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Gold Hangings Earrings Online

Gold Hangings Earrings Online

Gold Hanging earrings are a timeless beauty that has never gone out of fashion given the highly dynamic fashion industry. Hanging earrings designs in gold have appeased women of all age groups for decades. As time passed, one need not visit a Jewellery store to buy instead, you can buy gold hangings online hassle-free.

Hanging earrings are a common sight to see in every woman’s Jewellery box. But, with gold hanging earrings, none can stop with one pair. If you are on the lookout for the latest hanging earrings designs in gold, then search hanging earrings design online. Get an idea of the latest trends, browse through designs, check the different variations- find them all at Vaibhav Jewellers online portal. Didn’t find something that interests you? No worries you can simply get us the hanging earrings gold design and place an order to custom make it for you. Not just hangings, we take up every other earrings order like the gold jhumka earrings, gold studs, or Chandbalis too.

Gold Hanging Earrings Designs

If you are someone who wants to buy earrings hanging models for your dear one and not sure which one to select, or someone who wishes to indulge in buying hanging earrings online then search for “earrings hanging gold”. You will be taken by the sheer variety and models and gold hanging earrings design with the price that you see online. If you want to for daily use then prefer small hanging earrings, on the other hand, if you are eyeing for party wear then go outrightly for long hanging earrings. Unlike gold stud earrings, there are several assortments you can find in gold hangings. This makes it a preferred ear wear over gold chandbali earrings or gold hoops or any other variety.

Such is the variety that one will truly get perplexed to choose from. Nowadays, you will also find hangings with gemstones studded in them, with petite pearl or ruby work, etc. There are several hanging earrings designs in gold that you can browse through either online or in-store. At Vaibhav, you can view gold hanging earrings designs with prices in different weights, and workmanship. The designs vary in patterns, some are florals, leafy vines, clovers, clusters, and many geometric shapes- each captivating in its way. Here are a few hanging earring designs that you can look at:

Small Gold Hanging Earring

Small hanging earrings are pretty and petite, apt for daily use, you can find the latest and a huge collection of small hanging gold earring designs at Vaibhav. The small hangings are easy to wear and are hassle-free, they go well with both Indian and western making them one of the preferred in the earrings category. Small hanging earrings gold come at competitive price ranges making them appropriate for gifting too.

Long Gold Hanging Earrings

Long hanging earrings remain to be the best in the category given their elegance and their evergreen fashion vibes. The long hanging earrings in India serve several purposes, some prefer them to wear daily, while some occasional. On the other hand, they can be used as party wear too, especially the tassel hangings that are very apt for the party. Not just that long hangings go well with Indian wear, during festivals, parties, etc.

Stone gold hanging Earrings

The extravagant stone hanging earrings go great with Indian wear. You can find a mélange of rubies, emeralds, and corals too in our collection. Age-old patterns like the peacock hanging earring designs, floral motifs, Lakshmi Devi imprints are all now made with precious gemstones. Another beautiful variation in the gemstone hangings is the south sea pearl hanging earrings. The stone hangings are usually accompanied by pearl dangles making them look traditional and ecstatic. The stone hangings are priced slightly higher in comparison with the other gold hanging varieties for the use of precious gemstones. Stone gold hangings.

Gold Hangings Earrings Price and Weight

One has to acknowledge the fact that gold hanging earring's latest designs come in several variations. Fancy hanging earrings or simply gold hangings for daily use, hanging chain earrings, or long hanging models -the choice is vast and unlimited. Gold hangings in comparison to gold sui dhaga earrings come in a higher weight range. Though it is not fair to compare one model from the other, when it comes to gold, every bit is precious and counted worthy. Gold hanging earrings designs images can be browsed online and can be made to order at any of our stores or place orders online too.

Gold hanging earring designs with price can now be explored online on our portal. You can view several variations in the gold hanging earrings with varying weight and price ranges. Earrings hanging gold can now be bought in few simple steps along with a manufacturer's discount as applicable.  We bring you powerful combinations of pearl hangings, gemstone earrings, and plain gold hangings that you can adorn as per your taste and preference. The gold hanging earrings start from as low as INR 14,000 and are available in 14Kt, 18Kt, and 22KT purity.

Gold Hanging Earrings Models Catalogue

Of all the earring styles hangings are a close match to gold drop earrings, though the drop model gets stereotyped at times, the hanging earrings for girls give versatility to the style.  Hangings can be used as a daily wear as well as occasionally too.  Small hanging earrings in gold are a great addition to your daily dose of style, they take up the glam quotient by a notch higher. There are other models of gold hangings that you can find from our Jewellery experts.

A vast selection of earring designs includes hanging, jhumka earrings, chandeliers, petite drops, baby earrings, etc can now be found online.

You can now reach our Jewellery experts to request hanging model earrings for viewing additional designs such as the latest gemstone hanging earrings gold, attractive pearl hangings, abstract geometric hangings, peacock motif designs, Lakshmi Devi hangings, simple polka hangings, enchanting floral designs, and many more. If you have the latest gold hanging earring design You can also request to custom-make if you have a design in mind. We will have it delivered in record time to an address of your choice.

Hanging Earrings Collection by Vaibhav Jewellers

There is no doubt in saying that hanging earrings are the top among the lot in the earrings category. However, a lot depends on the design, gold weight, and of course the finish of the item. At Vaibhav, you can stay rest assured of all the above. Bridal or daily wear, casual or formal, occasion wear or party you are sure to find hanging earrings designs in gold that rightly fits your taste. Versatility is what best defines gold hanging earrings given the tune of designs that can be found. Other earring models such as gold hoop earrings are very popular choices and gold dangle earrings can also be found at Vaibhav online collection.

Simple floral imprints to peacock designs, from nature, inspired models to graceful designs- At Vaibhav,  you can shop every type of hanging earrings online such as the heavy stone hangings, pearl hanging earrings or simple gold hanging earring designs in gold, and other shapes with the assurance of free domestic shipping, purity, quality and BIS hallmark.

We carry a legacy of 25years in the Jewellery industry and this clearly reflects in our designs and service quality. You can also book a private viewing session with us for bridal purchases at the store or simply sit together at the comfort of your house for a state-of-the-art HD video call to view your favorite Jewellery microscopically.  Our highly learned Jewellery experts are always at the forefront in enriching offering the best customer experience.

You can also find them in different workmanship such as Antique, Kundan, Meenakari, Enamel hand-painted, etc. For those of you looking for authentic pieces can go with these models.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between gold hanging and gold chandbali earrings?

Gold Hangings come in different lengths; they are the most common adornment among Indian women. On the other hand, Chanbalis come in a crescent moon shape only with variations to the top and bottom of the balls.  Chandbalis gold earrings come in varying lengths, and widths- i.e. the width of the crescent shape varies from piece to piece. Gold hangings are available in all price and weight ranges while Chandbalis start from a minimum of 5gms because of their design.

What is a gold hanging earring?

Gold Hanging earring is shaped straight, they come in different lengths, designs, purity, and weight ranges. They have peacocks, florals, abstracts, geometric, lattice, many such unique patterns.

How is gold hanging different from normal earrings?

Gold Hangings as the name suggests hang down from the ear lobe, on the other hand, normal earrings can be any type such as ear studs, Jhumkis, drops, dangles. While regular earrings come in different shapes, weights, designs.

What is an ideal price to buy gold hanging earrings?

Gold hanging earrings start from INR 8,000 at our online portal, an ideal price range always depends on purity, the weight of gold, design, and making changes. It also depends on the workmanship. For example, you can have antique gold hangings with the goddess Lakshmi idol, Ganesha, etc. The gold hangings made in special workmanship are priced on a higher side for their uniqueness.

What is a suitable weight and carat to buy gold hangings?

Gold hangings are trendy adornments while some like lightweight earrings others choose to adorn the heavy hangings. Both are equally beautiful when it comes to a suitable weight and carat- it entirely depends on the taste and the preference of the adorner. While purity is an entirely personal choice, the gold hangings are available from 14KT and weigh as low as 2.1gms.

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