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Gold Butterfly Design Rings In 14K

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Buy Gold Butterfly Rings Online

Butterfly gold rings are one of a kind in their beauty. They're awe-inspiring and enchanting. One word to describe them would be transformational. In terms of effortless elegance and fashionability, it's just what we've been searching for. So the Vaibhav Jewellers team risked it all by creating an incredible collection of gold rings for women. And guess what? It became an instant hit. 

Well, the reason is obvious. Our new butterfly gold rings are incredibly versatile, as you can wear them almost anywhere. All year long, you may wear a spring-like style that conjures up images of sunny days and happy moods in everyone. Our goal was to provide you with the best butterfly gold rings so that you may wear them in any situation. Wear a piece to work. Sport these stunning butterfly rings in gold for a night on the town with the ladies. Save dainty gold butterfly rings for a Downtown breakfast. With only a few mouse clicks, you can now purchase all of these butterfly gold rings online. So have a look around and pick out the one you like most.

Check out Butterfly Gold Rings Designs

The butterfly is a gorgeous creature. Today, numerous gold and diamond rings for women have this charming creature's exquisite pattern.

When you first see our stunning piece of gold butterfly ring design, your heart will flutter. Each one is meticulously created in a variety of hues of gold. These gold butterfly rings for women are embellished with sparkling cubic Zirconia, giving them a subtle glint and a feeling of lightness.

We have to confess that these fashion-forward gold butterfly rings, crafted by our highly talented craftsmen, are a genuine statement piece for a social butterfly's jewellery box. Having the butterflies artistically wrap around your finger creates a lovely aura. It doesn't matter whether you wear contemporary or ethnic clothing; the blend of gold with tiny white stones compliments almost anything. Our butterfly patterns are guaranteed to be appreciated for a lifetime due to their beautiful shine and sparkle.

Therefore, pair these dazzling jewellery pieces with your favourite dress and set the room on fire at any function.

List of Popular Butterfly Rings @Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

14K Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring


₹6000 To ₹15000

14K Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring 483DA242


₹7000 To ₹15000

14K Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring 483DA248


₹7000 To ₹15000

14K Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring 483DA243


₹7000 To ₹15000

14K Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring 483DA246


₹7000 To ₹15000


Explore Best Butterfly Gold Rings by Price

The butterfly gold rings are among the ornaments included in our beautiful butterfly jewellery collection. The inspiration for these finger rings came from a tiny but bright butterfly with magnificent wings, which served as the basis for the design. Designers who have years of experience and a solid commitment to their profession have created our butterfly gold ring designs for you. These rings are made of affordable cubic Zirconia stones, an equally beautiful and affordable alternative to diamond rings. Since they are set in 14K metal purity, these are lighter on your fingers and pocket. Our collection's gold butterfly rings prices expect to cost anywhere from ₹6,500 to ₹14,000. Make sure to check the gold rate before setting a budget, as these charges can vary. Since we have options for customised jewellery, you can opt for a butterfly ring set in high metal purity and expensive gemstones. The heavier the piece, the higher it will cost. 

We offer an extensive selection of beautiful butterfly gold rings to buy online or in-store. If you require something less flashy, you can also check out our collection of plain gold rings that have simple designs and are equally stylish. For heavier, pricey gold rings, you can use our EMI facility to make them affordable.

Whether you're on a tight budget or love jewellery so much that you're willing to spend big, we're here to help you find the perfect piece that you'll enjoy for a lifetime.

Trending Butterfly Gold Rings Collections for Women

Butterfly designs are a common characteristic of feminine jewellery, which prompted our designers to create fancy gold rings with butterfly patterns. These bright, joyful, and lively pieces of jewellery are an excellent birthday or anniversary present for your better half. Our butterflies have a contemporary style created on gold and are embellished with brilliant CZ stones. They match practically with any outfit and look well on all skin tones. These versatile jewellery items, ranging from single to double butterfly settings, can be worn by ladies of any age.

Jewellery is only for women seem to be a fallacy after observing men's passion for jewellery in the past few decades. We've designed an excellent range of men's jewellery based on current trends. It has a variety of classic diamond jewellery for guys, such as cufflinks and gold rings for men. Additionally, there are some exquisite gold couple rings for engagements and weddings. However, the modern man knows that the list does not end here. We have a segment of exceptional diamond rings for men as well to complement their partners on the D-day. 

Every one of our stunning pieces of jewellery has a storey to tell. It doesn't matter whether you're on a budget or if you're a jewellery aficionado who spends a lot of money on it; it's all about finding a piece that you adore and will wear for years to come. If you're not sure how to dress these pieces of jewellery, go no further than Vaibhav Jewellers. Please feel free to reach out to us to help you choose the proper accessories for your outfit.

Latest Gold Butterfly Rings with Weight

Butterfly gold rings are a part of a lovely collection of jewellery. They are based on the butterfly, a very tiny happy creature with gorgeous wings. Professional artisans make our collection of new butterfly gold ring designs with great experience and hard work to make sure it fits beautifully with your outfit.

The gold butterfly rings prices are affordable and depend on the gold rate, the purity of the gold, and the ring's weight. Our prices for them start from around ₹6,500 to ₹14,000. However, these prices are not always the same, so check the gold rate to set a budget. We have tons of butterfly gold rings to buy, and you can grab one of these online or offline. These rings are covered with a stone called cubic Zirconia and have very affordable prices. They are a great alternative to diamond rings for those who cannot afford them.

With the widest selection of gold butterfly rings designs, we are sure to exceed your expectations. Also, our website has a unique manner of displaying all ring styles with weight and price. So we can be entirely honest in our business practises. Check our website's gold ring area and get the type you've been yearning for.  We have already listed our full assortment of gold ring styles with prices, so you won't have to break a sweat over purchasing one.

Shop Beautiful Gold Butterfly Rings at Vaibhav Jewellers

When it comes to finger rings, consider this season's hottest design: the butterfly gold rings from Vaibhav Jewellers. These rings have a butterfly pattern with much fine detail, giving the design a more realistic feel. Each of these jewellery pieces is delicately capped.   The butterflies' bodies are given either a yellow, white or rose gold tinge, enhancing the entire look. With this butterfly pattern, you can get a trendy appearance in any ethnic or traditional attire.

Solitaire has long been connected with rings. And you are at the correct spot if you like solitaire diamonds—a great range of solitaire gold rings by Vaibhav. We also provide online buying convenience. Find out about diamond quality, carat weight, metal purity and artistry. Please look at our complete selection before making your final decision on a stunning solitaire ring setting.

In addition to the butterfly collection, we've designed a mixture of various rings for gold jewellery enthusiasts. We have something for everyone, from plain gold rings to antique ones. The designs are driven by emotions and influenced by current fashions. Our gold rings are available at the most competitive prices available at the moment. Our business solely deals with BIS-certified products. What may be the explanation behind this? It's apparent. We don't want you to feel as if the quality or prices of gold rings are out of reach. We are committed to working with integrity and honesty.

Please visit our website to purchase finger rings online. Don't hesitate to contact our online support staff if you have any questions about our jewellery line or our vast inventory. Our jewellery professionals will assist you.

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1) What are gold butterfly rings?

Gold butterfly rings are rings with vibrant stones and butterfly-shaped decorations.

2) What is the ideal price to buy a gold butterfly ring?

The best gold butterfly rings in Vaibhav Jewellers' inventory cost between 0 and 100,000. If a product features intricate work, its price may surpass the range.

3) What is the suitable weight and quality for buying a gold butterfly ring?

A person's preference for gold butterfly ring weight might vary. We have pieces available at 0-2 grams and 2-5 grams. If you want to get the most terrific deal in quality, go for the BIS approved trademark.

4) In How many sizes are gold butterfly rings made?

Gold butterfly rings are available in sizes of 8 to 15.

5) Where to buy the best gold butterfly ring for ladies?

Vaibhav Jewellers is one of the best sellers of butterfly rings for ladies.