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Buy Kids Gold Jewellery Online

If you want to express your love for your child extraordinarily, gifting them something thoughtful is just the thing. How about a precious piece of gold jewellery for kids? We, at Vaibhav Jewellers, have loads of options for kids' gold jewellery. From tiny wristbands and Kadas to earrings, kids gold pendants and maang tikkas, we cover almost everything for your younger ones. It will be easy to find various styles that match your kid's best dress or everyday attire. We take great pride in designing unique pieces that will be cherished as your kids grow up. We create everything keeping the little ones in mind.

Be it Annaprasana or birthdays, kid's gold jewellery tops the list in India when it comes to gifting. With us, you can purchase kids gold jewellery online with just a few clicks. Our kids' jewellery gold has all been manufactured to the highest quality. Hence, your child can wear and use them as charming keepsakes for years to come.

Stylish Kids Jewellery Design

Kids go through many incredible milestones throughout their young lives. We can think of no better way to celebrate them than with gold. Why gold? It is because gold is deemed auspicious in Indian culture. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we create kids gold jewellery designs to be the perfect souvenir for wonderfully marking moments and memories. Whether the celebration is a naming ceremony or a Birthday, there are gold jewellery designs for kids to enhance their look.

Tara Collection

Our Tara collection covers everything from cute Disney characters to nature, animals, birds, aqua life. Each of them is designed to add some extra fun to the lives of your young ones. Apart from them, there is a fabulous 18k Evil Eye (Nazar) Pendant to protect your youngsters from evil eyes. It is an excellent choice for gifts on special occasions like Barasala or the Upanayana ceremony.

Signity Bangles

Signity kids bangles are amazingly white, bright, and sparkly and safe for their tender skin. Signity jewellery has grown in popularity in the past few years. They are an inexpensive alternative to high diamond jewellery. Suppose you are looking for something nice but not ridiculously overpriced for kids. In that case, we highly recommend these. 

Antique Design

Antique designs are timeless pieces. One piece of solid antique jewellery is enough to be saved as a memento. We have some gorgeous antique designs with us to adorn the beauty of your younger one, such as maang tikkas. Set in 22k gold, these ornaments are styled with an intricate pattern with a bright finish.

Kids jewellery Collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

There are many reasons why we decide to buy gold jewellery for kids. It could be for an annaprasanna gift, a cradle ceremony present, a baby birthday gift, or just because you want your child to wear fashionable jewellery. Take a look at our kids' jewellery section. It has the cutest designs in chic jewellery motifs. 

Gold Stud Earrings

The stud earrings in kids jewellery gold include charming designs in lively and poppy colours. There are some inspiring designs to look out for with elements like butterflies, elephants, strawberries, crowns, flowers, bees, apples, stars etc. We bet your kid will have a great time wearing and posing with them.

Kids Gold Chain

Our kids' jewellery collection is best known as the Tara collection. This particular segment houses a handful of stunning gold chains for children. Make a fashion statement with these adorable gold chains that are wholly unique and crafted just for your Lil ones. They can wear this kids gold jewellery almost with anything, to anywhere. This is a perfect 'forever gift. 

Gold Baby Bracelet

The Hello Kitty baby bracelets are designed to suit the tender wrists. The adjustable pattern is a thoughtful twist to it. Your child can wear this bracelet for quite a few years. Other than these, we do have some dainty chain style bracelets. They are sure to make head turns at all the functions that your kid attends. If you want a bespoke design, we also have an option for that. Apart from being a modern heritage, customised bracelets are the most excellent way to express your love, and they are going to stay in style forever.

Kids Gold Maang Tikka

Complete your baby girl's sleek and stylish look with an antique kids gold maang tikka that'll captivate the attention of all she meets. The best part is that set in 22k gold, all of our maang tikkas are accurately designed. The beauty of Pachi, Polki, Ruby emerald and the like will give your Lil one's traditional attire a superfine dapper look. Signity gold maang tikkas are also another great pick if you want an inexpensive alternative to diamonds. 

Kids Gold Bangles

We have increased from a handful of gold bangles to a significant number in the last few years. The price range starts from ₹44,000 (approx.) only. The newly added pieces have a resilient design and are manufactured solely in 22K Yellow Gold. Our master jewellers thoughtfully craft these bangles that you can purchase without a second thought.

Checkout Kids jewellery by Price and Weight

The world of gold jewellery for kids is all the rage. Today kids are more and more cautious about their appearances. They know what all accessories they need to pull off any specific look. Be it stunning bangles, cute kids rings, or pair of funky earrings kids know how to carry them with confidence.  

Wondering how to introduce your little one to her first kids' bracelet, first necklace or pair of earrings?  Here we are! Shopping for kids gold jewellery at Vaibhav Jewellers is always refreshing. It gives you the flexibility to select from extensive and enticing options for girls and boys. We keep things sorted for you to have an excellent shopping experience. Before purchasing gold jewellery for kids, it is highly advisable to check out their price and weight

Price Starts from 4000 to 1.5 Lakh 

Kids’ jewellery is different from adult jewellery. They are inexpensive compared to our other collection. The price range starts from ₹4,000 (approximately) and can go up to ₹ 1.5 Lakh. With affordable prices, buying more than one piece of gold jewellery for kids becomes an easy decision. You can actually start building a mini jewellery box for your child. Buy an 18K Gold Kids Chain Pendant set Mickey Mouse motif ( ₹19, 500) from our Tara collection and to it, add a matching 18k gold bracelet (₹33,000). It will help your Lil girl to create her own 'awww-so-cute' style statement. 

Weight Range starts from 2 grams and goes above 30 grams.

Another factor that needs your attention is the weight of the jewellery. Your kid must not feel uncomfortable wearing an ornament, no matter how gorgeous it is. Keeping the needs of our tiny clients, we offer a lightweight range for them. Our weight range covers jewellery weighing 0 to 30 grams. And in some customise pieces, it may go above it. Now that is something we don't see every day!

Each piece of kids' jewellery presented in our collection is based on your personal preference. Each one is a fabulous choice that will look great on your child. Whether you prefer timeless elegance or modern radiance, your gift will make them feel just like fashionistas.

Benefits of Shopping Kids Jewellery at Vaibhav Jewellers

Buying kids gold jewellery online can be challenging because you need to pick the perfect one that fits your child perfectly without touching and feeling products physically. However, you can shop at Vaibhav Jewellers and unlock these advantages:

Shop Online

Due to the global pandemic, people prefer to stay indoors! That is why we have built our online store. Now you can buy kids gold jewellery online at the comfort of your home with a few clicks.

Free 15 day return policy.

If you feel that the product received is not up to the mark, you must bring it to the notice of our website support team. You can return the product received within 15 days from the date of delivery with zero charges. 

State of the art Live Video Shopping

Shopping for kids gold jewellery online also has its setbacks. You don't know whether or not the jewellery you have selected is as beautiful as shown in the image. Worry not! Our ‘Live Video’ shopping makes things easy for you. Not only can you have a live view of your kid's jewellery, but we will also assign you your jewellery expert, who will explain things to you.

EMI Facility

Paying a lump sum amount at one go might not be a feasible option for everyone. So, we bring you the shop on EMI feature. The cost of your jewellery will be divided into small monthly instalments. All you need to do is follow some terms and conditions.