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We have been using jewellery gifts for ages. We often relate a particular piece of jewellery to a person or an event in our life.  There is just something about jewellery that makes it sentimental. Perhaps some jewellery pieces represent significant periods in people’s lives, such as engagements, marriages, births, and promotions. In Indian culture, jewellery holds great importance. Earlier, people used to wear them as a symbol of wealth and power. However, things have changed now. The modern market offers enormous scope for its buyers. Due to affordability, beautiful jewellery gifts are something most people prefer to give. Over the years, Vaibhav Jewellers has established itself as a global icon of traditional style, intricate artistry and innovative design. Our occasion jewellery is beautiful and timeless. So, you can pick up suitable jewellery gifts for someone you love- whether it’s a gold haram for women, fancy diamond earrings, gold pendant or rings we have got your back.

Occasion Jewellery Gifts Category

With the onset of the festive and wedding season, Vaibhav Jewellers brings the most exquisite range of occasion jewellery at affordable rates next to stylish designs.

Gold Short Mangalsutra

Our short mangalsutras are designed for millennial brides looking for something modern and classy. These neckpieces will add a pop of colour to whatever she wears post her wedding. The newly wedded women can wear it to their work too. Short gold mangalsutras compliment almost all outfits. Have a look at our gorgeous 18K diamond mangalsutra that takes minimalistic jewellery designs to a new level. You will love the way the pendant blends in so easily with the mangalsutra beads. It can look like a mangalsutra worn with ethnic wear or a necklace worn with a western dress.

Gold Long Mangalsutra

For a bride-to-be, mangalsutra is one of the best occasion jewellery gifts. Check out our pretty long mangalsutras that exude a traditional appeal. These are chunky pieces etched with a double-stringed black and gold thread. Long mangalsutra feature a gaze-worthy decoration with sparkling jewels along with an intricate design. These are equal parts classic and trendy.

Gold Stud Earrings

Sleek but far from simple, our 18K Diamond Fancy Gold Stud earrings are sure to please anyone who wears it. They feature coloured stones alongside diamonds embellished on a floral motif which give them an elegant look. You can use them as Valentine's Day gifts or present them as a surprise gift on any day.  

Gold Chains

If you are looking for an eye-catching neckpiece to gift that stands out in a crowd, try our 22K Gold Mopu chains. They have a striking character that makes them less pronounced yet not easy to hide. Be it a casual or formal event; the wearer can make a style statement sporting a mopu chain. Plus, the design is thoughtfully created. Our gold mopu chain falls flat on your neck, delivering tremendous comfort. Even the choices for men gold chains are aplenty in our occasion jewellery section.

Gold Pendant

Fashion police may consider our 14K Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Pendants as the most excellent and charming style of pendants. The butterfly-shaped pendants are cute and beautiful and adorned with zirconias and gold—making them a piece of perfect occasion jewellery gift for officials and casual events. They have the potential to upgrade the wearer’s fashion sense regardless of the outfit she wears them with. If you're looking to buy a gold pendant for any specific occasion with the highest possible gold content, check out our 24k gold pendant selection. It has a few very best in distinctive pieces like rose, Devi Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha themes.

Gold Rings

The most spectacular pieces are in order when you want to pay homage to your love in a great way: our 14K Cubic Floral Zirconia Rings. These pieces feature floral-shaped zirconia and gold centrepiece that can be worn excellently with any attire. With a stylish and sleek design, these rings are sure to sparkle in any light.

Now you know what jewellery can you gift on different occasions. Whatever the event might be, we have everything you ask for! 

Benefits of Shopping Occasion Jewellery Gifts at Vaibhav Jewellers

Vaibhav Jewellers is presenting you with one of the best occasion jewellery gifts. We offer a plethora of unique gifting options for all occasions, ages, people and budgets. From the birthday to the wedding - we've got you covered. 

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At Vaibhav Jewellers, we offer you the opportunity to shop occasion jewellery gifts online. We have a myriad of options in this segment, ranging from bridal collection jewellery to men's ornaments, which can even be worn in the workplace. From the selection to check out, everything is just a matter of few clicks. 

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It is tough to evaluate the quality of occasion jewellery through a few pictures. You may feel doubtful about the look of the actual product. Fret not! There is an option for Live Video shopping. Now, you can have a look at your chosen items before making a purchase. Plus, we will assign you a jewellery expert who will be there to address your queries.

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