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10 To 20 Grams Gold Haram Designs

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Unleash Your Inner Grandeur with Our Stylish Gold Harams

Jewellery has always been the best outlet to express one’s personality and style. While all accessories are apt for accentuating your beauty and personifying your taste, elegance, and style, gold harams are perfect for it. To get the best gold harams, you must explore our full range. We have the finest gold haram designs in 20 grams and other varying weights.  

Shop Stunning Gold Mini Haram Designs in 10 to 20 Grams

If you like wearing lightweight jewellery that isn’t too heavily embroidered or adorned with gemstones, you will love our mini haram gold designs in 20 grams. From sleek necklace chains to multi-layered pearl designs- our collection has the most diverse designs to accommodate varying style preferences. 

Fashionable Gold Haram Designs in 10 Grams

Our fashionable gold haram designs in 10 grams are both chic and classic, making it easier to stay aligned with the modern style requirements. From coral pearl long necklaces to artistic leafy diamond necklaces- we have plenty of designs to help you fulfill your fashion goals. If you want heavier jewellery, you can also explore our glamorous 20 grams gold haram designs with price.

Top Gold Haram Designs in 15 Grams with Price Online

Vaibhav Jewellers has the most diverse range of gold haram designs, so every jewellery enthusiast can find something for themselves. Our collection has the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary designs. You can also find designs featuring a blend of traditional and modern styles. If jewellery weight is as important as the designs, you can filter options like gold haram designs in 10 to 15 grams.

Browse Gold Haram Designs in 20 Grams for Women

If you want to look your best at special events, adding our exquisite gold long haram designs in 20 grams can instantly uplift your ensemble. We have curated the finest range of sleek, intricately crafted designs to match various outfits and occasions. You can browse our full collection of gold haram designs in 20 grams with price to find the best options aligned with your style.  

Explore Our 10 to 20 Grams Gold Haram Designs Based on Gold Purity

Vaibhav Jewellers offers an artistically curated collection of gold harams featuring varying weights. Gold harams are better crafted in 22k gold, so look for greater design choices in this range. Browse our catalog to explore stylish gold haram designs in 10 grams with price

Gold Haram Price Range Purity Weight In Grams Models Occasion
₹ 0 to ₹ 100,000 22K 10 Gram Precious Birthday
₹ 100,000 to ₹ 200,000   15 Gram   Anniversary
    20 Gram   Festive

Buy Latest 10, 15, & 20 Gold Harams Based on Occasion

Why wear the same jewellery on every occasion when you have plenty of classic design choices? Vaibhav Jewellers presents the most diverse, versatile, and elegant range of gold haram jewellery apt for birthdays, weddings, festive celebrations, traditional ceremonies, and other occasions.   

Why to Buy Gold Haram Designs in 10-20 Grams from Vaibhav Jewellers?

If you want 10 grams gold haram designs crafted using premium materials and expert craftsmanship, you will love shopping with Vaibhav Jewellers. We offer the finest and most exquisite gold harams in varying designs, sizes, colors, weights, materials, gold purity, and styles. Additionally, we offer exceptional customer support to make the shopping experience pleasant. To ensure customers receive the best gold harams, our brand offers numerous features, like try on, video shopping, and much more.    


What Should I Consider When Buying Mini Haram Designs in 20 Grams?

The design, quality, and shine should be the primary factors when buying mini haram designs in 20 grams. You can also factor in cost, overall aesthetics, materials used, weight, and size of the jewellery to pick the best designs for yourself.

Are 10-20 Grams Gold Harams Costly?

Not all designs ranging in 10-20 grams are costly because the pricing depends on numerous factors. Aspects like materials used, jewellery weight, level of craftsmanship involved, etc., influence the gold harams cost. You can find designs in all price ranges for 10-20 gram harams, so explore our full collection. 

What is the Price of a 10 Gram Gold Haram?

There is no fixed, standard pricing for a 10 gram gold haram because it will vary from one design to another. Additionally, the materials quality, design intricacy, materials used, etc., will also influence the pricing.  

What Types of 10, 15, & 20 Grams Gold Harams are Offered in Vaibhav Jewellers?

You can find a diverse collection of 10, 15, & 20 grams gold harams in our collection, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. Temple, antique, short & long, pearl, ruby, pachi, and contemporary are some types of gold harams you can find in our range.  

How Can I Choose Gold Haram Designs in 20 Grams?

Always consider your personal style preferences, the occasion you’re buying the jewellery for, gold purity, jewellery weight, and aesthetics to find the best gold haram designs in 20 grams. 

How Do I Choose the Right 10 to 20 Grams Gold Haram Design?

The key is looking for designs that align with your personal style statement and preferences. You can also shortlist options based on the materials used, jewellery size and length, design intricacy, and cost. 

How Much Does a 20 Gram Gold Haram Weigh?

A 20 gram gold haram weighs 20 grams, but there can be slight variations because of the materials used and design carved. Generally, the variation will be slight or insignificant, so don’t get too fixated on receiving the exact weight.  

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