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Latest Gold Chandbali Earrings Online

As the name suggests all Chandbali earrings design basic shape resembles that of a crescent moon and hence the name. Though the latest gold Chandbali earring designs have a lot of additions to them in terms of patterns, gemstones, pearls the basic design remained constant. You can find Chandbali earrings in gold, diamonds, and in combination too.

 With distinctive designs and versatile patterns, Vaibhav is a house to refreshing Chandbali gold earring designs. You can now buy Chandbali earrings online in just a few simple steps. Browse through the latest Chandbali earrings in gold and diamonds, select, pay, and get it delivered to an address of your choice.

Best Gold Chandbali Earrings with Ruby and Pearl Stones

Gold Chandbalis come in several variations, gemstone studding is one of them, gemstones such as Rubies and Emeralds are customarily used to enhance the beauty and to add a dash of color. Alongside these gemstones are Chandbalis with pearl dangles. Some of the best Chandbali designs come in a combination of Rubies and pearls. You can explore similar combinations on our online portal.

Gold Chandbali Designs

Though the basic crescent moon design remains, there are several variations from lightweight Chandbali gold earrings designs to heavy design populated ones varying in terms of patterns, workmanship, and stone additions by which we can classify Chandbalis into:

Antique Gold Chandbali Earrings

Antique Chandbali Earrings are made in Antique workmanship giving them a relic look. The antique Chandbali earrings gold go through an oxidized coating making them look like old Jewellery. Chandbali earrings antique gold best suit for weddings, house warming ceremonies, family occasions. They are best with Indian and fusion wear.

Small Chandbali Earring Designs

Small Chandbali earrings are best for daily use or for adorning in small household functions. The small Chandbali earrings gold also comes in different patterns with peacock, floral, and abstracts being predominant. small size Chandbali earrings make them easy to wear. They can be used both as daily wear and occasional wear too.

Big Gold Chandbali Earring Designs

The big Chandbali earrings are sometimes referred to as cocktail Chandbalis too. Big Chandbali earrings can be adorned as standalone jewellery, they look stunning on an empty neck given the size and design sequence. You can also find big kundan Chandbali earrings that are apt for bridal wear and other wedding ceremonies. These Chandbali earrings designs are heavy and hence are priced at a premium.

Lightweight Gold Chandbali Earrings

The lightweight Chandbali earrings gold are made as a frame or as a lattice. Given the weight, the lightweight Chandbali earrings gold are heartily light and can be adorned with simple office wear to evening parties, making them look exceptional. Another advantage with lightweight gold Chandbali earrings is that they are not occasion or attire specific. Lightweight Chandbali gold earrings designs are simple, subtle and affordable too.

Ruby & Pearl Chandbali Designs

The Ruby Chandbali earrings come under the gemstone category. They are studded in rubies on the face and pearls at the bottom to dangle. The pearl Chandbali earrings are also designed similarly. You can explore a wide range of pearl Chandbali earrings online with us with varying weight and design ranges. 

Gold Chandbali Earrings Price and Weight

At Vaibhav Jewellers, you can view Chandbali gold earrings with price and weight. There is a detailed price break up that you can got through. Not just viewing the Chandbali earring with weight and price, you can book a video call and see the item live for you to explore the intricacies. The Chandbali earrings price starts from as low as INR 27,000 for a 5gm pair. 

Gold Chandbali Models Catalogue

You can now reach our Jewellery experts to request for Chandbali model earrings for viewing additional designs such as the latest gold Chandbali earring designs, pearl Chandbalis, mesh designs, gemstone Chandbalis, diamond-studded and other simple lightweight Chandbali earrings in gold. You can also request to custom-make if you have a design in mind. 

Gold Chandbali Collection by Vaibhav Jewellers

Simple floral imprints to peacock designs, from nature, inspired models to graceful designs- At Vaibhav, you can shop every type of Chandbali earrings online such as the heavy Chandbalis, gemstone Chandbalis or simple Chandbali earring designs in gold, and pearls with the assurance of free domestic shipping, purity, quality and BIS hallmark.
We carry a legacy of 25years in the Jewellery industry and this clearly reflects in our designs and service quality. Our highly learned Jewellery experts are always at the forefront in enriching offering the best customer experience.

Frequently Asked Question


Where do find gold Chandbali earrings online?

Chandbalis can be shopped online with Vaibhav Jewellers. Visit our portal for the latest Chandbali designs in a variety of weight and price ranges. Our refreshing designs include daily use Chandbalis, the lightweight Chandbalis, bridal Chandbalis, occasional wears, and a versatile combination of Rubies, Emeralds, and pearls too. Shopping latest Chandbalis in few simple steps alongside easy EMI option and Value buy with manufacturing discounts.

What is the ideal price to buy Chandbali?

Chandbalis start from as low as INR 27,000 with us. However, the price largely depends on factors like weight, design, stone usage, making charges, and purity. One can get Chanbalis in lower weight ranges too which is entirely dependent on personal preference.

How is gold Chandbali different from normal earrings?

Gold Chandbalis come specifically in a crescent moon shape while normal earrings can be a stud, hoop, drop, or dangle. Normal earrings can be of any shape and design- from peacocks to geometric styles. However, Chandbalis are off only a crescent moon shape.