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Antique Gold Haram

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The excellence of traditional motifs and designs are unparalleled. The charm of an intricately woven antique gold haram from Vaibhav Jewellers still stands strong. We must admit that each antique haram in our collection radiates an artistic expression of all the earthly beauty. Not even the most contemporary of neckpieces can beat their elegance and grace. The choices are plenty and diverse. We have both long and short harams to match your preferences. A long gold haram for women has been the epitome of womanly elegance since ancient times. Likewise, the short patterns are a modern twist to the antique designs. These are being crafted bearing the needs of modern women. Especially in Southern Parts of India, our antique haram gold has been playing a significant role in all rituals and traditions. People can't think of a ceremony without it. Now all these stunning designs can be seen online too. You can select, try and buy your favourite antique gold haram from Vaibhav Jewellers only through a few clicks. 

Latest Antique Gold Haram Designs

Haram necklace is a famous antique gold necklace for women in Southern India. Women leave no scope to flaunt their antique long haram on any given occasion. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we have various haram designs. The most popular ones include antique Lakshmi haram, twin line design, antique nagas haram, lotus design, antique mango haram, three layered Peacock Design, antique Kasu mala, and so on. 

Peacock Design

Our enchanting and distinctive peacock design haram necklaces can make you look and feel magnificent. These necklaces are for people who dare to experiment with bold pieces. The intricate work of the harams introduces a splash of something old among the new. 

TwinLine Design

Indulge in a gorgeous look you always wanted on yourself with our antique gold long haram. The exciting and original TwinLine Design on this antique neckpiece makes it a good selection for you! You can style up your look with this stunning haram to grab all the attention wherever you go.  

Three-layered Peacock Design

The golden three-layered peacock haram will make its way to your heart. You will find yourself falling head over heels for this dazzling necklace. The elaborate detail coupled with fine craftsmanship is well worth the purchase. When we talk about a statement antique long haram, a classic mango mala tops the list. These are also artistic delights. Within the most elaborate decorative curves, the fineness of exquisite workmanship is visible in each of our antique mango mala.

Laxmi Coin Design

Our Lakshmi Coin haram's enthralling stone, bead, and coin motif setting is a delightful jewellery piece for women looking for a striking appearance. What is most to be cherished in this antique long haram is its extraordinary design, making the most intricate details with great outlines.

List of Popular Antique Harams @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

Classic Kasulu Peru Gold Haram Necklace


₹240000 To ₹179000

Antique Ashtalakshmi Gold Haram


₹240000 To ₹179000

Goddess Lakshmi Gold Necklace


₹240000 To ₹179000

22K Antique Gold Haram


₹240000 To ₹179000

Three Layered Beaded Antique Gold Haram


₹240000 To ₹179000

Antique Gold Haram with Price and Weight

An antique gold haram is a perfect pick for those who love a bit of drama! As the name suggests, these necklaces depict a design associated with ancient times over 100 years old. Are you looking for a unique gold haram necklace to glamorize your neckline? Look no further than Vaibhav Jewellers. We offer countless options. Our extensive range aims to lure jewellery lovers of every age. Browse through our beautifully crafted antique gold haram with weight and price and pick up the right one for you.

Price Range from ₹10,000 to 10 Lakhs

For an occasion that demands a stamp of your unique identity, go for bolder pieces that speak volumes about who you are. We have 22K gold antique haram designs so affordable that you can buy them with a set budget! Even the customers sitting in different parts of the world can check out the gold antique gold haram with price online. Our listing is available at both Indian Rupees and US Dollars prices. The price of our antique gold haram varies from model to model. The range starts from ₹248,090 and goes up to ₹1,772,645. 

Weight Range from 30 Gram to 90 Gram

If truth be told, we usually go helter-skelter over the gold haram designs with price and weight as we fail to get to a common ground on both pedestals. However, worry not! We at Vaibhav Jewellers are committed to bringing the best 22k antique gold harams with weight and price for you to pick from and get your peace of mind. Remember, gold is priced by weight. The heavier the weight is, the bigger the price tag will be. Our harams' weight range starts from 30 grams and goes beyond 90 grams based on the complex design of the necklace. 

We assure you that we have the latest and most extensive inventory of haram designs, be it our online or our offline string of stores. Pair your gold haram set with charming gold accessories for women to pull out a fabulous look.

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Haram necklaces are in trend. From the B-towners to young fashionistas, everyone is going gaga over them and an antique gold Lakshmi haram is certainly one of the most beautiful pieces that any jewellery enthusiast would love to add, to her jewellery collection. We at Vaibhav Jewellers ensure that our pieces are as beautiful as you expect, or even more than your expectations.

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EMI Facility

When you find yourself in a conflict because of a huge price tag in one of our Antique gold harams, it is hard for you to let go of it. However, you don't need to. Instead of paying the entire cost of the piece in one goes, you can ask us to separate the price into monthly payments by opting into our "shop on EMI" facility.

With us, you do not need to worry about a thing. All you need to do is to select your piece from our collection and leave the rest to  us.