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One of the popular designs in haram that's hitting on as a trend is a Polki haram. Polki jewellery has been around for a long, long period. It is an unrefined, unprocessed diamond in its natural form with no synthetic intensification done. The colour of Polki, in comparison to the lab-processed diamonds, is a bit rustic. A haram necklace is a must-have piece in a South Indian woman's jewellery box. Polki haram sets a perfect example of having the best of both worlds: diamonds' harmonious blend with exquisite designs and patterns. The styles of these particular neckpieces are elongated and heavier than the conventional necklaces. The more traditional type of a Polki haram would have a long gold chain with an oversized and gorgeous pendant. Anchoring your look with a timeless piece like a stunning pair of women gold bangles is an excellent way to feel confident. We have an extensive range of designer gold bangles set available in all sizes and at the best prices that transcend all ages.  

Stylish Gold Haram Design

Polki haram is one of the most trending necklaces among women these days. From the B-Towners to the millennial fashionistas, everyone views it as a style must-have and heirloom-worthy investment for their collection. The reason is apparent! Polki haram designs showcase a fusion of North and South Indian craftsmanship. 

Polki jewellery has its roots in Bikaner in Rajasthan, dates back to the Mughal era. And the haram necklace is a staple piece in a South Indian jewellery wardrobe. We create our unique Polki gold haram designs by taking inspiration from royalty and mixing it with our signature craftsmanship. 

Flower Design

Flowers play a significant role in the beauty industry. So are the floral designs. Polki harams may traditionally be only for the wedding day, but now you can also wear them to smaller functions. Let’s say our 22K Pachi work Polki Gold Haram. It is nothing less than a beauty. Enhancing your neck like a boss, this long floral design haram with Polki, pearls, colourful gems, and a huge Lakshmi Devi pendant is AMAZING!  Wear it to anywhere with élan. 

Mango Design

Our Polki mango haram is simply fabulous! It has both the new vibe and the classic charm. How? The decorative tiny mango motifs with gems give it a highly royal appearance. On the other hand, the lean and long structure offers a fresh, distinctive look to this haram necklace. If you want to add a little extra detail, you can opt for Polki women gold earrings.

Polki Gold Haram Collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

If you plan to buy a Polki haram soon, below are some popular necklace designs that you must check out.

Antique Gemstone Polki Haram

Our antique Polki haram designs span a wide variation and look, sometimes embellished with precious and semiprecious gemstones, and each has its unique style. Models such as 22kt Lakshmi Devi Polki Haram is beautified with all the gold, stones and pearls detailing. Usage of different colours on gold can never go wrong. The Polki gold Crescent moon above the goddess Lakshmi locket is quite royal.

Antique Polki Haram with Emeralds

We have some unique antique women gold necklace designs that will look modern for decades to come. The chic amalgam of Polki and emerald is one of them. The calming effect of white and the richness of green strike a perfect balance between classiness and craze. The Antique Polki Haram with Emeralds features a fusion of Polkis, pearls, and emeralds that intensifies the beauty of this jewellery. With the good amount of gold shown off, this is an ideal pick for you from our Polki haram designs.

Classy Polki Gold Haram

Nothing matches the beauty of Mango design when we talk about a classy design. How about having a Polki mango haram? Polki itself is a royal affair, and when combined with a vintage style, it can set you apart from the rest. Would you mind looking at our Polki Mango Gold Haram featuring the tiny mango motifs paired with a line of Polkis, which are sure to uplift your attire? You won’t be disappointed. 

Check Out Polki Gold Haram by Price and Weight

Polki is Rajashatni craftsmanship that involves transforming uncut diamonds into fine jewellery. The Polki haram necklace is undoubtedly one of the popular styles for the elegance and quintessential traditional whiff it lends to a refined look. If you want to own one, here are a couple of tips on the weight and price.

Price Range from 2.5 Lac to 5Lac

Since Polkis are the purest form of diamonds available, they are costly. We have many statement pieces within the price range of 2.5 Lac to 5 Lac like Lakshmi Polki mala, Meenal Polki antique gold haram, Polki Mango gold haram, 22k Lakshmi Devi Polki haram, and so forth. These neckpieces are heavily emphasized, highlighting the brilliance of uncut diamonds. Apart from Polki, colourful precious and semiprecious gemstones are also used. These haram necklaces are a work of art and can catch great attention even at a single glance. To add extra oomph, buy a wristband from our collection of women gold bracelets.

Weight Range from 30 gram to more than 90 Gram

While buying your neckpiece, make sure to check its weight. Harams are elongated and heavier than conventional necklaces. While 25 grams of gold haram designs are lightweight neckpieces, the Gold haram designs in 50 grams are on the heavier side of the scale. Usually, different types of precious and semiprecious stones are added in a generous amount to enhance the exquisiteness of these necklaces. The Polkis are, nevertheless, the real focal point. Our 22K Antique Polki Haram is a perfect example of it.

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Polki Haram is an example of an essential piece one must have in their collection to complete it. Here are reasons why you should consider buying Polki harams with us at Vaibhav Jewellers

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