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Founder: Manoj Kumar Grandhi


Manoj Kumar Grandhi – A profile “Steer for the deep waters.” This is a dictum Manoj Kumar Grandhi laid down for himself, when he was 21 years old. As a scion of the Grandhi family – that redefined entrepreneurship in many ways, overthe last four generations through thriving business ventures in the area of textiles& Jewellery – he did the family proud by enriching the quality component of their product offerings and services.Venturing into jewellery retail in 1991 was a forward integration move as part of Manoj Kumar’s blueprint to make Vaibhav, as he christened his new brand a single source provider for Visakhapatnam’s Jewel lovers. From an 800sft. Jewellery store in 1994 to a 30,000sft mall today,Vaibhav’s growth trajectory has been phenomenal.VSquare as it is fondly called features precious creations, inspired by an eclectic spectrum of cultures. They are designed for discerning jewellery enthusiast’s world over.For Mr. Manoj exquisite jewellery is about lifestyle, differentiation, craftsmanship and blue-chip investment.

Mr. Manoj has raised a clandestine customer base even before the parent store was set up at Visakhapatnam, by constantlyinteracting with people, travelling to various parts of the state, customizedtheir orders and thereby stayed on top of their minds. A host of loyal customers laud his design convictions and the undivided attention he gave to each one of them till date. He has also imbibed customer centric culture in Vaibhav and fondly said “Customers give us an inspiration to innovate our business”. This improved business to a large extent. This business czar did not stop at this stage but kept reinventing ways with whichhe could capture customer’s Jewellery needs, either by way of giving them latest designs or by bringing Jewellery from across India to their platter. This culture transformed Vaibhav Jewellers DNA toRelationship by design.

Mr. Manoj carried a charismatic appeal which every employee at Vaibhav can recall till date and the years to come. Despite his tight schedules and corporate pressures, he bustled in the office mingling with everyone. An employee recalls how Mr. Manoj used to remember the names of every single person in the organization citing a classic example of his spirit of employee engagement.

He staunchly believed that every responsible organization should have a robust CSR policy and being an art connoisseur he believed in recognizing art patrons. Honouring eminent artists by way of the annual Swarna Kamalam Awards displays his taste and respect for the fine arts. Taking a modest company and transforming it into a global conglomerate in just two decades is no mean achievement. Mr. Manoj Kumar Grandhi, by sheer determination, perseverance and foresight has made this possible.

His vision to look ahead of times and still be relevant in the present is appreciated by all. ance. His foresightedness helped the organization to expand the brand name across the state in the current day. He is a man of few words and lots of action who has nailed his presence for decades to come.He left along a long legacy to dwell on and nourish the business to take it forward.Since 2012 the growth story of Vaibhav has taken a u turn and left no stone unturned to transform his set vision in to reality.