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Diamond Anatomy



Apart from the round brilliant cut, consumers also prefer alternative diamond shapes as listed below. No matter what shape you select, it’s a matter of personal choice.

One differentiating factor between choosing the shapes can be the reflection of light, as the shape of diamonds also determines how the diamond would return the light which will lead to its overall performance. Ideal round brilliant cut diamonds do carry a slight upper edge with more brilliance, fire and scintillation than other shapes, due to maximum light return.

Diamond Anatomy

One should not confuse the diamond shapes with Diamond Cut in 4Cs.

Princess :

Princess diamonds are the square or rectangular stones which are the second most popular within all shapes. These brilliant-cut 49 faceted diamonds are a perfect fit for all jewellery pieces. While setting the diamonds, it is advisable to set the diamond with prongs to protect the four corners to avoid chipping of the corners.

Emerald :

Emerald shaped diamonds are other from other shapes the step cut diamonds, producing the mirror like effect. Though the emerald shapes are not very fiery stones, their mirror like effect is meant to present coolness, calmness and tranquility. The facets in step-cut diamond run parallel to each other, so if you look into the stone from the table you'll see the staircase appearance, like the steps going down.

Inclusions are prominently visible is step cut stones, hence a high color and clarity grade stone is always recommended.

Asscher :

“Asscher” borrowed its name from The Royal Asscher a diamond company. Joseph Asscher the diamond baron in 1902 designed the original Asscher cut. This emblematic cut received international recognition subsequent to which the company patented the design. Asscher shape diamonds are rectangular shaped, step cut diamonds with concentric faceting on the inside. Asscher shape diamond being a step cut gives a clean inside view. Inclusions are prominently visible is step cut stones, hence a high color and clarity grade stone is always recommended.

Marquise :

Marquise (French word) shape diamonds’ size appears bigger than any other of the same carat weight due to the elongated shape of the diamond. Marque shape diamonds goes well as center stones if set in a jewelry piece with side diamonds. Pear shaped diamonds are also referred to as “teardrops”.

Radiant :

The Radiant shape was designed to do just that: radiate light. Crafted in the 1970’s, Radiant facets align to reflect light in an ultra-luminous manner. Radiant shape diamonds are similar to Princess Cut Diamonds except the corners of the radiant cut diamonds are cut off, and princess cut has the corners.

Oval :

Oval shape is a very intelligent shape as this shape makes the diamond look much larger in the size. As the shape is an elongated version of round shape, it gives a bigger look at the same price.


While a Pear shape can be something that is less than desirable in the human form, it can be quite lovely when it comes to diamonds .Pear shape diamonds appear like pear, sometimes also known as tear drop. When set in a pendant, it is worn point up like a tear drop. When set in a ring, it is worn point down. This is one beautiful shape which goes well with pendants.

Heart :

The world over have embraced the Heart shape diamond as their crowning symbol of gemstone love. It is a hard shape for diamond cutters to achieve, much like capturing someone’s actual heart. Beautiful heart shape resembles the bond of love and carries a cleavage laser cut at the top. This shape is very popular with jewellery meant from gifting on valentines.

Round :

The good ole, reliable Round is the most popular form of all diamond shapes. Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are the highest performing diamonds with respect to their fire, brilliance and scintillation, as compared to other shapes. There are 58 facets in the round brilliant cut diamonds which also includes the culet. Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the best choice for engagement rings and give you the most brilliance for your money. The ubiquitous rounds have made an indelible mark in the diamond world, and no one knows how long they will reign supreme in all their circular glory.