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Buy Solitaire Jewellery Collection for Women Online

If you are a fan of a solitaire diamond, you are at the right place. Vaibhav Jeweller brings you a solid collection of solitaire diamond jewellery. For ages, solitaire has been popularly associated with rings. However, now you must think beyond just owning a finger-ring because there are fantastic solitaire jewellery pieces. We provide you with the convenience of online shopping, as well. Now you can find information on diamond quality, carat weight, metal purity, metal weight, craftsmanship, and so forth. However, before you make up your mind to buy a sparkling solitaire jewellery set, we recommend that you take a look at our catalogue and then pick up the best one for yourself. Solitaire diamond is a single stone studded into any piece of jewellery such as diamond bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces. Apart from all the exclusive designs available to view, our team of artisans will collectively customize solitaire jewellery to suit your requirements. We deal only in BIS certified stones.

Stylish Solitaire Earring Collection Design

Vaibhav Jewellers has brought the solitaire earring designs true eminence with some unique contemporary patterns. We have boosted the solitaire diamond earring design to new heights. Set with a single diamond, gold solitaire jewellery renders a secure setting. In addition, it provides loads of strength to hold a diamond. Whether you want to add sophistication, glamour, or edge to your appearance, our diverse selection of solitaire diamond earring designs will help you express your unparalleled style.

Latest Design Solitaire Earring

If you’d instead love to go for a more modern look, check out our Latest Solitaire Studs Earrings bezels in all metals, which have a more sleek style. Since this piece of solitaire jewellery possesses a modified brilliant facet arrangement, it typically has exceptional glow and scintillation.

Radiance Design Solitaire Earring

Radiance Solitaire Studs Earrings have a dazzling round cut. It is the most popular solitaire earring design for females. As it exudes maximum shine, fire and sparkle in a colourless diamond radiance design, it works wonders on any outfit. Wear a pair of elegant diamond bangles with it to make an excellent accent for your dress.

Stud Solitaire Earrings design

Due to the simplicity and elegance, stud solitaire diamond earrings design is pretty popular among modern-day women. They have become the jewellery essentials. The reason is apparent. A pair of stud earrings can be paired with any outfit in your wardrobe. Be it a sober business-casual appearance or a striking festive look, stud solitaire earrings will cover you for just about any occasion. We design stud settings with three prongs to eight and everything in-between as per the demand of our customers. Currently, we have Round 4-prong Solitaire earrings and 8-prong solitaire earrings on our display. 

For special occasions like engagements and weddings, solitaire diamond ring designs for females are aplenty. Likewise, there are gents solitaire ring designs that are imbued with a firm and masculine look.

Solitaire Jewellery Collection for Women at Vaibhav Jewellers

Solitaire jewellery is a part of high jewellery that features a single diamond. Diamond solitaires can be anything from a ring, necklace to earrings and bangles. These days, women love to mark their presence by wearing them on some of the most significant occasions in their life, like engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and all that. We at Vaibhav Jewellers design everything with utmost care and love keeping your needs in mind. 

Solitaire Ring

If you prefer simple mountings, go for solitaire rings with single mounting. Such solitaire diamond ring designs are set on a collet to give the stone all the attention. A small-sized stone is suitable for an everyday look. In contrast, bigger ones are considered more party wear. If a simple mounting design gets too dull, embellish it with tiny diamonds as we have done with the 22K Graceful Solitaire Gold Ring. We have used small diamonds to enhance its look, ensuring that the solitaire is given its due importance. Following a similar pattern, there are some sparkling solitaire engagement ring sets for couples.

Solitaire Earring

Solitaire diamond earrings are an additional piece for a woman to wear to bring out her grace, beauty and elegance. Diamond solitaire earrings help her to be the centre of attention everywhere she goes. A solitaire diamond is a single stone studded into any jewellery piece. So, our master jewellers set the earrings by combining two diamonds that match in size, colour, clarity, brilliance, and sparkle. Laterna Solitaire Studs, Radiance Solitaire Studs Earrings, Solitaire Grip Studs Earrings, and Floral Solitaire Diamond Studs are the most brilliant pieces on the list.

Solitaire Bangle

Simple, classy, striking! These are just some adjectives that we like to use to describe the beauty of our solitaire bangles. We have one of the best diamond ornaments created using the finest craftsmanship. Our solitaire bangles come in such stunning designs that no one can resist them. We have a few breathtaking diamond-studded bangle designs in our collection. Wearing them, you will definitely steal the show with every appearance.

Check Out Solitaire Jewellery Collection by Price and Weight

One of the types of jewellery that seem to never go out of style is solitaire jewellery. A distinctive part of these pieces is obviously the sparkle. Solitaire jewellery comes in different prices and weights. From tiny 0.78 grams pendants to bangles that are more than 50 grams!

Price Range from 3lakh to 12lakh Rupees

Solitaire diamond rings are tremendously popular. That's why we often associate solitaire only with finger rings. Our solitaire diamond ring price starts from ₹13,000 and can go up to ₹57,000. For couples, we have a few sets of solitaire diamond rings. ₹135,000 (approx) is the minimum solitaire ring price in that category. Similarly, there are lovely earrings. The diamond solitaire earrings price ranges from ₹23,000 to ₹1,110,000.

Weight Range from 0 to 50 Gram

A carat is a globally recognised standard for the weight of a diamond (0.20 grams). That signifies a 5-carat diamond weighs 1 gram. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a pendant or a bangle. The cost increases as diamond carat weight increases. That indicates once a solitaire hits its significant weight, the price bumps up. Keep in mind that even big-sized diamonds are comparatively lightweight. Likely, diamond carat weight will primarily affect the ornament’s look and price. The physical weight of any solitaire jewellery depends on its setting and other elements.

Benefits of Shopping Solitaire Jewellery Collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

Buying solitaire jewellery might seem challenging to many. However, you can shop at Vaibhav Jewellers and unlock these advantages:

Shop Online

At Vaibhav Jewellers, we offer you the opportunity to shop solitaire jewellery online. You can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience from the selection to check out. You can purchase your favourite piece of solitaire jewellery in peace without anyone's interference.

Free 15 day return policy.

If you feel that the product you receive is not what you expected, you can return it within 15 days from the date of purchase with no additional charges. Whatever the reason is, you need to bring it to the notice of our web support team. They will help you to gather information about the accepted return conditions and exchange policy.

State of the art Live Video Shopping

It is tough to assess the quality of solitaire jewellery online through a few images. You may feel apprehensive about the look of the actual product. So, we have an option for Live Video shopping. Now, you can have a look at your selected items before making a purchase. Plus, the jewellery expert we will assign to you will guide you during the process and clarify your doubts.

EMI Facility

Shop on EMI comes as a boon for many of us. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for us to pay a hefty amount right away. EMI gives you the flexibility to pay small amounts each month for a specific period until the total amount gets paid.