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Fancy Chains

Make it Gorgeous with an Impeccable Gold Fancy Chain!

Fancy chains for ladies are essential to any outfit that aims to make a statement. You can put your faith in the fact that there is a perfect necklace for each event you can imagine. You can wear a chain fancy design for either a subtle and feminine look or a commanding and authoritative one. When deciding how to wear a piece of jewellery, it's essential to consider the event, the theme, or the aesthetic expectations. Then pair it with other accessories to accentuate your look. For example, sleek gold bangles for women work well with a chunky chain. With this line of reasoning in mind, you can more easily settle on the most elegant and fitting accent pieces and nail any look. Still in doubt? Reach out to Vaibhav Jewellers. Our jewellery experts will guide you through our collection to make the right purchase.

Let the Stunning Gold Fancy Chain Do The Talking Every Time You Step Out!

Perhaps you can relate to this: you've just bathed and gotten ready to head out for the day, whether it's your routine or a special occasion. You've finished getting ready to go out, and your favourite neckpiece is all left to wear as the finishing touch to your outfit. However, this time you want a more practical option instead of a typical one. Our first recommendation here is a gorgeous fancy chain design gold from Vaibhav Jewellers. 

Chains have risen to prominence as one of the most sought-after accessories in recent years, particularly among metropolis women who have discovered their adaptability and chicness. These fancy ornaments feature a perfect synthesis of contemporary and classic aesthetics. So, they are a welcome addition to any wardrobe and can be worn daily or saved for special occasions to make a bold statement.

Compared to the brilliant gold chains popular in the 1980s, today's fancy gold chains look quite different. Trendsetters have repeatedly exhibited these baubles on major designer runways, and for a good reason: they are both stylish and functional.

The versatility of our fancy gold chain designs for ladies is their greatest strength. If you're going for a more understated look, a chain necklace is a great way to add some subtle style. A chain with more significant, more noticeable links is an excellent choice if you like to make a statement. You can make your neck adornment the focal point of an ensemble, or you can team it with other jewellery, like gold earrings for women, to give an otherwise simple outfit some depth. The best part is that pieces like these will never go out of style, making them excellent additions to any wardrobe.

Personalized Fancy Gold Chains

A personalized fancy chain design in gold has a different fan base. In the last decade, it has developed rapidly as an inclining sensation. It feels good to wear your name on the body like an ornament. It gives you a simplified elegance. Similarly, having your loved one's name on your gold chain can remind us about the importance of showing our commitment to our partners. Imagine seeing your spouse wearing a necklace with both of your initials. Isn't it amazing? Apart from names, you can also customize your fancy chain with a unique signature, a significant word, or a place in any handwriting or font. Wear a fabulous personalized chain with gold earrings to bring that extra edge to any social gathering. 

Rose Gold Chains

We at Vaibhav Jewellers have adopted this warmer shade to give a fresh look to our fancy gold chain designs that are trendy and inclusive. Rose gold is both rich and simple at the same time. It flatters almost all skin tones. In reality, you do not need to put much effort into your appearance with a stunning rose gold chain.  

Feathered Gold Chain

If you are looking for a contemporary style of neckpiece, buy a feathered gold chain. It looks svelte and pretty. Although a stunning feathered neckpiece is more perfect for casual wear, you can wear it to your work to complement a semi-formal outfit.  

You can now shop new design fancy handmade latest men chain at the best price at Vaibhav Jewellers. Such neckpieces offer the satisfaction of exclusive, often rare designs, typically created by a craftsman with love and passion. A handmade gold chain precisely reflects your personalized style, taste, individuality, and identity.

Simply put, fancy gold chains are a joy to wear for people of every age group!

List of Popular Fancy Chains @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

22K Plain Gold Spring Chain

15 to 60 gms

₹70000 To ₹350000

Plain Gold Hand Made Made Chain

15 to 60 gms

₹70000 To ₹350000

22K Plain Gold High Polish Chain

15 to 60 gms

₹70000 To ₹350000

22K Plain Gold Fancy Short Chain

15 to 60 gms

₹70000 To ₹350000

22K Plain Gold High Polish Chain

15 to 60 gms

₹70000 To ₹350000


Browse Latest Gold Fancy Chain Models for Women Online

Ever since the inception of modern jewellery, fancy gold chains have become very popular. You can find a whole host of jewellery available in different sizes, colours, and patterns. Let's have a look.

Handmade Chains

The warmth and timelessness of gold should be tied up within the neckpieces that you buy. Handmade chains never go out of style. They are a creation of love and skill. The best part is that a handcrafted piece is highly customisable. Personalising your jewellery creates a sense of pride that is unique to you. It shows your personality inside-out. e.g. if you are bubbly and outgoing, a peppy gold short chain design would more likely suit your energy. 

Gold Spring Chain

The gold spring chain is versatile enough to be worn on several occasions without a hitch. It can be worn while at work, dining out, and even dancing the night away in a pub. Pick a gold spring chain that will make you look striking in a wide variety of places. Let the richness of gold lift your spirit company throughout the year.

Gold fancy Short Chain

Hello ladies! Now take your love for an aesthetic gold necklace to the next level with Vaibhav Jewellers' comprehensive collection. The fancy gold short chain is an absolute favourite of ladies looking for a piece that sits perfectly just below your collarbone. Today, the gold short chain design is banging the jewellery trend, ranging from simple everyday wears to exquisite party-wear pieces. It is a superb neckpiece pattern that can work wonders when paired with a lovely gold pendant.  

Gold Fancy Long Chain

The fancy gold long chain is quite in trend amongst the boho-chic fashionistas. It features a modern twist that can accentuate your décolletage in no time. Pairing a gold long chain design with a cute gold locket gives striking contrast and edginess to your look. You can wear it to a wedding over a traditional gown. Or else wear it over casual jeans and tops to a daytime meet up.

Single Line Gold Fancy Chains

Single-lined fancy gold chains are in vogue. Why? Because they are stylish, sturdy, plus versatile. You can wear them anywhere without having any second thoughts.

We suggest something that can withstand several wearing in day-to-day activities without sacrificing comfort. These single-lined fancy gold chain designs for ladies should be understated but still, make a statement. Accessorizing with a daily wear fancy chain design from Vaibhav Jewellers is one choice for women who want to seem simple without sacrificing style.

Despite the difficulty of finding an appropriate outfit for a formal dinner, we advise choosing from single-lined fancy chain models rather than plain ones. It acts like the icing on the cake in making your outfit look polished and put together.

When going out, sometimes you want to wear your best jewellery. Perhaps you're planning a romantic anniversary dinner or just want to impress your significant other with a fancy meal. We suggest dating jewellery like single-lined fancy neck chain designs for ladies to highlight your most outstanding features and keep the spark ignited.

Which jewellery you wear depends entirely on the context in which you'll be wearing it. The most expensive or elaborate option, such as diamond necklace designs, is not always necessary. We advise you to dress comfortably and casually for your social gatherings. Since you might be doing a lot of moving around, it's best to go with high-quality pieces. For example, single-lined solid gold chain fancy designs that can do wonders on such occasions.

Explore Fancy Gold Chain by Price and Weight

We look at the most talked-about gold chains of the last few years and how they've created a jewellery trend that is here to stay. There was a time when the fancy gold chains were considered as an overtly festive piece. Now they have taken on a more thoughtful and ubiquitous persona.

Fancy Gold Chains as per Weight

Fancy Gold Chain under 10,000

Suppose you are a fan of minimalistic wear instead of the traditional heavy set of jewellery. In that case, a fancy gold chain under ₹10,000 has the potential to bring out the fashionista in you in no time. This specific price range has numerous designs to choose from for both men and women of any age group.

5 grams Fancy Gold Chain

The minimalistic design of a 5 grams fancy gold chain can let you vaunt your jewellery everywhere you go. Be it at your office or an evening gathering, your fancy chain will blend with every mood of yours. The affordability factor attached to these lightweight pieces of jewellery makes them a popular buy among youngsters.

10 grams Fancy Gold Chain

10 grams fancy gold chain has always been just the thing for the business and on-the-go people. Light on the pocket but high on the style, they are visually appealing too. Wear such lightweight pieces on a solid colour like black to create a contrast. At the same time, a charming 10 grams fancy gold chain can complement warmer tones like orange and brown, effortlessly.

15 grams Fancy Gold Chain

It's neither high-priced nor inexpensive, but a comfortable middle ground for jewellery lovers. An excellent choice for those who love a bit of drama! With decent designs and lengths, you can wear a 15 grams gold chain in different ways. Wear it with a saree or a smart gown with the same amount of confidence.

Fancy Gold Chains as per purity

18k gold Fancy chain price

18K gold is 75% pure gold. Due to its grand appearance, it is extensively used in the world of jewellery. An 18K fancy chains price entirely depends on the weight, width and complexity of the making process of the neckwear.

22k Gold Fancy Chains price

22K gold contains 91.7% gold. Thus, it is used mainly in designing jewellery items. A 22k Gold Fancy Chains price usually is on the heavier side as compared to its counterparts. Available in thick and thin designs alike, chains set in 22k purity is suitable on their own. Pair them with gorgeous gold bracelets to glam up your overall look.

24k Gold Fancy Chains price

The 24k gold fancy chains price is not yet determined. The reason is simple.  Although it is the purest form of gold available in the market and the most expensive one, it is soft and pliable. So, it is not ideal for ornament making. 

Why choose Vaibhav Jewellers?

The main reason for choosing Vaibhav Jewellers is that our innovative approach to fancy chain design gold has always been popular and, in some cases, has been popular enough to revolutionise the market entirely. We have been the benchmark for jewellery excellence for nearly thirty years. It is because of our commitment to class and innovation for both women's and men's gold chains.

Try us if you plan to buy fancy chains for ladies at the best pricing. Jewellery on EMI, Live video shopping, Try @Home, International Shipping, and Easy Return Policies are some remarkable benefits you get while shopping with us. We also offer jewellery consultancy on demand. If you have a design in mind for your fancy neck chain, share it with us, and we will get it customised for you.


1. What are Gold fancy chains?

Cable modifications make gold chains "fancy." Instead of circular or oval links, these chains may have heart, infinity, flower, or other machine-made links.

2. What is the ideal price to buy Gold fancy chains?

Depending on the style, prices vary. We have an exceptional selection of fancy gold chains priced between 0 to ₹100,000, ₹100,000 to ₹200,000, and so on.  Expenses exceed ₹300,000 if the design requires more extensive work.

3. What is the suitable weight and quality to buy Gold fancy chains?

Weight ranges for fancy chains at Vaibhav Jewellers are 10-20 grams, 20-30 grams, and 30-50 grams. Depending on the buyer's requirements, a neckpiece may surpass those figures. Always check the BIS Hallmark to validate the quality and authenticity of your chain.

4. In How many sizes Gold fancy chains are made?

To suit the preferences of the wearer, fancy chains are made in both short and long lengths.

5. What are the best-rated products of the gold fancy chain to buy online?

Vaibhav Jewellers' 22k Fancy gold chains are among the best-rated products available for purchase online. For the past 30 years, we have been providing our customers with the highest level of service and quality.