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Precious Gold Haram

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The festive season is around the corner, and it is all about glow and glitz. The best jewellery that's been picked to add the much-needed charm this time is a precious gold haram by Vaibhav Jewellers.  Everyone has inspired us with their gold haram necklace choices, making the ornament a must try this season, from Bollywood actors to supermodels. We possess a few exclusive designs of precious gold harams.  Each of them is intricately created by our master jewellers. We must admit that their beauty is unparalleled.  Not even the most contemporary of neckpieces can beat their charm.  Made of 22K gold, these haram necklaces are precisely studded with gemstones and stone drops. Our precious gold harams statements pieces and are available in different lengths, from short to long.  Either wear a precious gold haram as a stand-alone piece or pair it with a choker necklace. We leave that to you.

Precious Gold Haram Design

A precious gold haram from Vaibhav Jewellers holds elegance in a single piece of jewellery that enhances the neck in a trice. It is that one extraordinary piece of jewellery that can turn you into a fashionista in no time.

Hoops and Floral Design

The term hoop is usually associated with earrings that made their major comeback in the recent past. And the floral design is something that has been an inseparable part of the beauty arena for ages. So here is our take on these two patterns, hoops and florets design gold haram. If you want to stay on top of what's in trend, go for this one. This neckpiece carries a fusion of old-world charm and modern-era fashion. We are sure that it is going to serve your wardrobe for an extended period of time.  

Pachi Design

As a renowned brand of South Indian Jewellery, we always offer the classics to build out your forever jewellery box, and Pachi work gold haram is one of the perfect examples. The craftsmanship had its roots in Kutch centuries ago, and it involves intricate stonework using single un-cut diamonds called Polkis and different semi-precious stones. Harams with Pachi work are heavy. So, save them for special occasions.

Ruby Eardrop Design

Valued for its magnificent red colour, ruby is the perfect gemstone for making jewellery. As women have moved on to a more refined and elevated fashion taste, we try our best necklace style which works for them. Our gorgeous ruby teardrop design precious gold haram is the look du jour. You can wear it solo or pair it with your favourite dainty choker. The deep true red hue of ruby is flattering to all skin tones. 

Precious Gold Haram at Vaibhav Jewellers

As the name suggests, the term 'PRECIOUS' here stands for highly unique and exquisite designs crafted on gold. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we have made a few minor changes to the traditional gold harams design to give them a modern twist. Some of them are not that heavy, and some are bulkier because of elaborated stonework. They are a one-of-a-kind adornment exuding the smooth shine of the gems sets subtly in the warm glow of gold.  We have something for everyone! Wondering what they are? A few designs are listed below. 

Ruby and Emerald Precious Gold Haram

There are around five fine gold harams with a splash of ruby and emerald. Pick one from this segment if you need one solid ornament that covers all of your neck jewellery! We bet the greenish glow of emerald and the red tone of ruby together can work wonders for you. If it is an addition to your bridal trousseau, do not forget to complement it with a pretty gold mangalsutra. We have some exclusive designs of mangalsutras. Do have a look. 

Elegant Gem Studded Precious Gold Haram

Are you a fan of multicoloured gemstones? Then you won’t be able to resist our gorgeous gem-studded precious gold haram. This neckpiece features a combination of colourful gemstones set in 22K gold. The heavily embellished gold pendant with peacock motifs at the centre offers it a regal touch. You can wear it to any small event like an engagement or Sangeet party.

Antique Precious Gold Haram

An antique precious gold haram is a new participant in antique designs. These classy looking jewellery pieces are breathtakingly impressive. It is one of the most preferred neck jewellery in South India. Our precious gold haram features stunning antique designs from days gone by. All adorned with multicoloured gems and stones, wearing this neckpiece will make you feel no less than a queen on any occasion. 

Check Out Precious Gold Haram by Price and Weight

Each piece of precious gold haram from Vaibhav Jewellers showcases an artistic blend of gold and gemstones. We have a unique way of operating online on our website by stating all our 22k gold, precious gold haram designs with price and weight.  There is also a provision to check the gold rate for the day and convert the figures (cost) into US dollars.

Price Starts from 1.5 Lakh to 7 Lakh

We have kept things so affordable that you can buy them with ease! The starting price for a precious gold haram is ₹143,000. The Artistic Leafy necklace's elegant yet simple jewellery is embellished with floral motifs and other elaborate designs. The gold chain pattern haram necklace is excellent for casual events.  

On the other hand, the Precious Ruby Emerald Haram is one of the expensive pieces in this segment that will cost you ₹671,000 (approx). This long, the quintessential antique piece of jewellery, has strong associations with royalty and divinity. If you take a closer look, you will notice how these qualities have inspired our artisans. They have adorned it with gemstones like ruby and emerald and pearls on the bottom. Plus, there are beautiful Lakshmi Devi motifs all over its body. You can pair this brilliant high neckpiece with a stylish gold choker for an elevated look.

Weight Range starts from 10 grams and goes above 90 grams

Browse through our exquisitely crafted haram designs and choose the best one for you. The heavier the weight, the higher the price tag! Our weight ranges from 10 grams to >90 grams. For an occasion that demands an impression of your unique identity, go for heavier pieces that speak volumes about who you are. There are also gold harams in a lightweight that will give you the liberty to wear the minimalist style with confidence. Pass an eye over our collection. 

Benefits of Shopping Precious Gold Haram at Vaibhav Jewellers

Gold harams have been used from generation to generation till this day. Our haram necklaces are made from different expensive stones and set in 22K gold. They are being created exclusively for you with the finest and most elaborate craftsmanship. Apart from quality and design, we also offer you some additional benefits. 

Here are a few significant ones. 

Shop Online

One of the best benefits you can get by shopping with us is that you don't need to come to us! We have developed an immense online catalogue where you can order high-quality gold harams online!

Free 15 day return policy

If you think that the product is not satisfying in any way, you can return it for free within 15 days after purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

State of the art Live Video Shopping

Want to precisely choose the best piece for you in terms of weight and size? Try real-time video shopping! When you use this feature, you get connected with a jewellery expert who will walk you through the Vaibhav Jewellers' precious gold haram collection and show you the ones that best suit your needs.

EMI Facility

You selected the perfect haram. You go to the billing to pay only to see the price tag is too much. If you don't mind paying a piece of money every month, you can shop on EMI with some terms and conditions.