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The chirping of birds, the gush of fresh oxygen, the smell of first rain, the soothing summer zephyrs, the rich coral life, the placid beauty every season gets with it- gives us all an adrenaline rush. However all these are sparsely felt in the urban jungles these days. Every environmental beauty is being painted with the colors of development.

Uncontrolled use of plastic, callous and disruptive waste management practices and scores of remorseless human activities led to polluting the mother earth,disturbing ecological balance deeply. One cannot deny the fact that in pursuit of growth we have wrinkled earth. In this continuous process we feel a humble effort from each one of us would bring a considerable change in maintaining the ecological balance.

We at Vaibhav strive to make a small difference by reducing our carbon footprints through our initiatives, as an organization we manoeuvre our brand towards building a greener planet. Some such attempts are our solar power project for showrooms, eco-friendly packaging materials and our ongoing effort to turnto eco lightening systems and spaces.

Apart from these we boast a robust spend via our CSR activities to maintain an environment equilibrium by planting over 2000 saplings as a beginning to this endevour.