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Management Team

Management Team

Smt. Mallika Manoj Grandhi

Chairman & Managing Director

Her serene expression, composed glaze, crisply pleated saree, signature warmth and lovely smile welcomes everyone. Mrs. Mallika Manoj stands shoulder to shoulder with other successful business heads, as the Chairperson & Managing Director of Vaibhav Empire.

A Philosophy-Psychology graduate from Nagarjuna University, she has been a top ranker all through her academic life. Putting her excellent people skills to use, she leads various management functions of the vast Vaibhav Empire.To her, life is not in waiting but in taking it by the reins and guiding it in the direction of her late husband’s dreams.Vaibhavites, their growth both professional & personal and their welfare tops her agenda.

She holds the key for all operational decisions the company makes, her expertise in reading the pulse of the market contributes to the groups success at large. Her elephantine memory holds every fine detail of the organization from vital strategy points to supply chain management issues, from people to places, from latest designs to customer perceptions.

She stood boldly by the entire Vaibhav group in her most defining moments. The fact that she is always there for them, is a sentiment that every Vaibhavite echoes without reservation. In a single word, she is the essence of Vaibhav and a true celebration of womanhood. Being a mother of three daughters is demanding but crocheting family life and professional life in a fine balance is an art she learned early in life.

Her talisman for successful business is innovation, quality, customer delight and service with a smile. This has ensured a loyal and ever-growing customer base across all verticals of Vaibhav. One can truly define her as the Essence of Vaibhav group and a peace of thousand odd employees;

Ms. Keerthana


Childlike gait & ingenuous eyes as she walks in briskly into the office mellowing down all the hushes, one has to agree to the fact- looks can deceive and indeed it is true in her case. Graduated in the year 2016 as a Chartered accountant, she has been with the organization since 2011 this wide eyed girl is the young director of Vaibhav group and the second Daughter of Mrs. Mallika Manoj.

A very industrious person Ms. Keerthana constantly works towards enhancing processes across various departments. She has been groomed by none other than her father and erstwhile Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Manoj Kumar Grandhi. She leads the team in branding, e Commerce & Corporate Functions and is actively engaged in Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and General Corporate functions.

This voracious reader recently got certified as Diamond Grader from HRD Antwerp adding another feather in her cap. Her business savviness complements her position in the organization, during company’s strategic meetings she silences everyone’s qualms by her sharp insights and abreast knowledge.

Surprisingly her understanding of the business is not limited to realms of the Jewellery industry alone. Keerthana shares her father’s tall mind, friendly disposition and a keen sense of duty. She closely monitors CSR activities at Vaibhav, drives a number of social initiatives and holds the groups baton high to earn the respect of all Vaibhavites.



Mr. R. Satish


A globetrotter by heart and by profession, CEO Mr. Satishgreets everyone with unignorable modesty. A glimpse of simplicity in the surroundings by way of his books, gadgets and most of all his presence welcomes us.

He stepped in the organization as Vice President Finance in 2011 at a crucial stage and moved up to become the CEO. His years of business acumen helped in positioning the company in the forefront amongst competitors. He formulated an unquestionable growth strategy by way of prudent financial models.

As a Chartered accountant cum cost accountant he has a knack of offering elementary solutions for complex problems; he has an anchor less thought process that never settles for anything less than perfect. Through his rich corporate experience he kept a good balance between stereotype practicesand introduced new practices to the organization.

A mix of amicable nature and an open door policy makes him very approachable to everyone in the organization, which is a rarity considering his position. He is not only a firm believer of freedom of thought but puts it to practice by giving a room for all to voice out their opinions.

Changing customer preferences has always been challenging across all businesses, he capitalized these dynamics to build a brand for millennials and also in taking the brand overseas thus giving the organization a global footprint for the future growth.