single line diamond bangles are the ones where diamonds are interspersed along the length of the bangle.
Uncut Diamond Bangle: Uncut diamond bangles or polki bangles are broad in design. They are not apt for daily wear, they are festive wear or occasional wear or wedding/Bridal wear.

Gemstone studded diamond bangles:

Diamond Bangles add sparkle to the bangle, to top that up a splash of colours can be even more appealing with rubies and emeralds studded in it. A classic Ruby diamond bangle outshines any occasion as they lash elegance like confetti.

Diamond Bangle Bracelet:

This is a 2-in-1 diamond bangle apt to showcase your chic side, where the diamond bangle bracelet can be adorned on both traditional and western wear with equal ease.
Single Diamond bangle: In a single diamond bangle design one can find a close-knit diamond arrangement making it look like a big glitter band.

Navratna Diamond Bangles:

Another very traditional design in the diamond bangles category are the Navratna bangles, they consist of nine stones that are considered as holy, out of the Navratnas one is diamond, as designs evolved diamonds are used increasingly to contour the entire length of bangles bringing a bright sparkle.

Diamond Bangles available @ Vaibhav

Out of an array of South Indian Jewellery, diamond bangles are a must explore section on our online portal. From single yellow gold to broad white gold bangles, from delicate office wear to tough daily wear bangles, from rose gold diamond bangles to two-tone bangles, we have them all.

You can also find diamond studded lightweight gold bracelets. Check out our stylish S cross bangles that you can wear on any attire and occasion. Bring out the unstoppable free spirits and woman power with wavy diamond bangles, speak your style by way of stylish S diamond bangles, and try a range of affordable daily and office wear diamond bangles.

Customization of Diamond Bangles

Didn’t find what you are looking? Then bring us the diamond bangle image that stole your heart. We will customize that for you in all respects. We also help you find a pair of matching bangles for your existing diamond necklace design.

At Vaibhav we also offer a revival of your old gold, redesigning your old Jewellery and engraving. Overall, we promise an end to end Jewellery service.

Explore Diamond Bangles by Price and weight range:

The sturdiness of diamond bangles makes them a timeless piece. They are made to look magnificent so that you can wear your art on your sleeve on any occasion.

While a traditional diamond bangle features diamonds all around, the new funky variations incorporate colourful gemstones, unusual diamond shapes, and ornamented clasps. We have our diamond bangles with the price mentioned on our website to help you pick up the right one for yourself.

The term Carat is derived from the kuara seed or the Greek word Keration or the kernel of the Carob bean that originates from the Locust tree. One Carat equals 0.20 grams and 100 points. Five carats equals 1 gram. Even a fraction of a carat causes notable cost differences in the diamond bangles price, and precision is essential.

18 Carat 

A pair of 18-carat diamond Kangan price is determined by the quality and colour of this precious stone. It can be anything—from reasonably priced jewellery to a hugely expensive piece. As per the 'Diamond Grading’, D is the best colour grade, and Flawless is the best clarity grade. If you want to buy high jewellery in finance, we have a Shop in EMI option for you. 

22 Carat

A 22-carat diamond Kada price varies depending upon the excellent colour, fabulous cut, and magnificent clarity grade of a diamond. Suppose the 22-carat diamond has been certified as having a Fancy colour, i.e. Z+ colour grade. E.g. Fancy Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Grey, Purple, Violet, or Yellow; a 22 carat stone would be hugely expensive.

Price Starts From 70000

Diamond bangles start from ₹70,000, have some best designs covered for you. Their diamond strokes add a touch of subtle radiance. If you want to look stylish without overwhelming your look, these are just the thing. Since these lightweight diamond bangles are available at reasonable budget-friendly prices, they are pretty famous among the youngsters and nin-to-fivers. 

Buy Diamond Bangle Online

Buying diamond bangles online is often seen with suspicion, but you can stay rest assured on the quality as all our diamond jewellery is accompanied with certification from SGL. So, now buy diamond bangles online in a few simple steps and hassle-free.

Diamond Bangles Set Collection

Diamond bangle sets come in either a pair of 2 or 4 or 6. They go great with practically every outfit. At Vaibhav, you can find a great diamond bangle set collection. Alternately, you can also make a diamond set bangle infusion with gold bangles.

Buying diamond bangles on EMI

Buying Diamond Bangle Jewellery on EMI sounds like a great option especially during a wedding when the burden of buying is double than usual. Vaibhav Jewellers in association with Jewelfina offers EMI facility to all the customers. EMI offer is valid on all studded gold and diamond Jewellery. To know more interest charges and flexible tenures, please contact our customer care @ +91 9177403000.

Buy Diamond Bangles for Wedding from Vaibhav

Outstanding designs coupled with dedicated customer service are what makes us stand apart. We take pride in the wealth of Jewellery knowledge we have gathered over a span of 25years. Now, buying diamond necklace Jewellery online in a different workmanship, weight and price ranges is made simple. Take a look at all the latest diamond designer bangle sets, we at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

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