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Vaibhav Advantage

vaibhav advantage


Women are like Diamonds… Tough & Precious

At Vaibhav, for years we have designed jewellery that has appealed women of all ages. Women of all walks of life bind our families, societies together; it is this oneness that we celebrate at Vaibhav. We constantly endeavour to bring the best designs from across India; our unmatched workmanship collections include Junagadh, Nakshi, Meenakari, Filigree, Pachi, Kundankari, Jadau, Victorian & Italian.

Our unrelenting thrust for designs coupled with the zeal to stay trendy kept us moving for the last two decades. We understand the emotion behind every Jewellery you purchase, from engagements to weddings, from baby showers to christening your little one, or for those very special moments of life.


Design is Everything

We have transformed our years of expertise into the trust of scores of customers. At Vaibhav, we brought customers imagination to life by way of our designs, our most rewarding moment came when our Jewellery piece was handpicked by Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry to pair it with her couture during the 89th Academy awards event.

The attitude to build an ever-lasting relationship with our customers by promising them fresh and surprising experiences are thoughtfully designed. In fact, it forms the core of Vaibhav philosophy.

The crux of our success is translated into simple, but the evocative phrase – Design is everything


Inspired by Design

What makes our designs unique? Quite simply, it is a stubborn refusal to follow a fad and instead, create a trend. Admittedly, creating unique designs is no mean task. So, how do we do it? Simple – we keep our eyes (and our minds) open. Our designers find inspiration from a variety of everyday objects that we all often take for granted. A simple drop of water may translate into uniquely shaped earrings or the myriad colors in a peacock’s feather may find expression in an ornate necklace. Sometimes, something as mundane as playing cards lets us create stunning cufflinks. It is this perceptiveness and imagination that sets us apart from the hordes of others.

Relationship by Design

Our business had evolved bit by bit and so is our relationship with customers. Vaibhav has now been a part of customers life for two generations. We have over the years quenched customers quest for unique designs, and would continue to do by way of coupling our fine craftsmanship with customer preferences and bringing an unmatched Jewellery experience from across India. It is this beautiful bond that we wish to preserve and enrich. As the bond with our customers matures on a continuous basis, we at Vaibhav transitioned too; to shape our relationship by design

At Vaibhav we understand that change is inevitable, change always brings along an aura of freshness and a truckload of experience. To mark this change we transformed our logo into a deep purple and white signifying brand philosophy of Ambition, royalty, luxury, creativity, grandeur, pride with a touch of devotion and comfort.

Our brand design language is inspired by floral pattern representing our thrust for designs.


Brand Promise 

  • The brand promises to bring new designs keeping in mind the changing customer preferences.
  • The brand celebrates every relationship with renewed personalized services.
  • The brand continues to serve different demographics
  • The brand promises to offer its services and products globally